Glass Murano Table Lamp


A beautiful addition to any home, and something a little different if you are looking for a new lamp, a glass murano table lamp is just the thing if you are bored with lamps that only have canvas shades. These lamps have glass shades that exude light in whatever color the shade is tinted in, and the shades always match the base perfectly. If you wish to know more, see this collection.

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Our Picks

Lamp murano mushroom table lamp pink

Lamp murano mushroom table lamp pink

The unique design of this mushroom table lamp will grab the attention of everyone entering the room. Lovely pink finishing makes it a charming addition to your living room or bedroom.

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Vintage murano table lamps turquoise copper inclusions

Vintage murano table lamps turquoise copper inclusions

A pair of fancy table lamps that are characterized by a vintage pedestal base in a sky-blue color with a distressed finish. They ideally combine with pure white, modern-looking shades in a contemporary design.

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Murano table lamp 1

Beautiful lamp with a stunning Italian inspired Murano glass base and a beautiful fabric lampshade at the top. The lamp also features excellent pink accents below and its super large base makes it a beautiful accessory that will bring everything in the room together.

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Vintage murano glass lamps

A beautiful pair of blue and opaque table lamps that will astonish everyone with their original looks and charm. They offer the gold accents on the blue base and are constructed out of high quality glass.

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Mazzega murano glass table lamp lighting jpwarreninteriors

Mazzega Murano Glass Table Lamp #lighting #jpwarreninteriors

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Pair of white swirl art glass murano table lamps

Pair of white swirl art glass murano table lamps

This glass, murano table lamps create a very delicate light creating magical atmosphere. Very unique but also very universal (great of any style of decor). Perfect addition to the cafeterias or restaurants.

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Pair of 60s 70s murano glass oval table lamps made

Pair of 60s -70s Murano glass oval table lamps made with hand blown glass.

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Murano glass lamps

A piece of real originality - this bubble table light is made from glass of a variety of colors and sports the design so eye-catching and one-of-a-kind that you can't help but look at how the light wanders in every direction.

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Vetri tall triangular murano glass table lamp

Vetri tall triangular murano glass table lamp

Triangular murano glass table lamp straight from a unique collection of antique and modern table lamps? Well, you can actually do one yourself. It's not difficult to create your favourite lamp shade craved from paper or cartoon!

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Flavio poli sommerso glass murano table lamp seguso

Flavio poli sommerso glass murano table lamp seguso

Have a walk with us to the 1960s in Italy. From this time nad this place comes glass murano table lamp. An example of antique glass use. Interesting form, whose most important point is the inflatable ball, tapering upwards, based on a brown base.

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Glass Murano Table Lamp

Buying Guide

To identify a Murano glass table lamp, look for labels and stickers, especially on their base. Authentic Murano glass usually includes the logo of the Murano Glass Consortium and/or a QR code that directs you to their website.

You can also look up the name of the factory where it was produced: in fact, the definition of Murano glass involves glassware that was handmade on the Venice island of the same name. Sadly, if the factory is located elsewhere, you’re not looking at an original Murano glass table lamp.

Displaying your Murano glass is a delightful task that will leave you with a sense of accomplishment. To make your glassware stand out, set them on floating shelves against light-colored walls, or a window as the light enhances the beauty and transparency of this type of glassware.

Group different shapes, colors, and sizes together to form an art display that is pleasing to the eyes, or group your glassware to form various shapes such as circular, square or triangular ones. The triangular setting seems to be the most popular and this is because it brings balance and harmony to the displays.

Play around with different ways to display your curated glassware and change the displays often to provide a fresh perspective to your display. Adding glass Murano table lamps to your interior will bring the entire display together harmoniously.

Your glass Murano table lamp choices only have to match if you want them to! There are some aesthetics such as minimalism and modernism that do place an emphasis on symmetry and matching decor.

However, there are many other style options, such as vintage, farmhouse, eclectic, and maximalism, that embrace lots of different pieces placed together!

In order to make mismatched table lamps look artistic and not cluttered, just make sure that they have complementary colors—or that you don’t over-decorate with lots of smaller pieces of decor as well.

Best Ideas

Glass murano table lamp 14

Ultra-modern table lamps featuring a stunning glass lampshade and a mysterious matte black finish. The lamps look so minimalist thanks to their metal-like look. They are lightly glossed as well, making them amazing accessories for your bedroom or study room.

Murano lamp

Table lamp with an original spherical glass base finished in white, pink and purple color. This durable and decorative base supports a standard-shaped shade that is finished in neutral, but attractive white color.

Glass murano table lamp 9

Beautiful table lamp with a slender but equally stable glass base and a white fabric-based lampshade. The piece comes with excellent Murano glass at the bottom, neatly touched with pink for outstanding accent value. The lamp also offers a stylish vintage appeal.

Murano table lamps

murano table lamps

Glass murano table lamp 25

Set of 2 table lamps for bedrooms and others interiors according to taste. Glass base is finished with interesting pattern. Classic form and modern design for each home.

Glass ball table lamp 9

Vintage approach to a cozy and elegant table lamp made with a glass frame. The frame has a round stand and three glass balls with a metal rod inside, providing a nice combination with the drum-shaped lampshade.

Glass murano table lamp 13

Murano Glass Veneziana Gold table lamp

Glass murano table lamp 29


Glass murano table lamp 2

Vintage Murano Italian Art Glass Table Lamp by Seguso image 2

Glass murano table lamp 6

Vintage Murano Glass Table Lamps - c 1950s - Ist Dibs

Glass murano table lamp 23

Italy late 20th century Wonderful pair of Murano cerulean blue glass lamps with "polvera d'oro," or 23 carat gold flecks, fused in the blown glass.

Murano glass table lamp 8

Exquisite Pair of Italian Handblown Murano Gold Glass Lamps | From a unique collection of antique and modern table lamps at

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Glass ball table lamp 39

Made from recycled glass, this table lamp is a lovely composition for 4 glass balls. Apart from enlightening the space, it adds also a warm and elegant ambiance. A perfect addition to a traditional living room or bedroom.