Frosted Glass Bathroom Accessories

There are plenty of clear glass and even colored glass bathroom accessories. But if you prefer frosted glass those can be more difficult to find. Fortunately. we have a tremendous catalog of frosted glass bathroom accessories. Every single one of them distempered and made by master glassblowers. Take a look at this collection and find your frosted glass bathroom accessories.

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Beach Glass Bath Accessories

Beach Glass Bath Accessories
Made from sustainable sea glass, this set of bathroom accessories constitutes a good option for your bathroom supplies. If you are living on the hot seaside, you would enjoy its unique style.

Sea glass containers

Sea glass containers
These wonderful sea glass containers constitute a magnificent upcycling project. Made in Mexico from recycled glass. Having enough capacity to store to your bathroom or kitchen accessories, they create an attractive option for those who like to distinguish their interior.

Bath refresh 3 piece joy bathroom set in sky blue

Bath refresh 3 piece joy bathroom set in sky blue
Frosted glass blue bathroom accessory . Includes toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, and soap dish. Very solid construction. Ideal in white or light bathrooms, where its beautiful color would be visible.

Frosted glass in bathroom

Aesthetic contemporary bathroom accessories crafted of semi-transparent frosted glass. They have round and oval bodies but a rectangularish brush holder. A soap dispenser has a silvery-finished pump head.

Frosted glass bathroom accessories 2

Set of frosted glass bathroom accessories. Matt white glass goes nicely along with silver, metal finish. Can be used for soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, as well as for cotton balls and make up accessories.

Aqua glass bathroom accessories

Set of bathroom accessories. Set contains soap dish, cup for toothbrushes and containers for shampoo, lotion and cotton pads. Every item is made of elegant matt glass. It will match perfectly for modern spacious bathroom.

Frosted glass bathroom accessories 5

This set of frosted glass bathroom accessories will comprise all your beauty and cleaning accessories. It features a soap dispenser, a jar for cotton buds or pads and a cleverly designed jar for toothbrushes.

Our advice Buying Guide

If your bathroom has a window, it's highly likely that the glass panel is made using frosted glass. This style of glass creates privacy, comfort and a feeling of security in your bathroom. However, frosted glass isn't exclusively used for bathroom windows or shower privacy screens. Frosted glass is a popular material to use for bathroom accessories, such as toothbrush holders and soap dishes. Here we'll look at some of the popular items for your bathroom and what you should know before buying.

What accessories do you need for your bathroom?

The answer to this question will vary from person to person and bathroom to bathroom, so you will need to consider this carefully and decide what you require. The most popular items you will see are as follows:

  • Soap dispenser: A frosted glass soap dispenser is a good choice since you can see how much soap there is left inside. These items are normally circular or square in shape, and stand at around 6-10 inches in height.
  • Soap dish: If you use a bar of soap rather than liquid soap, then a soap dish is the alternative for a dispenser. Frosted glass is a material which will blend in with most existing bathroom colors and accessories. Either rectangular or oval in shape, the average soap dish is 6 inches in length and 3-4 inches in width.
  • Toothbrush holder: A similar size to the soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder is a must-have accessory for any bathroom in a large household. Apart from keeping everything nice and tidy around the sink, you can save a lot of space by storing the toothbrushes vertically rather than lying them down horizontally.

What color frosted glass accessories do you want for your bathroom?

Although most people think of clear transparent glass when you mention the word 'glass', it doesn't mean that frosted glass bathroom accessories have to be completely void of any color. There are many different types of tinted and colored frosted glass, so if you want to add some color to the bathroom through the use of bathroom accessories, this is the ideal way to do so.

Pink and blue are popular colors to use for the bathroom, although light grey and semi-opaque white are common choices too.

What are the commom patterns on frosted glass bathroom accessories?

Once you've decided on which items you want for your bathroom and which colors you think would work well, you can now consider the pattern on your bathroom accessories. While there doesn't need to be a pattern, you may want to add some more interest by considering one of the following popular designs.

  • Squares: Horizontal and vertical thin lines going across and down on the accessories are made from non-frosted glass to create a contrasting effect. This creates a pattern of perfectly defined squares.
  • Diamonds: Very much like the square pattern but with the lines crossing diagonally rather than horizontally and vertically, each diamond is around one square inch in size.
  • Stripes: The stripes can be going either horizontally or vertically, but unlike the patterns above, this design only has stripes in one direction.


Frosted glass bathroom accessories 3

Set of a unique dispensers intended for your cosmetics. Every container has metal, lacquered top and glass bottom decorated with little dots. This storage way is more elegant than using classic plastic packaging.

Round colored frosted glass bathroom accessory set contemporary bath

Round Colored Frosted Glass Bathroom Accessory Set contemporary-bath ...

Kassatex Hammam Spa Bathroom Accessories

Enchanting with its amazing appeal, this set of bathroom spa accessories constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who like the contemporary chic. It comprises a toothbrush cup, a soap dispenser and a jar to store cotton pads.

Sea glass soap dispenser

Frosted glass is a perfect addition to both modern and traditional bathrooms. It's stylish, prestigious and sustainable, providing a decorative bathroom utility for many years.

