How To Choose A Floating Desk

Floating desks offer multiple solutions to standing desks' problems and shortcomings.

Is your existing work desk consuming too much floor space in a compact area, and does not let you work in a comfortable and organized manner? Then it's time you consider floating desks. Learn all you need to know about them here before you head to purchase one.

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What Are The Benefits of a Floating Desk?

These desks offer multiple user-benefits:

  • They free up floor space. Being wall-mounted, they do not consume even an inch of floor space. True to their name, they "float" in the vertical space.

  • Maintenance-friendly. They help you to keep the floor underneath clean and hygienic.

  • Adjustable height. Since they are fixed to the wall, you can install them at a height corresponding to your height. This will let you sit with straight legs, the best desktop working position.

  • Extra storage. With floating desks, you have the option of scaling up storage space by adding wall-mounted cabinets or shelves.

  • Affordable. They consume less wood, hence they are cheaper.

What Are the Different Types of Floating Desks?

There are a few types available and they vary slightly in terms of their functions. Read on to see which one will best suit your needs and space. 

Floating shelf

Simple and minimalistic desk that resembles a shelf. The shelf panel, deeper than a traditional shelf, can be plain or can have inner compartments and pull out drawers for additional storage. Some of these desks come with contrasting backdrop panels creating even more modern and chic designs. Usually made of wood, these desks will complement modern or industrial interiors, where simplicity is what counts most.


Expanding on the floating shelf type, these are panels of the same width fixed at different heights. The one at about 28" to 30" height is the work desktop, while the ones above act as storage and display shelves.

Choose sleek, slim, and light avant-garde décor - a laughing Buddha to make you smile, a Feng Shui plant, a metal-cast figurine, and some books - these items will complement the work desk's persona. White or pastel walls and flowing curtains with a lot of natural light and air will makesitting at these desks a delight.

2 Piece Wooden Floating Shelf Set
Simple Solid Wood Floating Shelf
Wood and Metal Floating Shelf
Black Metal Multi-Shelf
High Black Metal Multi-Shelf
Multi-Purpose Organizer Shelf


These floating desks consist of two parts. One part is fixed to the wall while the other is hinged to it and can be opened at a right angle and used as a desktop. When not in use, the desk can be folded away, or you can use it as a compact dining table or other table-top utility.

The collapsible models are a blessing for small offices and homes. If you work from a compact space, you will love these floating desks. You can free up at least 4' X 2 ½' (standard desktop size) of space when not using this desktop! And the contemporary designs are so elegant, they complement, not compromise the room aesthetics. Drawers, shelves, cabinets - you can have them all around the collapsible unit, thus increasing the storage capacity. 

These floating desks are made for spaces where every square foot matters. In terms of décor, they will be harmonious with soft wall shades and light furniture that does not clutter the compact space. Vinyl plank flooring with a deep texture of real hardwood that provides a solid contrasting base to the room setting will complement the look.

White Folding Floating Desk
Small Folding Floating Desk in White
White Folding Wall Floating Desk
Wooden Fold-Away Floating Desk
Black and White Folding Floating Desk
Wood Folding Floating Desk in White

Self-closing large floating desks

One of the latest design editions are large, wall-mounted desks. They are self-closing. In a collapsed state, the desk looks like an XL-sized briefcase but the moment you open the top, it becomes your full-fledged working area. Inside, there are different compartments to store the desktop essentials.

These sleek desktops are also high-end. But they make up for their cost with their versatility. You will want it if you work in a high-tech work environment characterized by a minimalistic, futuristic setting, and where space-saving is not necessarily a compulsion but a responsible way of working.

Bonus points:

  • You can also use these desktops as standing desks. Be mindful to fix the desk height between your abdomen and chest; it offers ergonomic working comfort.
White Large Floating Desk
White Wooden Large Floating Desk
Black Large Floating Desk
Black Large Computer Floating Desk
Corner Floating Desk with Legs
Black Corner Floating Desk

Corner floating desks

These are either triangular or L-shaped desks fixed in the corner of a room or your cubicle. They are 2-sided desks, hence they offer two working areas on either sides of the person seated at the desk. Hence, apart from the obvious benefits of floating desks, they also offer these special advantages:

  • Ideal use of corners with odd angles

  • Provision for extra storage across two walls rather than  a single wall

  • Good for intense work that requires undivided attention. Since you are facing walls, you won't get distracted by the surroundings.

You will want this floating desk if you wish to transform a corner into a productivity hub. A good idea will be to match the wall color with the room's dominant shade so that it does not create a distraction. Add onlya few unobtrusive décor pieces for a cohesive feel.

What Materials are Used for Floating Desks?


It dominates all the other materials, primarily because of its timeless charm and endearing textures - oak, maple, birch, teak, pine, and many more. The secondary benefits are:

  • Excellent surface finishes that blend with any kind of interiors - French polish, lacquer, stain, or liquid paint are universal choices
  • Very strong and durable
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Climate-friendly - good for cold and warm regions
  • Non-conductive of electrical current

Important: A 4' X 2' unsupported wood beam on an internal wall will bear 60 lbs weight. Overload can damage the desktop or even cause it to crash or dislodge. Consult the manufacturer regarding the size-to-load ratio before setting up your desktop.


Galvanized, stainless, or mild steel, and aluminum are the main materials with the following benefits:

  • Many surface finishing choices - from powder coating to liquid paint, buffing and grinding
  • Affordable - it is cheaper than wood
  • Easy to clean and no maintenance needed
  • Durable and climatically stable - it will not shrink, expand, or deform
Dark Brown Wood Floating Desk
Light Brown Wooden Floating Desk
Wood Wall Floating Desk
Metal Informatic Floating Desk
White Metal Floating Desk
Plastic Slim Floating Desk


Tough, industry-grade plastics are used - ABS, polypropylene (PP), and polyvinylchloride (PVC) are the main materials.

Molded plastic desks are also a mainstream option.

Plastic floating desks offer the same benefits as metal. Additionally, they are light-weight and in some cases, more affordable than metal desks.

Important: The weight-bearing capacity of metal and plastic floating desks will depend on the type of material, length, thickness, and other criteria. This being a technical specification, ask your manufacturer or retailer whether the desk you are considering will hold the load you estimate to put on it.

Floating desks have it in them to transform the limitations of compact and odd-shaped spaces into high-productivity and high-performance work areas. Now that you have the necessary information, opt for one. Whether out of compulsion or choice, it is your choice!