Green Stacking Chairs

Stacking chairs are the ideal solution for cramped apartments or if you simply want to save some space. Spend some time looking at various green ones as they come in many different shapes and forms. You will certainly find something to fit your desires.

Best Ideas

Stackable plastic chairs

This futuristic stackable chair has been crafted with reinforced plastics. A unique piece of furniture, designed by Werner Aisslinger is the first monochair using a new natural fibers technology, that enables to obtain a very sustainable material.

Green stacking chairs

Magis CHAIR ONE Design: Konstantin Grcic, 2004

Green stacking chairs 1

Hemp Chair by Werner Aisslinger: Made of a molded composite of natural fibers, this chair is lightweight, strong and stackable. #Chair #Hemp #Werner_Aisslinger

Green stacking chairs 1

Vintage chair designed in 1950s. These items feature stacking construction for practical and space saving storage or transportation. Each chair of this type stands on four metal legs. Sitting areas included green seats connected with back supports.

Orange stacking chairs

A simple traditional stackable chair for outdoor use. It's entirely made of orange coated metal tubes and sheets. It has 4 quite tall legs with black plastic pads, a squarish seat and a mid height backrest with a wide horizontal central slat.

Orange stacking chairs 26

Serving its role perfectly in receptions, conference rooms, offices or classrooms, this orange stacking chair is a designer piece of furniture, which also guarantees excellent comfort to your lumbar area while also providing airflow.

Portable folding chairs

Smart design can be a life-saver in small scale apartments. This foldable plywood chair is something more than a space-saving portable chair: when it's folded, it looks like a decorous modern piece of art!

Hot Mesh Side Chair

Hot Mesh Side Chair
It is a hot mesh side chair that is made of powder-coated steel and has got a modern design. It fits perfectly to contemporary style and décor in your dining room. You can choose one of many amazing colors.

Orange stacking chairs 11

Modern chair mounted on metal legs and fitted with anti slip pads. Carefully profiled seat is made of plywood and covered with protective layer of lacquer. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Tavern metal wood dining chair 2

Tavern Metal Wood Dining Chair
This type of chair is ideal for an indoor and outdoor use. It features a solid frame, comfortable seat and supportive backrest. It is a stakcable chair, so it assures a space saving storage. Of course the frame is resistant to damage.

Red stacking chairs

Phillipe Starck Masters Chairs

Green stackable chairs

Who said you can't style your patio so that it works smoothly with your modern decorated interior? This set of green stacking chairs offer the plastic molding of the structure and the shape that comforms the body perfectly.

Green stacking chairs

Pretty simple modern stackable chairs having frames of white coated metal tubes. A chair has 2 A-shaped supports joined by straight stretchers. A unified shell of green moulded plastic features a squarish seat and a rather low tapered up fullback.

Flash Furniture FD-C03-GOLDVEIN-4003-GG Hercules Series Dome Back Stacking Banquet Chair with Green Patterned Fabric/Gold Vein Frame

The set includes 4 banquet chairs. The chairs are very functional and will be a great addition to any banquet hall, conference center or even school. The chairs feature green patterned upholstery and dome back design. Can be stacked up to 14 chairs.

Hon Ignition Fabric Back Stacking Chairs W/Casters

Flash Furniture Stackable School Chair with 11 Seat Height, Green

Stackable chair with durable materials and comfortable construction finished in red color. This chair is suitable for school use. It assures support and comfort for children. It also looks very aesthetic.

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Green stacking chairs 15

Eames kelly green stacking chairs by Herman Miller

Gigi Armless Stacking Chair

Gigi Armless Stacking Chair
Armless stacking chair. This universal and functional chair is the perfect choice for schools, conference centers or workplaces. The back is flexible and provides proper lumbar support. The chairs can be stacked for transport or storage.

Green stacking chairs

These elements are able to add a simple, but modern style into any house. These chairs have got a hardwood construction that is supported on solid metal legs with a chrome finish. The legs are ended with special glides that protect the floor from damage.

Stacking Chair

Stacking Chair
Durable metal chair made of 18 gauge square tubing. This simple chair is a great solution for schools or conference centers as they can be stacked up to 12 chairs. Stacking bumpers prevent prevent scratches.

HERCULES Series 661 lb. Capacity Stack Chair Black

This charming stool with backrest is a practical piece of furniture that will work in any interior. It can be laid on one another which is especially suitable for storage. Polypropylene seat is durable and solid.

American Plastic Toys Stacking Chairs - Set of 6

If you're looking for interesting furniture for children the Six-piece set is the perfect solution. Colorful stacking chairs that are easy to store and can serve a variety of fun and relaxation.

Flash Furniture Green Plastic Stackable School Chair With 13.25'' Seat Height [YU-YCX-004-Green-GG]

Flash Green Plastic Stackable School Chair with 10.5'' Seat Height

This plastic stackable school chair with amazing green color encourages children to sit properly. It will serve best for children from preschool to kindergarten ages and saves up a lot of space, since you can stack up to ten chairs.

