Yellow Canister Set

All those who are searching for nice solutions for their kitchen, shouldn’t feel disappointed after visiting this site. See all the colours, sizes and designs that are shown at these photos. Then, take all the time you need to choose the set of canisters which would suit your kitchen best.

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Yellow canister set 1

This set of yellow canisters creates a wonderful addition to your kitchen space, creating a good storage spot for your spices, herbs, sugar or coffee. Its vibrant finishing hides high-quality finishing, that will provide functionality for years.

Ceramic kitchen canisters sets

A simply sublime set of three canisters that ooze charm thanks to the polka dot pattern of the structure and the yellow finish. They will provide you with the best solution to keep your sugar or coffee neatly organized in your kitchen.

Yellow canisters

Such a cute, little kitchen canister set. The ceramic design gives them an amazing, traditional look, and the beautiful, yellow colour reminding of a sunshine is bound to invigorate and liven up your kitchen.

Yellow canister set

Being a cool vibrant accent in any kitchen or dining space, this set of 3 yellow canisters can be used a smooth storage spot for the sugar, flour, spices, cookies or anything you want to keep safe.

Yellow canister set 3

This yellow canister set constitutes a perfect accent for your kitchen decor. Ideal to store your flour, sugar or cookies, it will help you organize smoothly your space.

Yellow kitchen canister sets artimino fleur de lis yellow canisters
Yellow canister set 2

Charming vintage canister set in warm honeycomb yellow. The round canisters (3 of them coming in the set) have heavy, air-tight lids with unique handles - shaped as butterflies. Each receptacle has a tag describing its content (sugar, coffee, tea).

Yellow canister set 8

A set of four containers made in a vintage style, meant to be placed in a kitchen as decorations. The containers are made out of stained ceramic in a white and yellow color and come in a variety of different sizes.

Yellow canister set 2

This lovely set of kitchen canisters constitutes a great storage space for honey or sugar. Adding warmth and vibrancy to the kitchen or dining area, it beguiles your meal time.

Yellow canister set

Crafted in the 1950's, this yellow canister set constitutes a lovely vintage proposition that will enchant all fans of retro design. It can be used to store your flour, sugar, cookies and other kitchen stuff.

Stoneware kitchen canister sets

Set of 4 canisters set in various sizes. It is made of high quality ceramic and finished with pastel colors. Lids are decorated with frills. Received a lot of positive recommendations from customers.

Yellow canister set 10

These two roosters do the job well when it comes to embellishing the two kitchen canisters they're painted on. I enjoy the yellow and red combination of colors, it's fitting for the French countryside style.

Ebay image 1 fiesta sunflower yellow 3 piece canister set
Yellow canister set

A vintage set of practical kitchen canisters made of enamel. They are perfect for storing powdery products and they will give your kitchen a cool, rustic character with a yellow color and clear, black signs.

Sets of 3 Tuscan Speckled Canisters Green Red Mustard Kitchen Storage Organizer Counter Top Decor Candy Treats Organization Silicone Sealed Brown Lid Ceramic Jars
Piece bridgeport canister set
Yellow canister set 1

Set of four metal caninsters with yellow checkered lids. The are intended to storrage food products in the kitchen or larder. Every caninster has inscription with its destination (bread, sugar, coffee or tea)

Tupperware canisters set of 4

Yellow color has both its opponents and hot supporters. These second will be much more if they see this set of ceramic kitchen canisters. From the smallest to the largest, with ceramic lids and delicate black writing, what the yellow canister contains.

Artimino fleur de lis yellow canisters
Yellow canister set 5
Lustro ware yellow canister set set of 4 vintage yellow
Yellow canister set 6
Yellow canister
Lidded Jar

Lidded Jar
This ceramic jar makes it fun and easy to bring any room to life. It features unique, contemporary and elegant profile and beautiful color. Both pretty and functional, it is great for display and storage.

Yellow canister set 19
Yellow canister set 7
Yellow canister set
Yellow canister set 5
Yellow canister set 7
Yellow canister set 17
Ransburg canister set
Yellow canister set 4
Yellow canister set 9
Hot Stuff Storage Box Coffee Canister

Hot Stuff Storage Box Coffee Canister
It is a simple, but useful item in the kitchen or other indoors. This is a coffee canister that is available with a decorative spoon. It is a contemporary product that is dishwasher safe. This canister is free from melamine and BPA.

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Yellow canister set 1
Set of 2 bright yellow canisters by royal haeger
Yellow canister set 3
Shabby chic yellow canister set dollhouse mini
Yellow canister set 16
Yellow tupperware canisters yellow plastic containers set of 4
BELL PEPPER 3-D Canisters Set of 4 ^NEW^ Canister
Piece canister set box set
Vintage lefton canister set yellow basketweave kitchen decor
Tuscany Garden Ruffle Orange/Yellow Flower Collection Hand Painted 4-Piece Canister Set 10"H by ACK
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Vintage rooster ceramic canister set
Superb set of 6 french enamel yellow canisters
Yellow canister set 18
Sunshine Rooster Collection Hand-Painted 4-Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Large yellow canisters set: four pieces overall, each canister with lid, a large knob on top of each lid :). Nice French country design, flowers and roosters - kinda folklore vibe. Pretty, and the lids have gaskets - perfect!