How To Choose A Bookcase

Bookcases are incredibly stylish and can deliver a unique décor appeal in any space. Traditionally these cases are used for books but because of the kind of versatility they offer, they can be used for other things such as to display platforms for antiques and decorative accessories.

In this guide, we are going to help you find exactly what you need.

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How Big a Book Case Should You Get?

Remember a bookcase is a furniture accessory. It’s not supposed to be the anchor so it doesn’t need to be the biggest or the most noticeable piece in the room. The golden rule is to buy a quality bookcase that will not clutter your space.

It’s actually better to have several small cases instead of one single large case. Carefully assess where the case will be going and measure the space available. Once you have done it, decide the ideal case size.

Pro Tip: The goal is not always to fully fill up all the available space with the bookcase. This will just clutter the room. Instead, find something that will fit in and still leave additional room for a plant pot or any other small décor accessory.

Black Manufactured Wood Narrow Cube Bookcase
White Manufactured Wood Standard Bookcase
Classic Brown Manufactured Wood Bookcase
Industrial Metal Manufactured Wood Bookcase
Red Manufactured Wood Geometric Bookcase
Serene Cherry Manufactured Wood Bookcase

What type of bookcase shelving is optimal?

Traditionally, bookcases are always going to have an open shelving design. After all, if you are going to use them to display your collection of books and other collectibles, then the open shelf design ensures everyone can see everything. However, not everything is meant to be displayed. Some things are private and may need to be enclosed somewhere.

This is where a closed shelve design comes in. But it’s very rare to find bookcases that have a full closed shelf design. That would be a chest, wouldn’t it?

A good rule would be to get a unit that combines both open shelving and closed shelving. The open shelves can be reserved for displaying books while the closed ones will be for the more personal stuff.

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Glass Metal Satin Gold Bookcase
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Brown Solid Manufactured Wood Bookcase
Manufactured Wood Cube Standard Bookcase
White Solid Manufactured Wood Standard Bookcase

Should You Get a Wall Mounted or Floor Bookcase?

These two options offer several advantages. Wall-mounted units are designed for small spaces and can be incredible space savers. Floor bookcases, on the other hand, come with a certain level of elegance. They are also easily accessible even if you are not that tall. The only downside with them is that they take too much floor space. But no need to worry about that, you can still choose compact designs that offer additional shelf space without cluttering your rooms.

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Black Iron Metal Geometric Bookcase
White Manufactured Wood Corner Bookcase
White Floor And Wall Mounted Bookcase
Brown Black Solid Manufactured Wood Casters Bookcase
Natural Wood Grain Standard Bookcase

What Type of Material Should You Choose?

  • Traditional bookcases are made of wood. They will feature different finishes as well. The biggest benefit you get with wood is the customizable options available.

  • Metal-based designs are also very popular, especially for people who already have an industrial-inspired décor scheme at home.

    The difference between wood and metal is only on the look. Both of these materials are very durable and come with enough structural integrity to safely hold your books without any issue.

  • A combination of wood and metal is also not a bad idea. Shelves featuring a metal frame and wooden shelving have an understated modern look that can lend a touch of contemporary elegance in any room.

  • In case you want something minimalist that would go with any décor scheme, then wrought iron shelves would be perfect.

What Style of Bookcase Should You Go For?

The stylish appeal of bookcases is determined by many factors. First, finishing is a huge element of the style.

  • Natural wood grain finishes are, for example, very popular. They have a rustic appeal and can be the perfect anchors for a farmhouse-inspired décor.

  • White finished cases yield a contemporary appeal are not bad either.

  • In case you are shopping for the kids, consider cases that feature **playful and bold colors **as well.

Despite this, some people just prefer minimalism. Open shelf designs with just a single frame and some shelves should work in that regard. You may also want to consider wrought iron cases if you want to bring a unique industrial look to your space.

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Why You Should Consider Adjustable Shelves?

Finally, it may also be a good idea to choose bookcases that feature adjustable shelving. This will give you outstanding versatility. Not everything that goes into the shelves will be the same size. Some things need a bigger shelf space while others not so much.

Adjustable shelves allow you to customize your entire bookcases to meet all your specific storage needs. The shelves also allow you to fully get the most out of the storage capability of the case.