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How to Add Ambiance to Your Living Space with a Fireplace Screen

Did you think that fireplace screens were merely intended as functional items? Think again!

While they're obviously incredibly useful and they make your fireplace experience a lot safer, they can also be used to decorate your room and even to set the right ambiance.

Obviously, be sure to know exactly how to choose a fireplace screen first.

As for ambiance and creating the right vibes, keep reading!

Exclusive Fireplace
Exclusive Fireplace

Decide how you're going to use your fireplace screen

This might seem like a silly point, but trust us: not everyone uses fireplace screens for the exact same reason!

Their main purpose is obviously to be placed in front of the fire area to stop ashes and embers from reaching your carpet or other flammable items.

However, you might already have a simpler spark guard that you pull in front of your fireplace only when you're actually using it. If that's the case, perhaps you were hoping for a more stylish solution for when the fire is off, especially during the warmest months?

  • Then you don't have to worry about fireproof materials and designs: you can concentrate on cozy screens that complement your fireplace and interior style. For example, some popular decorative options are to have a screen that looks like a stack of wooden logs or one that's also a candle holder;

  • If you were thinking of using your fireplace screen in the more traditional way, than you must stick to materials that are safe to use around fire, like metal or glass.

Glass Fireplace Screen
Dragonflies Single Panel Fireplace Screen
Mesh Floral Fireplace Screen
Glam Living Room Design

Identify your interior style and palette

Here's a popular mistake: choosing the first fireplace screen we see but then realizing that, while it's undeniably beautiful, it's got nothing to do with the rest of the room.

The result? It looks uncomfortably out of place.

If you want to create the right ambiance, it's helpful to keep all this consistent. For example, you could:

  • Introduce a fireplace screen in the same material as your existing metal finishes;
  • Concentrate on a color that's already part of your living room's palette;
  • Look for a design or motif that characterizes your décor style.

What atmosphere do you want to create?

While the rest of the room and the look of your actual fireplace still play a big part in this, different types of fireplace screen can help you create different ambiances.

That's why it's always best to figure out what you're actually hoping to achieve before buying one:

  • Usually, when someone has a fireplace, they're after a cozy atmosphere. We've actually never seen a fireplace screen that could spoilt it, so you really can't go wrong with this step. However, there are two main tricks to emphasize this feeling even more: you can either choose a glass screen that doesn't get in the way of the flickering flames or a metal/mesh model featuring a homely traditional design;

  • A glass screen is also useful if you're trying to maintain a breezy feel or make a small room look a bit airier;

  • If you're striving for a minimalist ambiance, steer clear from designs that rely on many decorative elements or details. Instead, use single-panel screens or consider paneled but streamlined designs. For example, those with simple edges and a mesh or glass construction;

  • If you have more decorative styles like Tiffany or French country, you might prefer a sophisticated ambiance. Nothing that the right fireplace screen can't achieve, especially if you opt for the most ornate paneled designs!

  • For a rustic ambiance, wrought iron is always the most effective material. For example, you could look for a three-paneled model or one with doors.

Christmas Fireplace

Think of the rest of the fireplace too

As we mentioned before, it's important to think of your screen in relation to the rest of the room but also the fireplace itself.

In fact, this new addition can be the perfect opportunity to decorate it (or redecorate it) in a consistent way:

  • What's on your mantelpiece, right now? Ask yourself: does each item actually help convey the ambiance that I'm striving for?

  • From objects in the same finish as your fireplace screen to artwork inspired by that interior style, you can amplify your ideal ambiance by coordinating them and keeping the bigger picture in mind!

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