How To Choose A Decorative Torch

Decorative torches add a distinct style to any outdoor space. They lend something of a tropical island feel, as well as providing e a romantic, soft lighting after the sun starts to set. 

However, decorative torches don't just come in that classic Tiki torch style many of us picture. You have many different styles, materials, light types and sizes, which we'll explore below.

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How to choose the right size torch?

Decorative torches have a couple of different options in how you can place them based on their size. 

  • The most common type you might think of is the post type, where the light sits on a tall pole that you drive into the ground. In this style, you might find tall torches that measure around 54 inches high. Choose a post type if you want a classic torch style that provides plenty of functional lighting.

  • You also have the option of finding shorter decorative torches. These may be around 20 inches tall. Choose a shorter post style decorative torch if you want to line a patio, garden or walkway with subtle accent lighting.

  • Tabletop pieces also fit into the decorative torch category. These are usually rounded pieces that have a wick at the top. Choose tabletop pieces if you want to add some romantic lighting and style to an outdoor table setting. These can be around 9 inches high by 7 inches wide by 7 inches deep on the larger end for a centerpiece on a table. Smaller varieties might be 6 inches high by 3 inches wide by 3 inches deep.

Which light types work best in decorative torches?

You'll most likely find two common ways the torch might also light:

Flame torch

These torches have a wick at the top and fuel inside the torch provides hours of burn time. The larger the fill, the more burn time. For instance, a 12-ounce fill may provide up to five hours of burn time. You may find oil or propane and gas torches. Choose a flame torch if you want romantic natural firelight. The wicks tend to be made out of fiberglass so that they never burn away and stay lit no matter the weather.

Decorative Black Garden Flame Torch
Small Decorative Black Flame Torch
Unique Decorative Flame Torch
Brown Tabletop Flame Torch
Bamboo Tiki Flame Torch
Glass Decorative Garden Flame Torch


These days, it is also common to find decorative torches that have LED faux flames inside. These may offer a flickering style behind a red piece to mimic flame. Often, you can find these in solar charge options. Choose LED torches if you are eco-conscious. These also make good additions where fire might be unsafe, such as around plant life in the garden.

Modern Look LED Solar Garden Torch
Bamboo Solar Powered Tiki Torch
Flame Effect LED Solar Tiki Torch
Decorative LED Tiki Torch Set
Small LED Solar Torch Lights

What style of decorative torches should I choose?

Another important consideration is how decorative torches fit in with the overall yard or party theme you are going for. Some of the most common styles include:


These styles typically have glass that you can see the oil level through. Choose glass if you'd like an easy way to tell if the fill needs adjusting. These also lend a modern look, especially if the glass is clear or a muted shade like light blue. Choose colorful glass for a fun and casual look for a party.


Many decorative torches go for a modern look. Some may be highly geometric, such as a pyramid shape. These tend to be in sleek metals, such as a silver hardware finish or black painted steel. This is another style you should choose for modern outdoor spaces and up-scale parties.   

Pineapple Glass Decorative Torch
Glass and Metal Garden Decorative Torch
Hawaii Styled Glass Decorative Torch
Small Modern Glass Tabletop Torch
Modern Styled Glass Decorative Torch
Colorful Glass Tabletop Torch in Different Style

Classic torch style

These mimic the style used in classic island torches and often have weave patterns on them. Some are actually made from bamboo. Others might be a combination of bamboo and plastic. Classic styles are great for casual backyards.

Island themes

It's also common to find a wide variety of styles that somehow mimic an island theme. You might find the head of the torch is shaped like a pineapple, for instance. Some lean so strong into the island theme that the head of the torch is shaped like a Tiki head. Choose island themes for a tropical party or theme.

Classic Black Decorative Backyard Torch
Classic Red Decorative Backyard Torch
Classic Metal Garden Torch
 Island Themed Tiki Torch Set
Island Themed Decorative Backyard Torch
Mosaic Island Themed Garden Torch

Sconce bracket

Another common style in decorative torches is the type of rounded torch that sits in a tonged sconce bracket. These often have some type of metal as a base, like brass, copper or stainless steel. Sconce brackets can go with a variety of home styles, like an industrial style with a lot of metal textures, a rustic style if the metal is hammered or a modern style if the piece has a high sheen.