Hand Blown Crystal Wine Glasses

Have you ever wanted to have a set of crystal wine glasses? If you answered positively, maybe it is worth to browse through the photos shown on this site. The sets differ as far as their shape, size, colour and ornaments are concerned, however, they are all very useful and nice.

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Antique hand blown crystal wine glasses

Antique Hand Blown Crystal Wine Glasses
An elegant set of wine glasses that will transform your friendly gatherings into a classy event. Each crystal glass is made of hand-blown glass and beautifully decorated with blooming floral pattern. Easy to clean, and also perfect as a decoration to place in your china cabinet.

Lenox hand blown lead crystal navarre blue wine glass stem

Lenox Hand Blown Lead Crystal Navarre Blue Wine Glass Stem
An ornamental piece of glassware to add to your liquor cabinet and present during parties. This wine glass is hand-blown and is made out of translucent crystal with a blue tint and has decorative engravings along the top.

Jacobite drinking glasses hand blown and engraved glass 18th century

Jacobite drinking glasses ~ Hand blown and engraved glass ~18th Century.

Crystal wine glass by horst belda cased in blue hand


Hand blown crystal wine glasses 22

Delicate hand-blown wine glasses etched with a leaf and floral pattern are the perfect way to serve champagne at your next dinner party. Of course, you will want to reserve these lovely glasses for your favorite and most trusted guests.

Chrism wedding goblet champagne flute

Elegant crystal wine glass featuring an array of vibrant colors. The piece is also constructed from thick glass and comes with a steady stem for easy handling. It should be ideal for serving specialty or vintage wines at home or in special occasions.

Hand blown crystal wine glasses 1

This is an elegant set of wine glasses guaranteed to transform your entertaining into a classy occasion. Each glass is hand-blown and decorated with beautiful floral patterns. It is easy to clean, functional, and also works as a decoration piece in a china cabinet.

Murano glass wine glasses

Wine glasses that look very attractive in any interior design. These are crystal products, so they do not only look attractive, but they are also resistant to wear and other negative factors that can damage them.

Hand Blown Blue Iris Wine Glass Hand-blown by Yurana Designs W306

One only hand blown crystal wine glass with rounded funnel

Real crystal will sing if you dampen a finger and rub it around the top of the glass. This hand-blown beauty has a scored stem, and has been delicately hand engraved. It is a one-of-a-kind item, for display rather than use.

Hand blown crystal wine glasses 19

Hand blown glass can be delicately tinted and then decorated with small studs or bands of metal. This particular champagne flute is a delicate rose near the stem, then adorned with a scalloped pattern of beads. The stem is clear.

Blown glass wine glasses

This elaborate wine goblet speaks to your inner vampire - a perfect gift for gothic buffs that love unique items. The opulent wine glass is graced with purple crystals, rosette style details and skulls motif.

Hand blown crystal wine glasses handcrafted in romania set of

Hand Blown Crystal Wine Glasses Handcrafted In Romania Set Of 4
A fantabulous set of 4 wine glasses that will make your friendly gatherings unforgettable. Each wine glass is made of hand-blown crystal and hand-crafted by talented Romanian artisans.

Brocade Goblet (Set of 4)

Brocade Goblet (Set of 4)

Blue hand blown cut glass crystal wine decanter glass set

... Blue Hand Blown Cut Glass Crystal Wine Decanter Glass Set | eBay

Lismore Red Wine Glass

Lismore Red Wine Glass

Venetian style hand blown wine glass or goblet 10 v231

Venetian Style Hand Blown Wine Glass or Goblet 10" - V231 by Yurana Designs. $38.00. We offer about 100 different Art Glasses of this Type. Hand Wash Only. Hand Blown Venetian Style Wine Glass. Mix and Match for a Great Table Setting. Approximately 10" Ta

Hand blown glass wine glasses 9

A truly magnificent accessory for important events such as anniversaries, banquets, Christmas parties, and weddings. Designed in the 1900's by Engilsh artisans, this set of 6 antique wine glasses is made of cranberry glass - gilded for extra appearance.

Hand blown crystal wine glasses 3

Hand Blown Spectrum Crystal Wine Glasses. Great for the holiday season or anytime!

Hand blown crystal wine glasses

The Venetian antique drinking glass, which is made of Murano glass is a fantastic option, if you need to buy a special gift. You can choose this one in 42-piece set. Every details is handmade with a blue color, which is typical of 1920'.

Hand blown crystal wine glasses


Hand blown crystal

A stylish accessory for improving formal dinners, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. This set of elegant wine glasses is designed of hand-blown clear glass, and adorned with a pretty fish base - made of green crystal glass.

