How To Choose A Console Table With Storage

Console tables are an underrated and overlooked piece of furniture that enhances the style of your home and offers ample space for storing those grab-and-go items you need every day.

Console tables can be added to almost any space in your home and provide enough surfaces for both displaying stylish accent pieces and storing your essentials. Here is our guide to choosing the best console table with storage for your home.

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How Do I Choose the Right Style of Console Table?

The best way to choose the right style of console table is to select one that coordinates with the other furniture in your home of offers some similar design features. There is a huge range of different console tables to choose from. Here are some of the most popular styles available.


Modern style can vary from trendy pieces such as industrial pipe tables to geometric shapes. Modern style console tables are usually streamlined and spare despite the unique structures and are often constructed from sleek materials with reflective finishes such as Lucite, glass, or chrome.

Styling tip: An acrylic console table in a waterfall design makes an eye-catching accent piece in a colorful home as it helps to prevent the space from appearing cluttered or over-styled. Or use a steel and glass console table to create the illusion of space in a small apartment.

Modern Metal Frame Console Table
Chrome Metal Frame Glass Top Console Table
Elegant Industrial Black Console Table
Symmetrical Spacious Modern Console Table
Modern Glamorous Metalic Console Table
Contemporary Chrome Metal Console Table


Contemporary furniture design focuses on function rather than form. For a console table, this means an exceptional range of storage options and a fuss-free aesthetic that blends easily into most home decor styles.

Most contemporary console tables are constructed from solid wood or MDF in a light natural finish, while the structure will feature clean lines with slightly rounded corners. These pieces are a great option as they can provide a blank canvas for you to express your style and customize your preferred storage options.

Manufactured Wood Black Console Table
Elegant Contemporary White Console Table Includes Two Drawers
Brown Wooden 2-Shelf Console Table
White Functional Stylish Console Table
Contemporary Modern Practical Console Table
Black Wooden Three Tiered Console Table


Traditional furniture is often inspired by historical time periods or design movements. A traditional console table features ornate woodwork and elaborate hardware. They will usually be oversized and made from wood with a rich, dark finish, which adds depth and dimension to your home. They make an impressive addition to a grand foyer, formal dining room, or sitting room.

Styling tip: Choose a deep mahogany console table with turned legs and cabinet storage with scrollwork. Create a stately entryway to your home by styling with a decorative box and a large piece of artwork to complement the design of the piece.

Decorative Stylish Wooden Console Table
Beautifully Designed Crafted Console Table
Wooden Old-style Antique Console Table
White Solid Wood Console Table
Rich Wood Rustic Metal Console Table
Stylish Decorated Solid Wood Console Table


Transitional style furniture harmoniously blends both traditional and contemporary design elements with a focus on comfort and function and features less elaborate decoration. A transitional console table often features clean, modern lines, combined with the grand scale and quality finish of a classical style piece.

Styling tip: Look for console tables in mixed materials such as a metal frame with a solid wood top and shelving, so the piece adds a warm, tactile element to your living room or hallway. Adorn the table with a combination of contemporary and classic accent pieces, such as a lamp and decorative trays, to complete your look.

4 Drawer Manufactured Wood Console Table
Vintage Elegant Style Console Table
Modern Elegant Sophisticated Console Table
Manufactured Wood Sophisticated Brown Console Table
Rustic Elegant Modern Console Table
Solid Wood Vintage Console Table


Inspired by traditional design but with a more casual tone, country furniture is often constructed from high-quality wood with exposed metallic hardware. Look for a console table that features scalloped edges or wainscoting and is finished in lighter natural wood grain or distressed style.

Styling tip: Style the table with accessories in natural fibers, such as wicker baskets, and plush textiles in vibrant patterns to contrast its laid-back style.

Country Style White Console Table
Decorative Wooden Geometric Console Table
Cozy Blue Vintage Style Console Table
Decorative Solid Wood Console Table
Traditional Brown Solid Wood Console Table
Country Farmhouse Style Blue Console Table

What Storage Options Do Consoles Come With?

Console tables are more than just a place to keep your keys and other grab-and-go items. Consoles are a great space to store spare linens, china, or multimedia items. Some of the storage options to look for in your console table include:


In addition to a countertop, most console tables feature one or more shelves. Open shelves create the illusion of a bigger space.

Stack books, magazines, or blankets on lower shelves and use the upper shelf for indoor plants and accent pieces. Trays, bowls, and baskets make a chic way to organize your items on the shelves.


Console tables with drawers offer the ideal storage space for keeping small items such as keys and electronics safe. They are also a great place to store items that don't naturally fit anywhere else or look unsightly, such as batteries or electrical cords.

Look for drawers with a smooth gliding action and a soft closing mechanism for reduced noise and to minimize wear and tear. Drawer handles can be an important style feature to consider and help the piece coordinate with the rest of the furniture in the room.


Cabinets protect items from dust and debris and are an excellent choice for storing fragile items such as spare china or serving ware, or multimedia items. Organize your cabinets with containers or boxes to keep similar items together for easier access.


Some country or transitional style console tables come with baskets included instead of drawers. The woven structure and natural texture of the baskets add an extra style dimension to your space and often offer more accessible storage than drawers would due to the added height.

You can also add your own baskets to the lower shelf of your console table to help organize large items or textiles.

What Size Console Table Should I Buy?

The key to finding the right size console table for your space is to consider the location you have designated for it and its primary function. Console tables are a highly versatile piece of furniture that can be used across a variety of rooms for endless style and storage options. You can place a console table behind your sofa to house ambient lighting and books, or position in a hallway or foyer to hold a catch-all for keys, wallets, and other essentials.

Begin by measuring the height and width of your space. You will need to allow 3-4 inches of space between the console and other furniture to keep the proportions of the space visually appealing. Also, allow for at least 2 feet of clearance in front of the table for easy access to storage features and a smooth flow of foot traffic through your home.

For a sofa console table, the height should match that of the sofa or sit approximately 1 inch below the top. For console table for use in hallways or as dining room buffets, the ideal height is around 33 inches. This is height allows most people to access the table comfortably.

Quick Tips

  • Choose a console table that coordinates with your home's aesthetic and features design elements inspired by the other pieces of furniture in the room.
  • Look for a table that offers a variety of storage options, including shelves, drawers, and cabinets to give you ample space to store both small and large items.
  • The right size console table should fit your designated space while also leaving clearance to move around the piece and access the storage areas comfortably.