Furniture Litter Boxes For Cats

Don’t you agree that all of us want to have a certain degree of comfort? This site offers an insight into the world of litter boxes for cats. The main question that you are now faced with is which one of these offers will be best for you and your cat?

Best Ideas

Box springs 9

Comfortable and fashionable, this daybed knows how to relax you after a long day of hard work. The bed rests on white-finished sturdy wood legs, while wrapped with a stripe-patterned beige and white fabric and decorated with two bolster pillows.

Turn a twin bed into a couch

Suitable for contemporary guest rooms, this twin box spring can be easily used as a comfortable daybed. The unit stands on 6 durable wood legs, while being upholstered in a stripe-patterned brown and white fabric and holding a thick mattress wrapped in a durable cover.

Furniture litter boxes for cats 1

Large cat litter box in neutral form. It is completely made of wood. It can be used as console table. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Functional design for each home.

Furniture litter boxes for cats 19

Hmm... Wonder if I could build something similar with two 'cubbies' for litter boxes.

Furniture litter boxes for cats 3

2 hidden kitty litter boxes. Under sofa table, concealed behind DIY curtains, hung with tension rods. Perfect for small apartment!

Repurpose box spring

A creative way to accommodate living rooms, game rooms, and large guest rooms. This set of 3 twin mattresses / boxsprings is wrapped with quality slipcovers designed of nice-to-touch blue cotton blankets.

Good Pet Stuff Co. Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box Decorative Planter

Good Pet Stuff Co. Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box Decorative Planter
If you're looking for a way to hide the cat litter at your home you can do this in a stylish way with this amazing piece, that can double as a decorative planter. It features the cutout door that provide easy access for cats.

Furniture litter boxes for cats

Decorative and functional litter box for cats. This stylization is associated with "Lord of the Rings". The house provides protection for a cat. Durable construction of this type is practical and it also decorates indoors.

Furniture litter boxes for cats 16

This is a multi-function furniture combination of bench litter box, toy-brick cat tree and sisal pillar, which can provide complete service for cat living in a very limited space.

Furniture litter boxes for cats

Dual Purpose Ikea Hacked Storage Unit and Kitty Hideout with Scratching Pad

Furniture litter boxes for cats

Cat Litter Box Furniture and Covered Cat Litter Box

Turning a bed into a daybed

Practical and very functional twin box springs is the perfect solution for small interiors where it creates a functional daybed or bed. A beautiful combination of colorful cushions captivates and creates a cozy corner.

Peekaboo side table mid century design

Peekaboo Side Table Mid Century Design
My. Cat. Needs. This. Why not combine a side table with a cozy retreat for your kitty - a smart way to conceal a litter box. Fits in with the latest trends, alluding to a trendy Scandi design and mid-century inspirations. Love!

Furniture litter boxes for cats 25

A simple but ingenious solution for hiding cat litter boxes under a side table. Draped curtains made of fabric in a colourful flowery design are attached to a frame and tied to legs with grey ribbons.

Furniture litter boxes for cats 29

A piece of furniture that plays the role of a cat litter box. It features a durable wooden frame with solid doors finished in white color. Original opening in the form of cat assures additional attractiveness and style.

Furniture litter boxes for cats 33

Diy cat house....might try this for my dogs

Twin bed into a couch

Make an easy lounge with the two twin beds. They have got covered box springs, red and orange colors and lovely pillows. I am a big fan of this fabric and oriental pattern on.

How to make a daybed from a twin bed

A very stylish headboard that will make your bed more comfy and appealing, at the same time. It's made of repurposed twin box springs, padded with foam and upholstered in quality coffee fabric.

Furniture litter boxes for cats 2

Ikea Hack – Besta Storage Cabinet/Hidden Cat Litter Boxes | IKEA Hackers Clever ideas and hacks for your IKEA

Furniture litter boxes for cats 1

Litter box for cats. This piece of furniture features a durable wooden construction in nice blue finish. Its side wall includes an opening for a cat. Fake drawers provide better access for cleaning purposes.

Litter Box Enclosure

Litter Box Enclosure
This litter box enclosure keeps your home odor-free and hygienic, allowing for a beautiful addition to your interior that proves to be utmost practical and can easily serve as an extra surface space as well as a litter.

Furniture litter boxes for cats 15

Double Wide Litter Box Furniture for Muliple Pans Need to make one of these

Furniture litter boxes for cats 7

Two It Yourself: Thrifted Dresser to TV Stand/Buffet/Entryway Table

Furniture litter boxes for cats 35

Dresser turned into a cat condo.. I would love to do this for my daughters two cats.

