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How to Choose a Door Stop

Even though they're one of the hardest working pieces of hardware in a home, door stops are often forgotten and go unnoticed. The purpose of a door stop is to prevent doors from damaging your walls or just keep them from suddenly closing by an unexpected breeze. It's a big responsibility for such a small piece of hardware, so choosing the right option for your home requires some thought.

What types of door stops are out there?

  • The most common type is the classic spring stop. It's also the first thing that comes to mind for most people when someone mentions door stops. The spring stop has a rubber tip and installs behind the door, usually into the baseboard. You can get them with a spring or as a solid piece of metal. You can also find a magnetic version that can hold your doors in place after opening them.

  • Probably the most discrete version is the hinge pin door stop. As the name suggests, a hinge pin door stop is installed on the middle hinge of your door. It's important to note that this solution doesn't require any modification of the door or the wall. Hinge pin door stops also come with a screw so you can adjust how far the doors can open.

  • If you want to keep your walls intact, floor-mounted door stops might be the right choice for you. They're durable and reliable, but they stand out when your doors are closed. If you prefer to preserve your floors, the wall-mounted door stop might be the right way to go. Keep in mind that a wall-mounted door stop has to be positioned at the point where the doorknob makes contact with the wall.

  • If you don't want to poke holes anywhere, there's always the classic wedge door stop. Wedge stops don't require installation, they're portable and can be used on any door at any time. As the name suggests, they're wedged under the door from either side to prevent it from moving.

Golden Iron Wedge Floor Stop
White Fabric Weighted Floor Stop
Satin Nickel Black Brass Floor Mount Stop

Which type of door stop is the right choice for my home?

Your choice of a door stop depends on the type of doors, location, purpose, and surroundings.

  • If you have ornate baseboards, you would probably want to avoid spring stops.
  • If your floor is tiled, a floor stop may not be the best solution.
  • For most interior doors, a simple spring or a hinge pin stop will do the trick. When it comes to more massive doors, like the entrance to your home, it would be wise to use two hinge pin stops on the bottom and top hinge.
  • If your home is susceptible to drafts and your doors often swing on their own, a magnetic door stop will ensure they don't close unless you want them to.
Silver Black Stainless Steel Floor Mount Stop
Metallic Gold White Pineapple Fabric Weighted Floor Stop
Iron Natural Wood Weighted Floor Stop
Bronze Cat Cast Iron Wedge Floor Stop

How do I pick the right door stop design?

Door stops come in a wide variety of designs and finishes so you can easily find something that won't clash with your home decor. To make sure your door stops don't stick out, choose the ones with a finish that matches your hinges and door hardware. If you're going with wedge door stops, you can let your imagination run wild. Wedge door stops are available in unlimited shapes, materials, and colors, from elegant designer pieces to playful and fun designs, so you're sure to find something that will perfectly complement your home and your personality.

Fabric Cotton White Red Round Buoy Weighted Floor Stop
Black Fabric Cat Fabric Draft Excluder
Pink Pig Fabric Weighted Floor Stop

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