Hand blown crystal wine glasses 15


6 piece set vintage hungarian hand blown blue crystal wine

6 Piece Set Vintage Hungarian Hand Blown Blue Crystal Wine Glasses | eBay

Libbey k36 hand blown crystal wine

Libbey K36 Hand Blown Crystal Wine
Hand blown crystal wine glasses with small round pedestal bases and decorative accents. They are practical for people who love wine and they also decorate dining areas. Their crystal construction is attractive and very solid.

White wine glasses lead free crystal hand blown painted etched

WHITE WINE GLASSES Lead Free Crystal Hand Blown Painted Etched ...

Wine Enthusiast U Cabernet/Merlot Stemless Wine Glasses, Set of 2

Intermezzo White Wine Glass

Intermezzo White Wine Glass

Hand blown painted etched romanian 7pc decanter set 5 wine

Hand Blown & Painted, Etched Romanian 7pc. Decanter Set & 5 Wine ...

Georgian style wine glasses

Beautiful hand blown crystal champagne glasses on slender stems, with subtle embossed pattern. Customizable; a customer may choose a monogram or have the glasses engraved, which makes them a great gift idea.

Hand blown wine glasses

Small, but stylish and practical element of decor. This wine glass is a hand blown crystal glass element that is resistant to wear or damage. It also looks very attractive in dining rooms among other dining accessories.

Hand blown crystal wine glasses

Amber Depression Glass Wine Decanter on Etsy, $200.00

Hand blown crystal wine glasses 5

Hand-blown Cupa wine glasses created by Swedish designer, and Sempli owner, Daniele Semeraro. "Made from lead-free crystal, their unique stemless construction creates a swirling rotation when set down—which assists the oxygenation of the wine. Enhance t

Hand blown glass wine glasses 8

ivy painted on wine glass

Dusty old things spectrum hand blown crystal wine goblets

Dusty Old Things | Spectrum Hand Blown Crystal Wine Goblets

Hand blown crystal wine glasses 21

Vintage wine glasses hand blown pastel stems from Victoria's Curio Exclusively on Ruby Lane

Stained glass wine glasses

Unique wine glass made of clear glass and finished with horse theme. Classic form and sophisticated style. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Fox figurine hand blown glass gold crystal by prochaskagallery 75

Fox Figurine Hand Blown Glass Gold Crystal by ProchaskaGallery, $75.00

Hand blown crystal wine glasses 23

Image of Cupa-Vino Sweden Hand Blown Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses $50 for 2 glasses.

Hand blown crystal wine glasses

This set of hand blown crystal wine glasses combines solidness and unique style, adding elegance and prestige to any living room decor. They present themselves gorgeously while illuminated during twilight parties.

Intermezzo White Wine Glass

Intermezzo White Wine Glass

Blown glass champagne flutes

Made from hand blown glass, this beautiful crystal wine glass represents the charm and splendour of the glamour style. Associated with the most refined parties, it will be a prestigious accent in any decor.

Crystal wine glasses colored lead crystal cristallerie de montbronn hand

Crystal wine glasses|colored lead crystal|Cristallerie de Montbronn|hand cut|mouth blown

Amitie crystal tasting glass hand blown glass la rochere

Amitie crystal tasting glass - Hand blown glass La Rochere

Venetian crystal wine glasses

A set of eight glasses made with heart.Personally hand blown crystal wine glasses have beautiful emerald, blue color that would be the main decoration of the table.The cup has a rather rough shape, inspired by a square.Cheers!

Vintage hand blown crystal wine glasses etched laurel leaf pattern

Vintage Hand Blown Crystal Wine Glasses Etched Laurel Leaf Pattern Dots Rare
The wine will taste best in vintage glasses made of crystal. These are handblown made in England in 40s. If you are interested in such elegance, they will be very good at your home. On the glass there is hand-painted laurel leaf.

12 oz. White Wine Glass (Set of 4)

12 oz. White Wine Glass (Set of 4)
Pretty classic shape but tinted in a modern way set of glass for white wine suitable both for formal and informal use. They have sleek slightly dimmed stems, round feet and 12 oz. multi-coloured bowls. They are hand washable.

Vintage wine carafe

Hand-blown crystal wine glasses are an excellent design and stylish drink serving style. The whole is presented phenomenally, beautifully decorated with fascinating details. The gilded elements delight.

Hand blown crystal wine glasses 20

Riedel Sommeliers 3 Piece Leaded Crystal Wine Tasting Glass Set by Riedel. $279.65. Design enhances your beverages' flavor. Hand wash. Made from 24% leaded crystal for brilliance and clarity. Includes Montrachet, Burgundy Grand Cru and Bordeaux Grand Cru