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This isn't as much a collection of half loft beds, as it is a collection of interesting and intrinsic loft bed ideas. The haft loft bed is essentially a platform bed with plenty of storage beneath. But in this collection, you will see a myriad of different styles such as elevated beds with an entire reading nook underneath. You are going to love these and wish to put one of them in your bedroom for efficiency sake.

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Brady Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Brady Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

With the stunning and charming white finish and the simple lines, this twin over full bunk bed will be just perfect for your kids' room, allowing them the perfect sleeping space and saving plenty of space in the process.

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Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

A simple twin over full bunk bed that allows you to add some style and stability to the bedroom, making it an excellent addition to your kids' or guest room. The mattresses are supported by slats and you don't need to get a box spring.

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Half loft bed 8

Ikea Hack - Half a loft bed

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Half loft bed

A smart and functional idea for a loft bed. It's an ideal solution for small rooms as the bottom part features plenty of storage space while the upper part is a comfortable bed decorated with an adorned duvet.

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Half loft bed 7

To end off loft madness week (this was totally unplanned) I wanted to share this former warehouse...

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Half loft bed 22

To gain a storage space and a place to sleep in your small cozy appartmant, you can choose a half loft bed. It doesn't mean it bring half of pleasure. Perfect to put on the corner, near the wall. Made of wood, not so high - so easily accessible without stairs.

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Half loft bed

A reading nook w/a bed built in--it's better than a murphy bed!

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Half loft bed 1

Bed Platform - I've heard of bed risers, but never thought of raising one half of an entire bedroom just for the bed and to provide a whole lot of extra storage. Novel idea!

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Half loft bed

Στην πραγματικότητα, προσθέστε ένα πατάρι οπουδήποτε. | 31 Tiny House Hacks To Maximize Your Space

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Bunk bed with room under

DIY loft bed with twin under it. Saving this idea in case the other bunk beds get too costly. (Look under step 3 in link to see how they modified the original project).

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Best Ideas

Half loft bed 6

Three different variants of half loft bed. Two of them has, at the bottom, desk with the chair, one has bookcase. They are made of blancher wood or black metal. They will be to cramped room in studio flat.

Half loft bed 4

Half loft bed with a funny stylizations suitable for children. This construction offers solid and safe stairs that provide access to upper bed. This bed features decorative wooden fence that also provides some protection. The lower area plays the role of an interior playhouse.

Half loft bed

Tween Girls Bedroom and Bath, Bedroom for my twelve-year-old daughter who is very picky and not at all girly., Bedrooms Design

Half loft bed 3

How cute- Half walls between the beds create separate spaces for each child to call their own while the overhead loft is a common play area.

Half loft bed 30

Extreme Bunk Beds • Thinking Outside the Box Divide a room in half with a floor to ceiling bunk bed. Perfect for a brother and sister who have to share the same room

Half loft bed 17

This is basically a general idea of what I'm doing with the new apartment...the lofted space will probably take up about half of the unit to have room for upstairs storage.

Half loft bed

An interesting space-saving bedroom located at mezzanine above a wine cellar in a shelter. It accommodates a simple platform bed with a wooden frame. Three rectangular floating steps are made of wood with a finish in browns.

This guy moved into a studio apartment that had no

This guy moved into a studio apartment that had no storage, so he took matters into his own hands and built this amazing 'The Living Cube' - Imgur

Half loft bed 14

This would be the perfect bed set up in a studio apt or in a basement/ lower level space for occasional guests

Half loft bed 6

20 Loft Beds With Desks To Save Kid’s Room Space

Half loft bed 10

{Pottery Barn Teen} gray walls, black bed, striped bedding. For Brendan

Half loft bed 16

Original loft bed with a durable access ladder and comfortable sleeping space. Upper bed includes protective rails and vertical slats. The lower area features a small room for reading, writing and other activities.

Half loft bed 27

Interior Design- different ways of creating interesting wall effects

Half loft bed 2

Pretty neat way to climb in limited space. Hancock & Grandsons could do this very easily!!