How To Choose A Bike And Sport Rack


Indoor bike and sport racks are a style statement for the trendy, adventurous, and sporty amongst us. Much like their bikes and sports gear, these indoor racks too have to be funky and rebel, a bit on the wild side. Along with function, they must display an attitude and outdoor hip even when sitting pretty in a corner of a room.

If you are in this class of bikers and thinking of getting yourself a new bike and sport rack, we will take you through which types are trending and which one you should buy. But first, a bit on the materials and finishes.

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What Types of Bike and Sport Racks Are There?


U Shape Bike Wall-mounted Racks
Wall-Mounted Bike Rack and Tray
Wall-Mounted Single Bike Rack
Big Wall-Mounted Bike Rack
Single Wall-Mounted Bike Rack for Two
Wall-Mounted Bike Rack with Metal and Wood

Suspended / Ceiling-mounted

Floor models                                                    

10 Bike Holding Floor Models Bike Rack
Freestanding Double Bike Rack
Simple Ceiling Mounted Bike Rack
3 Bike Stand Floor Models Bike Rack
Blue Floor Models Bike Rack

Corner racks

Dual Freestanding Corner Bike Rack
Black Freestanding Corner Kayak Rack
Wall Mounted Corner Kayak Rack
Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand Pack
Small Corner Metal Bike Rack
Silver Single Corner Bike Rack

How to store other types of sports gear?

With your kind of energy and passion for biking, we guess you probably also indulge in other outdoors activities and sports. So, here are some tips on how to store your other sports equipment.

Wooden Wall/Ceiling Mounted Fishing Rack
Ski Wall Mounted Rack
Ball Freestanding Sports Rack
Portable Ball Freestanding Sports Rack
Big Wooden Pole Cue Rack
Simple Wall Mounted Fishing Rack
Stable Round Fishing Rack

What are the advisable materials and finishes for sport racks?

Along with the looks and style, your bike and sport rack also has to be durable and functionally fit. After all, you would be spending a small fortune on it, so it better serve you well. So, here are the materials, finishes, and other stuff that you should check out.

Powder-coated metal

You surely must have seen and perhaps envied your friend's sleek, matte finish rack in bright yellow and flaming red, with a slightly grainy surface. That's the powder-coated metal rack. Usually, stainless or galvanized steel is coated with youthful, energetic colors, in glossy, dull, or matte finishes.

Why should you consider it? It gives a far superior and even finish than liquid paint, is economical, and corrosion-resistant. You can also check out metal finishing options such as sandblasting and buff polishing.

Finished wood or colored wood

Wood is divine but also expensive. Go for wooden bike and sport racks if you fancy the raw and rustic, natural polish. There are variants - French polish, lacquer, shellac, and vanish for you to choose from. You can also color wooden racks as a DIY project, but then you will lose its natural looks.

Aluminum channels

They are coated or uncoated light-weight yet strong and durable bike racks. Aluminum does not rust and being dull steel-grey in color, it will match any kind of room décor. Additionally, you have the advantage of slotted aluminum angles that can offer height and length adjustment.

Aluminum or steel tubes and sheets

Armatures made from such tubes are light in weight and fully functional. When combined, tubes and sheets can offer ideal utility for your bike and sport gear, soccer ball, running shoes, and what not! You will like this combination if you have a lot to hang or store on your bike and sport rack.


Industry-grade plastics such as polycarbonate (PC), Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), fluoropolymer, and the like are suitable for bike and sport racks. These are the plastics from which your helmet shell, car dashboard, and laptop keyboard are made, so toughness and durability are a given. Impact, UV, and scratch-resistance, and stability are the bonuses.

Whichever type of bike and sport rack you select, it makes sense to opt for a multi-functional design that gives you storage space for your biking and sports gear, accessories, and other stuff too. After all, rooms aren't getting any larger, and as you grow, so will your need for space. Besides, bike racks with assortments hanging around does look funky, right?