How To Choose A Fruit Bowl & Basket


Common everyday objects or the quiet muses behind the most breathtaking still life paintings? Fruit bowls & baskets can become the central element in your kitchen!

While stealing the show from the top of your table or counter, they must also be functional: picking the wrong shape or material could result in your fruits degrading even faster. Here's what we recommend considering.

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What Type of Fruit Bowl or Basket Should I Choose?

There are hundreds of colors and designs to choose from, but fruit bowls and baskets can mainly be divided into six main categories. Needless to say, some work better with certain types of kitchen décor than others.

Simple Black Rope Fruit Basket
Minimalistic Stainless Steel Fruit Basket
Oval China Porcelain Fruit Bowl
Simple Elegant Stainless Steel Fruit Basket
Round Wooden Rustic Fruit Bowl Set
Stylish Small Fruits and Vegetables Bowl
China Porcelain Blue White Fruit Bowl
Footed Stylish Glass Fruit Bowl
Modern Round Clear Glass Fruit Bowl
Crystal Glass Centerpiece Fruit Bowl
Classic Sophisticated White Fruit Bowl
Clear Acrylic Aluminum Fruit Bowl
Dishwasher Safe Glass Round Bowl
Christmas Tree Earthenware Fruit Bowl
PTFE Free Aluminum Fruit Bowl
Minimalistic Stylish Canoe Style Fruit Bowl
Round Crystal Clear Fruit Bowl
Classic Elegant Black Marble Fruit Bowl
Round Industrial Gray Fruit bowl
Iron Fruit Bowl and Banana Holder
Decorative Stainless Steel French Fruit Basket
Round Stainless Steel Serving Fruit Bowl
Black Stainless Steel Banana Holder Fruit Bowl
Stylish Banana Hanger and Fruit Bowl
Oval Tiered Hanging Fruit Basket
3 Tier Vintage Hanging Fruit Basket
Dark Brown Round Hanging Fruit Basket
Wooden Hammock Hanging Fruit Basket
Stylish Fruit Basket Banana Holder
Modern Fruit Basket and Banana Holder
Freezer Safe Innovtive Fruit Bowl
Decorative Artistic Orchid Fruit Bowl
Modern Kitchen Spiral Fruit Basket
Innovative Wooden Bamboo Banana Holder
Vines and Leaves Stylish Fruit Basket
Artistic Decorative Porcelain Fruit Bowl

What Shape & Size Fruit Bowl is Right for Me?

The importance of their shape goes beyond its aesthetic value! Here are some things to consider regarding the shape and size of your fruit bowl and basket:

What Is the Best Material for a Fruit Bowl?

There are three ways in which the material of a fruit bowl & basket makes the difference: aesthetics, ventilation, and fragility. While the first one is a matter of personal preference and depends on your existing kitchen décor, the last two are practical considerations.

Dishwasher Safe Oval Chrome Fruit Basket
PTFE Free Freezer Safe White Fruit Bowl
 Gold Mesh Fruit Bowl Set
Irregular Brown Wood Fruit Bowl
Silver Stainless Steel Fruit Bowl
Round Brown Rattan Fruit Basket

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