Bulletin boards are ubiquitous in schools, higher education institutes, offices, and personal rooms to display notices and information. If you need a new bulletin board, this article will make your seemingly mundane purchase more meaningful, contextual, and even attractive. Let's begin with the types of bulletin boards.

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What Are Different Types of Bulletin Boards?

These are the different types of bulletin boards to consider:

Open wall-mounted

As the name suggests, these bulletin boards are permanently fixed to a wall. Due to the permanent fixture, their location becomes a "town square," a meeting place to know about the latest pins on the board and to mingle. Wall-mounted bulletin boards have their distinct advantages:

There are two disadvantages, though:

You can mount these boards in two ways - either fix them to the wall with heavy-duty screws or hang them on the wall with hooks or flanges provided at its back.

Wall-mounted bulletin boards will be your choice if your workplace or institute is self-owned, not rented, and if you want it to be the go-to spot for notices and information.

Green Open Wall Mounted Bulletin Board
Wall Mounted Bulletin Board in Beige
Long Open Wall Mounted Bulletin Board
Big Classic Wall Mounted Bulletin Board
Medium Open Wall Mounted Bulletin Board
Small Wall Mounted Cork Bulletin Board

Enclosed wall-mounted

They are usually wall-mounted boards with a single or double hinged glass doors. You can lock the doors, so you would want an enclosed bulletin board if you need the information to be protected and last for long.

The rest remains the same as the open wall-mounted type, including the installation methods.

Medium Enclosed Wall Mounted Bulletin Board
Single Enclosed Wall Mounted Bulletin Board
Double Enclosed Wall Mounted Bulletin Board
Triple Enclosed Wall Mounted Bulletin Board
Antique Enclosed Wall Mounted Bulletin Board
Grey Enclosed Wall Mounted Bulletin Board


These are the movable bulletin boards that can be placed anywhere, any time as needed. You will come across these types:

Freestanding bulletin board are often reversible, combining magnetic and cork boards or chalkboard and cork boards.

You will opt for a freestanding bulletin board if you need it to be placed at different places for different purposes such as a notice board, price list, exhibition standee, and the like.

Freestanding Magnetic Reversible Bulletin Boards
Freestanding Bulletin Boards with Black Legs
Simple Freestanding Bulletin Board
Freestanding Medium Bulletin Board for Art
Tabletop Freestanding Bulletin Board
Classic Reversible Freestanding Bulletin Board


These are the pin-less bulletin boards that hold sheets of paper with their magnetic force. A metal sheet with strong magnets is usually covered with a laminated fabric cloth, on which you could just place papers and the magnets will hold them. So easy! They are especially suitable for temporary displays such as conferences, presentations, training programs, and activity meetings.

For all their ease and convenience, magnetic bulletin boards have a few limitations:

Magnetic boards are good for corporate offices, conference rooms, departmental corridors - wherever information needs to be quickly and easily changed.

Magnetic boards at home are great educational resources to use with your kids. With the help of magnetic letters, numbers or shapes you can teach your child new skills. Kids magnetic boards are available in various shapes and, hence can become fun decorative accents in children's rooms.

Magnetic Wall Mounted Bulletin Board
Large Magnetic Wall Mounted Bulletin Board
Platinum Magnetic Combination Boards
Magnetic Combination Bulletin Board
Cork Magnetic Bulletin Board
Magnetic Wall Mounted Enclosed Bulletin Board

Cork bulletin boards

These might be considered 'old school' style and offer a soft surface to pin the papers. If you'd like to make them unique and match them with your decor, just paint them in a chosen color. For example, you may use a bright colour to jazz up your space or choose neutral palette for organic interior.

Cork boards are very handy if you have loads of stuff to pin above your desk, however, the main disadvantage of these types of boards is that they will leave pin holes in your pictures or documents.

Cork boards can be of different thicknesses with the preferred one being 1" or more as these types of boards will best hold up the frequent pinning of thumbtacks.

Cork Combination Wall Mounted Bulletin Board
Cork Freestanding Bulletin Board
Cork and Metal Bulletin Board
Small Square Cork Bulletin Board
Cork Bulletin Board with Frame
Cork Enclosed Bulletin Board

Erasable whiteboards

These are the boards on which you can write, draw or make a point with marker pens.

In these categories you will find bulletin board planners with pre-applied calendar (e.g. four-month planner) that you can fill in with your schedule details. Such boards will help you be on top of your events and appointments.

What Size of a Bulletin Board should I choose?

Below are standard sizes and their recommended uses:

What Are the Ways to Make a Bulletin Board Attractive?

This is what you can do to upgrade your basic bulletin board:

Buying a bulletin board need not be boring or mundane. Get the tips from this article and make the purchase exciting and purposeful.