How To Choose A Door Knocker

Choosing a stylish door knocker is important because it is the first thing anyone will see once they are at your front door. Even if you have a working doorbell, which you primarily use, an attractive door knocker is worth considering since not only is it a great conversational starter, but it can add an extra touch of charm to the exterior of your home.

Whether you are struggling with choosing the perfect knocker from the huge variety or you do not know the first thing about them, our guide is here to help you with all the gritty details.

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What Type of Door Knockers Are There?

Construction-wise, there are two main types of door knockers - surface mounted door knockers and through-the-door knockers. Surface ones are attached on the surface with screws and through-the door knockers are fixed with bolts from the inside, so they go through the whole door. The trough-the-door knocker is more secure, but you might regret it due to the holes it will leave in the front door.

Which Material Should I Choose for a Door Knocker?

  • Cast iron knockerswere a favorite in the old days due to their simple design and sturdiness.

  • Pewter is another favorite material used for knockers. Its alloy mix of tin and copper offers an alluring luster. It might not be as strong as other metals, but it compensates with its elegant texture.

  • Copper is known for its resistance to natural elements and is the only material that does not rust. Instead, it oxidizes, which means it builds a green stronger finish, which you find charming or not.

  • Stainless-steel emits an industrial chick aesthetic and is resistant to corrosion. This material is ideal for colder climates due to its anti-freezing properties.

  • Brass is a common alternative to cast iron. It's a generic term that refers to different copper-zinc alloys, which is why you will find in various colors from red and brown to gold and bronze. Brass is famous for its hygienic properties and durability.

Brass Alligator Style Door Knocker
Cast Iron Lion Door Knocker
Brass Dragonfly Style Door Knocker
Cast Iron Squirrel Door Knocker
Grey Pewter Door Knocker
Letter Monogram Metallic Door Knocker

What Style Door Knocker Will Match my Home Exterior?

  • Georgian styled exteriors beg for a brass door knocker. The Georgian era was about ornate designs and unlacquered finishes. A solid brass lion with a ring is a fabulous example of what would match this kind of exterior.

  • If you are settled in a Victorian property, the front door should be adorned by a heavier piece. For instance, a cast iron door knocker that incorporates an animal such as a fox.

  • Edwardian style homes ask for simple design and antique materials. A ring door knocker in antique brass would best suit this style.

  • Since they are surrounded by nature, country homes would implement nature-inspired accessories. Why not pick a small animal such as a hedgehog or bird in chrome?

  • For a Regency styled home, you should choose an elongated brass knocker with simple engravings. They look especially good on door with slimmer panels.

  • If you are a traditionalist, a simple ring knocker in any material will match and not clash with your exterior.

  • People living in contemporary homes have the most freedom when choosing a door knocker. Youcan go as bold and imaginative as you like. A very popular choice in Europe is a hand knocker, which best suits heavier, wooden doors. Another timeless door knocker design is one of a jesters, which is the perfect compromise between levity and simple.

Country Home Style Bird Door Knocker
Sea Style Iron Door Knocker
Elegant Doctor Door Knocker
Georgian Styled Lion Door Knocker
Antique Tuscan Iron Door Knocker
Simple Modern Black Door Knocker

How Do I Match the Door Knocker to my Front Door?

  • If your door is wooden and in a light brown color, a chrome or in some cases brass knockers would match perfectly.

  • A dark colored door would look better with a black cast iron piece.

  • The handle of the door would also dictate the color and material of the door knocker.

Silver Chinese Dragon Door Knocker
Golden Brown Lion Door Knocker
Light Brown Welcome Door Knocker
Dark Brown Fleur Door Knocker
Black Cast Iron Door Knocker
Black Round with Straight Line Door Knocker

Quick Tips

Here is our cheat sheet that offers a briefer overview on choosing the right door knocker:

➢ There are two types of door knockers: a surface mounted door knocker and through-the-door knocker.

➢ There are five materials that are most commonly used to make door knockers - cast iron, pewter, copper, stainless-steel and brass. Each comes with different benefits such as copper does not rust, stainless-steel has anti-freezing properties, brass and cast iron are most durable.

➢ If you happen to live in a period home, you should stick with accessories in the same period. Georgian and regency homes beg for brass pieces. For Victorian styled ones, a cast iron door knocker is best.

Contemporary homes have all the freedom in the world and the only thing is to best match the material of the door knocker to the material of the handle.

Light brown wooden doors ask for chrome or brass and darker colored doors would look well with a traditional cast iron door knocker.