Dome Back Banquet Chair

Dome Back Banquet Chair
Simple banquet chair. This functional chair is a great solution for any banquet halls, conference centers or cafeterias. The chairs have been made of durable steel and plastic. The chairs can be stacked for easy storage.

Hercules Series 18.5''W Green Patterned Fabric Stacking Church Chair With 4.25'' Thick Seat - Gold Vein Frame

Belnick Plastic Stackable School Chair with 13 1/4 Seat Height, Green

Green Plastic Stackable School Chair with 12'' Seat Height

13" BaseLine Chair (Shamrock Green) (23"H x 11.5"W x 10"D)

Practical is what this chair is. it has got leg boots to reduce the noise and prevent floor scratching.Laminated surface is easy to clean. Ist lightweight what makes it easy to move. Fresh color and smooth design, Perfect for kids.

Victoria Ghost Chair - Quick Ship! Color: Transparent Crystal Clear

Set of two transparent, crystal clear chairs made of polycarbonate. Seat height is 18.3 inches. Thanks to the design and materials used the chairs are elegant and comfortable and fit almost any interior.

Stars and Moon Armless Multipurpose Stacking Chair

Stars and Moon Armless Multipurpose Stacking Chair
Functional stacking chair with distinctive design that combines well-thought convenience - e.g. with its extra thick, contoured backrest that provides fine lumbar support - with chic appearance. Mix of purple, black and silver is in line with latest trends.

Orange stackable chairs

Minimalistic take on a mid-century stacking chair made out of painted stainless steel in an orange color with a galvanized finish, giving it a shiny polish. The chair comes in great in both outdoor and indoor arrangements, making it universal.

Green stacking chairs

I'd love a cozy bed like this in a guest room. It would be a pain to climb in and out of, but snug as a bug once you're in. Kathryn Ireland via House Beautiful.

Orange rocking chair

A vibrant accent to any nursery room - this rocking chair enchants with its massive, yet soft and comfy design. It will help to smoothly souse the baby and provide a few relaxing moments for the mother

Orange rocking chair 1

In many collector's houses - we can find such an extraordinary copy of the orange rocking chair from Vladimir Kagan. The cosmic, wavy contour frame made in oak, combines with the yellow color of the wide seat. Rocks and adorns.

Stacking garden chairs

a new meaning to..sit down and stay a little while..these chairs appear to have been there for a very long long time

Orange rocking chair 1

This amazing orange rocking chair sports not only a vibrant finish but is also a perfect option for when you simply need a boost of relaxation in your nursery. It will surely help you rock and soothe your baby.

Orange rocking chair painted with annie

Orange Rocking Chair Painted With Annie
Painted wooden rocking chair in a very attractive, orange finish. This piece of furniture provides good comfort and support. Solid seat and backrest are paired with durable arms that assure additional support.

Plastic green chairs

Chippy stools....a "staple" for prim decor because they can be used in a hundred ways!!! (or at least alot of ways)! These are aged perfectly!!

Jugo Children Comfy Roundy Leather Sofa Armchair (Pink)

This made for comfort sofa armchairs are beautiful and very tasteful piece of furniture to almost any interior. Finished in leather upholstery is very robust. The contemporary is amazing.

Red stacking chairs 4

This type of product is a high quality chair that represents a modern style and the highest possible level of solidity. Its seat and backrest areas are made of durable hardwood and legs are made of metal.

Green stacking chairs 9

Michael McGarry’s Harlem, New York, study has a trestle-base desk and Lucite chair by IKEA, a butterfly collection found at a Paris flea market, and a vintage globe displayed on a set of Encyclopaedia Britannica’s Great Books of the Western World; the

Red tabouret stacking chairs set of 4 6

Red Tabouret Stacking Chairs Set Of 4
A white, neutral colour that looks stylish in any decor. These chairs are perfect for use in dining rooms and other places that need additional sitting space. These products are made of steel that looks attractive and is solid.

Cafe style table and chairs 5

An elegant design of a restaurant which combines modern and traditional elements. Small cocktail tables feature a decorative, pedestal base in a black color, which makes a nice contrast with white, marble tops and modern chairs.

Green stacking chairs 10

Green Stacking Chair Universale by Joe Colombo

13" BaseLine Chair (Teal Green) (23"H x 11.5"W x 10"D)

This piece is very practical. it has got leg boots to reduce the noise and prevent floor scratching.Laminated surface is easy to clean. Ist lightweight what makes it easy to move. Fresh color and smooth design, Perfect for kids.

Green stacking chairs 11

Balcony Green Stacking Chair

Euro Style Sonia Stacking Chair

A modern, stacklable chair made of durable polypropylene, all white. Distinguishing cutout detail on the back (a mesh created of various sized ovals) provides an interesting look. Slender legs complete the outstanding design.

Green stacking chairs 3

Chimney flues form the legs of this modern picnic table. To find some like it, visit a masonry supply store. Be sure to ask for hard-fired terra-cotta. To achieve the right height for comfortable seating, you may want to set a 4-6-inch stone block under e