Frosted glass bathroom accessories 1

Frosted glass bathroom cups are great option to organize well bathrooms accessories. Toothbrushes can find their place in one of them, while the next - immediately gives us easy access to liquid soap, or a stand with traditional one.

Frosted glass bathroom accessories 4

Pharmacy Accessories Frosted Glass

Frosted glass bathroom accessories 4

Lately I've been into bathroom décor ideas that use frosted glass - and I've came across these frosted sea glass mosaic tiles. Must use these. I couldn't like the palette more - ocean inspired, with greens and pale aqua blue.

Buy john lewis frosted glass bathroom accessories online at johnlewis

Buy John Lewis Frosted Glass Bathroom Accessories Online at johnlewis ...

Frosted glass bathroom accessories 7

Frosted-Glass-Bathroom-Accessories-Soap-Dish-Tumbler-Dispenser-Chrome ...

Frosted glass bathroom accessories 6

Bath Accessory Sets • Modern Bath Accessories • Orb Crackle Glass ...

Frosted glass bathroom accessories 7

Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Clear glass bathroom accessories

A set of elegant containers for your bathroom accessories. They feature a simple, but eye-catching design made of frosted, transparent glass. They will be nicely displayed on a dark top and they will provide quick access to your stuff.

InterDesign Glass Soap Pump, Frost/Brushed Nickel

Frosted glass soap dispenser 30

Frosted Glass Soap Dispenser\$30

Duemila Self-Adhesive Soap Dispenser Holder with Frosted Glass Soap Dispenser

Duemila Self-Adhesive Soap Dispenser Holder with Frosted Glass Soap Dispenser

Kohler K-11595 Loure Soap Dish,

Turquoise bathroom accessories

A charming DIY decoration made of frosted glass. It's a set of three votive candle holders in light shades of green, white and blue. They feature handles ornamented with subtle crystals. It will be a cute accessory in your bathroom.

Sea glass bathroom

Lovely bathroom wall with gold fish theme. It is made of high quality frosted glass. Modern design for any bathroom according to taste. It is very well appreciated by customers.

Lilac 6 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

Lilac 6 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

InterDesign Ashford Glass Soap Pump, Frost/Chrome

Frosted glass bathroom accessoriespharmacy canisters frosted glass

frosted glass bathroom accessoriesPharmacy Canisters Frosted Glass ...

Frosted glass bathroom accessories 2

all products bath bathroom accessories

Avenue 5 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

Avenue 5 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

Frosted glass bathroom accessories 11

This stunning soap dish will make the perfect accessory to your bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom. Finish your bathroom off in style and let the dish do the talking. S1 Soap Dish in Chrome with Frosted Glass Dish Size : 105W x 66H x 111Dmm

Kohler k-11598 Loure Tumbler,

Sea glass bathroom accessories

Set of 4 pharmacy bottles fitted with lids. It is made of frosted glass. Suitable for storing medicines.

Frosted Glass Soap Dispenser

Frosted Glass Soap Dispenser

InterDesign York Bath Collection, 3-Piece Set, White

A set of bathroom accessories in a contemporary style. Ceramic coatings combined with chrome steel gives a sense of cleanliness and sterility. The kit includes soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and tumbler. Toothbrush holder can also be used eg. to hold brushes and scissors.

Frosted glass bathroom accessories

Great color mix vanity and molding cross compliment. All accessories should be chrome. Bad sconces.

Frosted glass soap dispenser 1

Frosted Glass Soap Dispenser

Frosted glass bathroom accessories 9

Soap Dispenser Wall Mounted Frosted Glass Soap Dispenser with Chrome Mounting 7016 Geesa 7016

Paragon 4 Piece Bath Accessory Set

Paragon 4 Piece Bath Accessory Set

Blue glass bathroom accessories

Frosted glass accesories. These could easily be made with some jars. I could even stain them blue or red. Not only suits bathrooms, but can be also used in kitchens as herbs and salt and pepper jars.

Frosted glass bathroom accessories 1

Bath Collections Complements Frosted Glass Stainless Steel Accessory ...

Frosted glass bathroom accessories 12

Amazing metal and frosted glass sconce from Apparatus.

Glass bathroom set

Wall mounted frosted glass soap dish with wenge wood frame. Such a cool accessory when you arrange or re-arrange your bathroom style. Looks super modern and would be a nice complement to your bathroom's modern style.

Turquoise blue bathroom accessories

The frosted band on the glass shower door -- as well as on the toilet enclosure directly opposite -- adds privacy without making the space feel tight or confined.

All products bath bathroom accessories 1

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Frosted glass bathroom accessories

Frosted Glass Bathroom Accessories

Loft Holder with Frosted Glass Soap Dish

Loft Holder with Frosted Glass Soap Dish

Stunning frosted glass bathroom accessories soap dish tumbler 1

Stunning-Frosted-Glass-Bathroom-Accessories-Soap-Dish-Tumbler ...

Frosted glass bathroom accessoriesfrosted glass pharmacy bottles

frosted glass bathroom accessoriesFrosted Glass Pharmacy Bottles ...

Green frosted green cracked glass bathroom accessories shop 3x6 loft

Green Frosted Green Cracked Glass Bathroom Accessories ~ Shop 3x6 Loft ...