X Wine Rack

Looking for practical and decorative details for the home? What about an X wine rack? The design introduces a nice feature to the interior and can store a few bottles, too. It's a nice accessory which combines functionality with an interesting design. Check the products in my collection below.

X wine rack

Store your wine easily and conveniently with this stunning x-shaped wine rack that is just a really clever way of both saving up plenty of space and keeping everything neat and tidy, while the design is simple enough to blend with the rest of the decor.

X wine rack

Made from organic wooden cubes, this cleverly designed wine rack is a delightful proposition for all wine enthusiasts. Made from 4, juxtaposed cubics, the whole item enchants with its x-cross construction. 24 bottle capacity. Has the size of: 20"x 20" x 9".

Tall skinny wine rack

12 bottle wood wine rack two tone 15 x

12 Bottle Wood Wine Rack Two Tone 15 X
Simple but aesthetic and robust contemporary wine rack of solid wood. It has a square frame finished in blues and an X-crossed inner shelf built of 2 planks with a natural finish. Such racks can accommodate at least 12 bottles and be stacked up to 3.

X wine rack 8

X wine rack

Ikea perfekt wine rack

Winsome Wood Kingston "X"-Design Wine Storage Cube

Diy x wine rack 1

Wine rack on top of refrigerator

X wine rack

X wine rack

12 Bottle Wine Rack

12 Bottle Wine Rack

Ann marie s crates are like the x bins wine

X wine rack

12 bottle wine rack cube counter top

12 Bottle Wine Rack Cube Counter Top
Very simplistic, rustic stackable wine rack, great for a dining room counter. Perfect if you’re looking for a stylish way to store and display your wine bottles, make it easy to serve during parties. Nice, rustic look.

X wine rack

12 Bottle Wine Rack

12 Bottle Wine Rack
This is made of solid wood wine rack beautiful and practical decorative detail. Stores up to 12 bottles of your favorite wine. Shelf-shaped X makes a big impression, and at the same warm tone gives the interior a pleasant atmosphere.

Corner unit wine rack

Durable and classic, this beautiful wine rack is made of sturdy natural wood reinforced with metal hardware. The rack features 2 tiers for ensuring stability of your bottles of wine, accommodating at the same time up to 12 of them.

X wine rack

X wine rack

Chrome 18 bottle stacking wine rack

Wood wall wine bottle holder

X wine rack 7

X style wine rack

Wine shelf insert

X wine rack 3

Wooden wine glass holder

Wine rack designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. It consists of shelf for bottles of wine and glasses holders. Tasteful accent for kitchen, living room, dining room and more.

X wine rack 5

Wall wine racks for towels

40 Bottle Wine Rack

40 Bottle Wine Rack
Aesthetic latterday stackable rack for forty 750ml bottles and commercial use. Its all-sides open frame is hand-crafted of premium quality round section maple solids with a natural finish. It can be cleaned with water.

X wine rack 9

For lisa custom 2ft x 12 w x 46 tall

For Lisa Custom 2ft X 12 W X 46 Tall
This functional rustic table can smoothly play the role of a wine rack. Its austere design evokes associations with industrial style. It is 2ft x 12" w 46" tall, therefore constituting a considerable option for tiny spaces.

Bamboo 12 Bottle Tabletop Wine Rack

Bamboo 12 Bottle Tabletop Wine Rack
Beautiful and extremely practical rack for wine. It allows you to organize and very comfortable fit twelve bottles. At the same time, it does not take up much space. It provides easy access to each bottle. This makes it so practical.

Allavino Pronto Series PRS3024R Deluxe Wine Rack - 24 Bottle Pine Diamond Bin Radius Front

Holman entertaining shelves 6

Holman Entertaining Shelves
An interesting storage and display element. It includes a shelf for six wine bottles, wine glasses and other items used in the kitchen or a dining room. It is important to mention that these shelves are space-saving solutions.

Iron stacking wine racks 1

X wine rack 4

Bali 12 crimson wine rack

Wine rack insert

X wine rack 6

Ws100muf1 omega maple russian river wine rack preassembled wine x

Half ton transformer esque wine rack

Bacchus Creative Durable Folding Wood 10-Bottle Wine Rack-brown

54 Bottle Connoisseurs Deluxe Sleek Large Foldable Metal Wine Rack Cellar Storage Organizer Display Stand

X wine rack

X wine rack

Wine rack large x style jpg

12 Bottle X Cubestack Wine Rack Natural Finish (Light Finish)

X wine rack 10