How To Choose A Decorative Basket

Baskets can be an excellent addition to your home for several reasons. Their main purpose is to be used as a storage unit; however, decorative baskets can bring so much more by brightening up a dark room and bringing your living space to life.

There is a huge variety of materials and styles for you to choose from. Read our guide to explore these features and help you decide on the perfect decorative baskets.

What Type of Decorative Baskets Should I Choose for My Bedroom and Living Room?

There are so many things that can cause clutter in your bedroom and living room, such as magazines, blankets, DVDs, and all those cables you hate looking at. Sorting all these things with some stylish baskets promises to cheer you and your room up. Depending on your home interiors, there is an abundance of materials to match any bedroom and living room décor.

  • Cotton and felt baskets will look best in modern and traditional styled homes. Use a cotton basket for your magazines next to the sofa and have them handy for when you want to browse through them. 
  • As for rope and wicker, they will suit a boho-chic or cottage interiors. In a wicker basket, you can store wood next to the fireplace, whereas a rope basket will be great for keeping spare blankets during the winter months.
  • Knit & crochet decorative baskets are minimalistic and will match Scandinavian styled rooms.
  • Metal is typically associated with industrial style home, but you can find rustic wired metal baskets that can match your vintage décor.
  • For an extra bit of appeal and functionality, you can find decorative baskets with stitched on labels, which will also help you find things easier.
  • Another precious possession can be a shallow brown wicker basket, which can be used as a tray for breakfast in bed or when you have guests over.
Brown Classic Fabric Decorative Basket
Brown Modern Wicker Round Basket
Brown Classic Rattan Rectangular Basket
Black Stylish Cotton Rope Decorative Basket
White Stylish Rattan Round Basket
Brown Modern Plastic Rattan Basket
Silver Modern Metal Stackable Pantry Basket
Gray Classic Wicker 6 Piece Stackable Baskets
Silver Contemporary Metal 3 Tier Hanging Baskets
Gray Industrial Metal 3 Piece Baskets
Silver Classic Metal Rolling Laundry Basket
White Traditional Plastic Stackable Baskets
Silver Classic Metal Wire Decorative Basket
Gray Modern Metal Decorative Basket
Blue Modern Plastic Rectangular Basket
White Stylish Rattan Beluga Basket
Pink Elegant Mesh 2 Tier Basket
Brown Contemporary Rattan Decorative Basket
Black Modern Metal Wire Cylinder Basket
Pink Stylish Fabric 2 Piece Baskets