How To Choose A Changing Table

Finding an ideal changing table plays a crucial role in creating a functional nursery. You will need to look for one that fits in your space, is comfortable to use and, most importantly, is safe and durable.Our guide below will discuss these key features and help you choose a table that is right for you and your baby.

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What types of changing tables are there?

Classic Changing Table

This type of changing tables is the most traditional type, featuring a safety rail and a changing pad with drawers or shelves underneath. Changing tables in this category are usually beautifully constructed and the storage below the changing pad allows you to keep your baby's essential items handy.

White Classic Changing Table
Dark Wood Classic Changing Table
Grey Simple Classic Changing Table
Light Wood Classic Changing Table
Metal Classic Changing Table

Removable Tray

A changing table with a removable tray is a great option for when your baby grows up. This way, your piece of furniture can last longer as it will have a new purpose and will become a basic dresser.

Folding Changing Table

Gone are the days to worry about changing your baby's nappies when on vacation. If you buy a foldable changing table, you can take it anywhere you go. These tables fold flat and can be stored easily. It is also not a hassle to unfold it and have a clean, flat surface for your baby.

Pad Included

Instead of looking for a separate pad once you have purchased your changing table, opt for one with a pad included. You will not have to worry about the pad fitting perfectly because it will be designed specifically for the specific model.

White Changing Table with Pad
Wooden Changing Table with Pad
Black Changing Table with Pad
Changing Table with Flat Pad
Changing Table with Pad and Baskets
Changing Table with Pad in Grey

2in1 Crib and Changing Table Combo

If you have a small nursery, a changing table attached to a crib is your best choice to save space. It is also a functional solution and will help you change your baby's diapers in the middle of the night. This option might not be ideal for everyone, but it is a very convenient choice for people with limited space.

Bathtub Combo

A bathtub combo will allow you to bathe your baby and change its diapers using the same station. A two-positioned baby bath is revealed when you lift the changing pad; you can switch between these two functions without any difficulty. These changing combos have wheels that make them easily movable and practical. Side pockets and two trays underneath allow for handy storage of baby's toiletries.

Changing Table Topper

These are convenient trays that you can put on top of a table or a dresser.  They are your least expensive option and can come with two or four contour sides. It is safer for the baby if the pad offers four contour sides and comes with a secure safety strap.

White Convertible Crib and Changer
Crib and Changing Table Combo
Crib and Changing Table Combo in Grey
Crib and Changing Table Combo in Brown
Bathtub Combo Changing Table
Grey Changing Table Topper

What Things Should I Consider Regarding the Changing Table Size?

  • Each changing table will vary in height. You will find out that most fit in the range of 36 - 43 inches in height.

  • To prevent back pain, you need to pick a changing table that will be comfortable for your height.

  • If you are purchasing a high changing table, you should also get an anti-tip furniture kit to secure the changing table to the wall.

  • Is the changing table dresser going to be your main storage space? If yes, make sure it provides most storage space and smart storage solutions;

  • To avoid drafts, you should be placing the changing table away from the window; measure your available space and make sure you are getting the table in the right size;

What Kind of Storage Can a Changing Table have?

There are four main types of storage options, but you can also find changing tables that combine some of them:

Open Shelves

Open shelved changing tables are probably the most popular choice among parents. Apart from storing baby's essentials, they allow you to display decorative items such as baby photos or other keepsakes to create a cozy and nurturing space. We recommend using decorative baskets for storing the essentials as everyone can see the clutter, if not properly organized.


Keep all your diapers, creams and wipes hidden away, but still within easy reach with baskets installed in the changing table. The biggest perk of baskets is they can be removed and washed. This way, your changing table will always be as sanitary as possible.


A changing table with drawers is another way to keep your necessities organized and hidden away. They provide the most space for storage, so you can never have clutter lying around. However, they are the hardest to clean.


A cabinet is a balanced choice, which offers you the convenience of open shelves and tidiness of drawers. With just a swing of the door you will have everything in order. They are also easier to maintain and to clean than drawers as most shelves can be removed and wiped clean.

Changing Table Dresser with Drawer
White Changing Table Dresser with Drawer
White Open Changing Table
Modern Changing Table with Pad and Baskets
Changing Table Dresser with Cabinets
Changing Table Dresser with Drawer in White

Which Material is Best for a Changing Table?


Plastic changing tables are a cheaper option but will not be as sturdy and stable as other materials. A lot of the plastic changing tables fold up, so they can be used for travels. If you purchase this type, you should also pick an anti-tip kit to secure it to a wall.


Wood is a classic choice and probably your best bet if money is not an issue. Wooden changing tables offer a variety of colors, styles and sizes for you to match to the rest of the nursery interiors. Since wood tends to be bulky and adds a lot of visual weight to the room, you should keep the rest of the space lightweight.


Metal baby changing tables emit unusual charm and can be an attractive addition to your nursery. Metal is more stable and sturdier than plastic. These changing tables are visually light and can match a smaller nursery.

Wood Scandinavian Changing Table Dresser
Grey Wood Changing Table Dresser
Elegant Wood Drawer Changing Table
Golden Metal Changing Table
Open Black Metal Changing Table
Plastic Bathtub and Changer Combo

How do I Match a Changing Table to my Existing Interior?

With a wide variety of changing tables on the market, you will easily find a table to match your nursery's décor. The most common styles to match are:


If you are a mid-century enthusiast and would like your baby's room to have the same appeal, you can achieve this by choosing a changing table with thin, pin legs. Look for bold, stark colors, such as white and brown together or gold and bare wood.


A rustic changing table would perfectly match a cottage or vintage style home. Keep an eye out for ones that have bare wood showing. Distressed paint can also bring a rustic feel to it, especially if the paint is lighter and the darker wood shows. Always make sure the edges are smooth, and the wood has no splinters.


A Scandinavian style home is all about simple designs and color schemes. Choose a changing table that combines white and bare wood to brighten up the whole space of the nursery instantly. It might be seen as boring to some, but Scandinavian styles are very successful at opening up space.


It might seem impossible to find industrial styled changing tables at first, but if you look in the right places, you will find one. It will have straight lines and limited decoration. You can also compensate with a thin wooden changing table that is painted in a dark color similar to metal. Consider the colors of the pad as well. A black or gray pad can add that extra touch of industrial design.


Contemporary homes beg for trendy knobs, neutral colors and straight lines. You can make the nursery look more modern with extra touches such as a plush throw rug and gold accent accessories. Modern styled changing tables are simple in design and will effectively create a lighter ambiance to a nursery.


A changing table for a traditional space will have turned legs and straightforward patterns. They tend to be bulkier in their design and have a solid built, so notice the size before purchasing.

French Stylish White Changing Table
Wooden Old Fashioned Changing Table
Modern Changing Table Dresser
Modern and Simple Changing Table
Industrial Changing Table with Slim Legs
Traditional Classic Changing Table Drawer

What Kind of Features Should I Look for in a Changing Table?

  • Safety is always first. For your peace of mind and baby's safety, choose a changing table with rail barriers on all sides and safety straps to keep your wriggling baby from falling.Always try and find a changing table that comes with a safety strap.

  • Choose changing tables that come with tip-over restraint or purchase an anti-tip kit separately;

  • Changing tables with wheels is a new trend and will let you have a portable changing table. Ensure the table has secure brakes and can remain stable when not in motion.

  • If you are purchasing a changing table with a pad, ensure the pad is concave-shaped and is deep enough to stop the baby from rolling.

  • In the event of choosing a foldable changing table, make sure the model is fitted with a mechanism to stop it from collapsing.