How To Choose A Dog Stroller


If you like going on walks with your best friend, you know that sometimes your dog's up for anything - and other times, it can be all that you can do to get him out the front door. If your dog decides that they're not down for walking anymore halfway through your walk, what are you to do?

Whether you're considering purchasing a dog stroller for a senior pup or for a very young one, there are just a few things you may wish to consider in order to ensure that your dog stroller does everything you need! We'll walk you through all of the decisions you'll need to make in this handy guide.

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Do you need a dog stroller?

If you live in an urban area, you're likely familiar with the fact that most dog parks are just too far away for your dog to feasibly enjoy! By the time you get there, your dog is too tired to enjoy the amenities you walked over for.

With a high-quality dog stroller, these worries are a thing of the past. Having a dog stroller is also a good idea if:

What types of dog strollers are there?

Standard Stroller

If you plan on taking normal walks with your pup, then you likely don't need anything more than a standard stroller - as opposed to ones that are more specifically rated for athletic use. These are great options for the vast majority of people!

Violet Standard Dog Stroller
Pink Polyester Standard Dog Stroller
Double Black Standard Dog Stroller
Blue Standard Dog Stroller
Pink Standard Dog Stroller with Detachable Carrier
Black Single Standard Dog Stroller

Jogger Stroller

For those who plan on running with their dogs in tow, check out strollers that are made for jogging! These tend to be more lightweight and sometimes have specific features geared towards dynamic agility - making them easier to turn and maneuver when going fast.

For example, jogger strollers typically have three thinner wheels to a regular stroller's four, and the front wheel is lockable assisting with maneuverability and stability, if these are qualities you're looking for! Jogger strollers also typically have wheels filled with air, compared to standard strollers which have wheels made of foam. The air-filled wheels will be lighter and bouncier but may stand a chance of popping or puncturing upon direct impact - just something to keep in mind.

Green Folding Jogger Stroller
Red Folding Jogger Dog Stroller
Jogger Stroller for Dogs
Blue Folding Jogger Dog Stroller
Black and Green Jogger Pet Stroller
 Jogger Pet Stroller with Plush Inside

What features do you need in a dog stroller?

Dog strollers often come with similar features to baby strollers, all geared towards making your life easier and keeping your dog safe and comfortable. Which features are best will depend on how you plan on using the stroller as well as the temperament of your dog! We'll go into more detail in the sections below.

Easy to Clean Dog Stroller
Easy to Clean Dog Stroller in Brown
Black Safety Tether Dog Stroller
Big Safety Tether Dog Stroller in Orange
Folding Dog Stroller with Detachable Carrier
Folding Standard Pet Stroller in Black

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