How To Choose A Dry Food Dispenser

Dry food dispensers can make mealtime easier and more attractive by reducing the amount of busy branding in your kitchen and allowing for easy access to your favorite foods. As an added bonus, they can help keep your food fresh for much longer than a cardboard box can!

Let's talk about the different types of dry food dispensers to figure out which would be the best for you and your home!

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What types of dry food dispensers are there?

One main way to distinguish between types of food dispensers is the number of different types of foods they dispense.

  • Individual Container: These are free-standing, and simply contain one type of food.

  • Multiple Pieces: Containing multiple different dispensers in one unit, these types of dispensers may be good for related foods (different breakfast cereals, different types of nuts, candies, etc).

Simple Individual Dry Food Dispenser
Individual Dry Food Dispenser Set
Modern Individual Dry Food Dispenser
Plastic Multiple Dry Food Dispenser
Black Multiple Dry Food Dispenser
Multiple Dry Food Dispenser

You'll also want to consider the type of lid you use for your dry food dispenser, as some work well with tiny pieces of food, and others are better for large (for example, cereal vs. larger cookies). The main models are:

  • Pop-Open Lids: These lids pop off easily, so they're good for any type of food you use frequently.

  • Screw Off Lids: Screw-off lids are versatile and can be used with any type of food, but you may want to avoid using these in the pantry as they do require a bit of maneuvering.

  • Nozzle Dispenser: These types of dispensers are chic, but only very tiny pieces of food (for example, rice) should be used with them.

  • Chute Dispenser: Turn a knob and out pours food - these are very popular for cereals.

Single Canister Cereal Dispenser
Screw Off Lid Handle Dry Food Dispenser
Open Dry Food Dispenser
Single Flip Top Food Dispenser
Slim Flip Top Food Dispenser

Dry food dispensers come in multiple different types of materials, including plastic, wood, glass and steel. Look to match your kitchen decor with your food dispensers: if you're going for a natural look, wood will be beautiful, and steel will match an industrially decorated kitchen very well.

However, plastic and glass food dispensers have one clear advantage - that is, that they're transparent! You won't have to bother with labels if you decide to invest in a clear container, as you'll be able to see what is inside at all times.

Wooden Triple Dry Food Dispenser
Stainless Steel Triple Dry Food Dispenser
Glass Food Dispenser Shaker Styled
Glass Food Dispenser with Handle
Simple Plastic Dry Food Dispenser
Plastic Dry Food Dispenser

What features should you look for in a dry food dispenser?

  • Dishwasher-Safe: Think about it - you're filling your container with food. It'll need to be cleaned! Often, dry food dispensers have many small moving pieces which can be difficult to wash by hand. If you think that it'll be easier for you to keep your kitchen clean and safe if you have an easily washable dry food dispenser, pick one that is dishwasher-safe to simplify your life.

  • Airtight Seal: Even dry food can get stale. Look for a dry food dispenser with an airtight seal in order to make sure your food is fresh every time you reach for it.

  • Odor Resistant: For particularly aromatic foods or even simply dispensers you plan on re-using for several food groups, opting for an odor-resistant model can help keep your kitchen and your different foods smelling fresh.

  • Measuring Units Gradation: If you're looking for a way to keep portioning easy, opt for a dry food dispenser which has measurements on the side. You'll know at a glance exactly how much food you're getting.

  • Nestable: If you have a small kitchen or simply would like the option to put these items away when you're not using them in a space-efficient way, look for dispensers that nest.

Dishwasher Safe Double Dry Food Dispenser
Airtight Seal Plastic Cereal Dispenser
Airtight Seal Double Dry Food Dispenser
Odor Resistant Dry Food Dispenser
Measure Unit Triple Food Dispenser
Nestable Dry Food Dispenser

What styles of dry food dispensers are there?

Dry food dispensers come in many different forms, from more utilitarian versions which are great for pantry storage or minimalist kitchens to more fun and funky styles for a unique aesthetic. For example, you could consider purchasing cereal dispensers in the shape of candy machines for a retro look, or you could purchase a dispenser in the shape of a football to help add cheer to your next game night.

Dry food dispensers can make your life much easier and add variety to your kitchen. Consider this an opportunity to go for something artistic, or tone down the busyness in your kitchen with a sleek wooden number. Either way, you can relax knowing that your mealtimes are going to be much more streamlined from here on out.