Furniture litter boxes for cats 2

Modern Cat Furniture that does a great job at hiding a litter box

Twin box springs

Comfortable and very stylish sofa with attractive design and gray upholstery adds a touch of functionality and elegance to the decor. Beautifully composed with colorful pillows looks perfect in any interior.

Furniture litter boxes for cats 8

Cat Hacks! Hide the litter box! :: A long one for cat lovers - IKEA Hackers

Furniture litter boxes for cats 1

Portable cat litter box for traveling/moving. "The Kitty Kan"

Furniture litter boxes for cats 13

Good place to hide litter box, scratching post, and feed on top all in one..

Furniture litter boxes for cats 6

Kinda’ cool. A contemporary dog/cat bed from a French design agency called Bloom Room. These pieces of furniture are from their Chimère line. Designed by Marc Anger

Winslow white dollhouse style twin headboard 2

Winslow White Dollhouse Style Twin Headboard
This headboard is a product suitable for use with small beds in children's room. It is designed especially for girls. This headboard has got the form of a doll house. It is solid and looks very interesting.

Furniture litter boxes for cats

Awesome Cat Furniture Any Feline Friend Would Love

Furniture litter boxes for cats 12

I want this for my dog whos litter trained

Furniture litter boxes for cats

Sebastian Modern Cat Tree >> my cat would love this! Much better than the ones I have now, time for an upgrade!

Twin bed into daybed

Daybed mounted on decorative carving legs made of wood. Back consists of vertically arranged strips. Modern design for kid's room, teenager's room and more.

Furniture litter boxes for cats 4

Easy DYI for cat litter box ~~ I bet at some point we will come across a box that we could use like this : )

Furniture litter boxes for cats 5

Hidden | Cats are very cute and cuddly but they have several needs you have to take care of. They need a litter box and finding a good spot for it can be a problem. If you don’t want the litter box to ruin the aesthetic of your home, you could opt for s

Make a daybed out of a twin bed

The remarkable combination of different shades of gray makes this amazing room captivates. The whole combines sectional sofas with soft cushions, an impressive armchair and an attractive coffee table on a steel structure.

Black twin 6 drawer captains platform storage bed 2

Black Twin 6 Drawer Captains Platform Storage Bed
This bed is available in a neutral, black colour, so it matches any type of interior decoration. It has got six drawers for enhanced storage capacity. The whole product is made of MDF and composite wood.

Daybed springs

An authentic antique twin bed crafted of iron with a well-thumbed white finish. It has thin straight legs with small feet and a spring bedstead. A headboard and a footboard feature delicately curved and arched top edges and inner scrolls.

Furniture litter boxes for cats 9

A place for the litter box tucked away in the cabinet! Aston Design Studio

Furniture litter boxes for cats 24

Hide the cat box! Be sure to read the comments for tips on the possible misses inside.

Protect A Bed Allerzip Waterproof Bedbug Proof Mattress Casing Full Zipped - BOM1309

Protection of the mattress can be the perfect sexual favorable way to extend its life and suitability for use. Securing a zipper and waterproof. The slider allows easy opening and closing security. A water resistance means that practically nothing of the mattress does not get dirty.

Linen box spring cover 3

Linen Box Spring Cover
A decorative and protective element used in bedrooms. This piece of material is a cover for a box spring. Its crisp, clean style looks nice in the bedroom. This linen material assures a tailored finish to a bed.

Sleep Revolution Better Than a Box Spring-Split King(Twin XL)

Sturdy advanced support system for large twin mattresses. It's entirely manufactured of steel finished in gold. It has 6 quite tall legs (with wide guards) so there's an ample storage space under a bed.

Furniture litter boxes for cats 26

If (heaven forefend) we end up having to put a litterbox into the upstairs bathroom (for Tigger, say) I think this will be the kind of thing to do...I just cannot take litter (especially out in the open) in my bathroom anymore - I want to reclaim some lit

Comfort Bedding of USA Legacy Box Spring, Twin

It is a high quality mattress with a box spring. This type of product is responsible for providing comfort, ergonomy and safety of sleep. It also assures support and relaxation. It is an orthopedic mattress that is good for health.

Spirit Sleep 14-Inch Better than a Boxspring with Coverlet Twin

A very solid, attractive and functional base for twin sized mattresses. It has got a durable construction that holds the weight of two adult users without damage and excessive wear. It is an element that assures comfort.

Furniture litter boxes for cats 18

base cabinet cat cut-out for hidden litter box....Freakin genius! My kitty needs a bigger cut-out though =D

Wolf RTFDI-6010 Ready to Assemble Mattress Foundation, Twin

This mattress foundation has got a twin size, so it is perfect for two people. It has got a durable construction resistant to weight, wear and other forms of damage. It assures comfort and fits most bedroom decor styles.