How To Choose A Fruit Bowl & Basket

Common everyday objects or the quiet muses behind the most breathtaking still life paintings? Fruit bowls & baskets can become the central element in your kitchen!

While stealing the show from the top of your table or counter, they must also be functional: picking the wrong shape or material could result in your fruits degrading even faster.

But a fruit bowl or a basket has also a very practical usage when it comes to enhancing your good eating habits - you have your fruits handy anytime to grab as a healthy snack.

"Placing fruit in a basket or bowl (transparent is best) is great way to keep them top of mind to meet your daily recommendation."

And here's what we recommend considering when shopping for your perfect fruit bowl and basket.

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What Type of Fruit Bowl or Basket Should I Choose?

There are hundreds of colors and designs to choose from, but fruit bowls and baskets can mainly be divided into six main categories. Needless to say, some work better with certain types of kitchen décor than others.

  • Classic: simple things are often the best, and that's probably why the traditional bowl-shaped design is still one of the most popular. Often monochrome, it complements kitchens with a minimalist or Scandinavian aesthetic;
Simple Black Rope Fruit Basket
Minimalistic Stainless Steel Fruit Basket
Oval China Porcelain Fruit Bowl
Simple Elegant Stainless Steel Fruit Basket
Round Wooden Rustic Fruit Bowl Set
Stylish Small Fruits and Vegetables Bowl
  • Pedestal: just like the ones you find in still life, this slightly elevated version maintains the practicality f the classic bowl but adds a stylistic element that can make it more appropriate for traditional or mid-Century modern kitchens;
China Porcelain Blue White Fruit Bowl
Footed Stylish Glass Fruit Bowl
Modern Round Clear Glass Fruit Bowl
Crystal Glass Centerpiece Fruit Bowl
Classic Sophisticated White Fruit Bowl
Clear Acrylic Aluminum Fruit Bowl
  • Multipurpose: if you haven't always got enough fresh fruit to display and could do with optimizing your kitchen space, you might want to consider a fruit bowl that can also turn into a cake stand, bread basket, salad bowl, and so on; these usually follow the classic design, but are slightly flatter;
Dishwasher Safe Glass Round Bowl
Christmas Tree Earthenware Fruit Bowl
PTFE Free Aluminum Fruit Bowl
Minimalistic Stylish Canoe Style Fruit Bowl
Round Crystal Clear Fruit Bowl
Classic Elegant Black Marble Fruit Bowl
  • Tiered: do you always end up buying so much fruit that you struggle to spread it evenly? Pick a layered design so that you can fit double (or triple!) the amount without revolutionizing your entire countertop;
Round Industrial Gray Fruit bowl
Iron Fruit Bowl and Banana Holder
Decorative Stainless Steel French Fruit Basket
Round Stainless Steel Serving Fruit Bowl
Black Stainless Steel Banana Holder Fruit Bowl
Stylish Banana Hanger and Fruit Bowl
  • Hanging: not enough room on your kitchen counter at all? Hanging fruit baskets are the ultimate space optimizers, and they usually come in tiers;

"One of my favorite ways of creating more space ( is to store things vertically, rather than horizontally across my countertops. I've been relying on hanging baskets in my kitchen for storing everything from bread to bananas, and I love how they create space and structure at the same time." Says a chef, Laura Denby, in "Food & Wine"

Oval Tiered Hanging Fruit Basket
3 Tier Vintage Hanging Fruit Basket
Dark Brown Round Hanging Fruit Basket
Wooden Hammock Hanging Fruit Basket
Stylish Fruit Basket Banana Holder
Modern Fruit Basket and Banana Holder
  • Innovative: there are also plenty of items that don't really fit within the traditional categories, such as spiral vertical baskets made of wire, fanned-out metal structures, or even foldable bowls! These unique designs can be conscious artistic additions to modern or industrial kitchens.
Freezer Safe Innovtive Fruit Bowl
Decorative Artistic Orchid Fruit Bowl
Modern Kitchen Spiral Fruit Basket
Innovative Wooden Bamboo Banana Holder
Vines and Leaves Stylish Fruit Basket
Artistic Decorative Porcelain Fruit Bowl

What Shape & Size Fruit Bowl is Right for Me?

The importance of their shape goes beyond its aesthetic value! Here are some things to consider regarding the shape and size of your fruit bowl and basket:

  • What type of fruit do you usually buy? A bowl won't automatically accommodate any type of fruit! If you usually stick to a specific fruit or the most common apple shape, then you can get creative with innovative designs. However, the largest fruits won't fit in some of the quirkiest ones, and the smallest could easily fall in between their gaps. If you usually mix and match, it might be better to stick to traditional designs;
  • Will my fruit be crammed into this particular bowl? The safest bet is one that allows air circulation under the fruit; however, if the bowl is quite wide and you aren't planning on filling it with multiple layers, it will still work. As for size, investing in a large bowl when you only ever buy a handful of pieces per week will be just as impractical as trying to cram too much into a smaller one.

"Don't overload your fruit bowl. Use one piece of each kind of fruit to create a variety, dynamic decor and beautiful fountain of color."

What Is the Best Material for a Fruit Bowl?

There are three ways in which the material of a fruit bowl & basket makes the difference: aesthetics, ventilation, and fragility. While the first one is a matter of personal preference and depends on your existing kitchen décor, the last two are practical considerations.

  • Wire mesh and ceramic bowls are the best options for preserving your fruit for longer;

  • Plastic and non-metal mesh are usually cheaper, but can speed up fruit deterioration by making it sweat;

  • The most durable fruit bowls are made of metal, wood or bamboo;

  • Materials like glass, crystal or porcelain can create a sophisticated look, but keep in mind that they're extremely fragile; they might not be the best option if you have young children or adventurous cats lurking around.

Dishwasher Safe Oval Chrome Fruit Basket
PTFE Free Freezer Safe White Fruit Bowl
 Gold Mesh Fruit Bowl Set
Irregular Brown Wood Fruit Bowl
Silver Stainless Steel Fruit Bowl
Round Brown Rattan Fruit Basket

Quick Tips

Let's recap!

  • Choose a style that matches your kitchen's décor as well as your practical needs.
  • Multipurpose, hanging or tiered baskets are great space-saving options.
  • If you're intrigued by a modern, innovative design, think of what types of fruit you can and cannot fit: does it match your usual purchases?
  • When it comes to size, be realistic regarding the amount of fruit that you buy on a regular basis.
  • Materials like wire mesh and ceramic can preserve your fruit for longer, whereas plastic and non-metal mesh can have the opposite effect.