Workshop Stools

We all know that workshop furniture has to be functional. Now it can also be nice-looking and interesting. If you don’t believe it, you should take a look at the solutions for workshop stools presented on this site. They come in different styles, sizes and shapes and anyone who spends a lot of time in a workshop, should make use of it.

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Build a wooden stool

A simple design of this compact stool makes it not only elegant but also very sturdy. Crafted of durable wood and covered in oak finish, the stool can be quite a helper around the house. Easy to clean, store and move.

Workshop stools

This is an example of how to build cheap and very functional workshop stool that you can use everywhere. Made of easy to buy fine wood pieces with durable construction would amaze your friends and family.

Wooden stool plans

Backless, space-saving construction of this workshop stool is very practical. Its wooden construction provides durability and long service life. The product is suitable for different workshop activities.

Wood shop stool

A practical wooden accent in any higher interiors. This step stool is actually a good example of a DIY project. Two-tiered, features boards from bright wood, strengthened with various metal elements.

Office chairs 8

Bring industrial flavor into your working place, while using those 2 workshop stools crafted in the 1920s. Each chair has a weathered iron frame with curvy legs, holding a wooden seat and back and offering a convenient swivel function.

Diy shop stool

The workshop stool is excellent for home and commercial use. This one is construct from a half sheet of plywood with light gray finish. Add it into the basement, garage or kitchen and enjoy the extra comfort.

Step stool wood

This handy step stool is an invaluable help in any home. Robust wooden construction allows you to reach higher shelves and is safe and stable. Excellent solution for the kitchen or home library.

Workshop stools 2

This bar stool is a construction based on solid plywood created for havy-duty applications. Its round, supportive footrest is also crafted of plywood. Sitting space of this stool is solid,comfortable and round.

Workbench stool plans

This wonderful modern designed stool made from walnut and white oak, will be great addition to your decor. Unique profile of the seat will provide maximum support. Handmade look catches your eye and warm your soul.

Wooden step stools for adults

Step stool for garage, workshop and more. It is made of wood and reinforced with metal supports. It is mounted on wheels for easy movement. Functional accent for each place as needed.

Workshop stools 5

Designed for a clay sculptor, it can hold up to 200 pounds and has 5" casters, so it'll roll easily, even while fully loaded. Made from bright wood, this wheeled stool will be a practical workshop addition.

Lab stool chair shop stool chair laboratory chair lab chairs
Workshop bar stools

I love to spend my free time in space designed with passion. This workshop restaurant is a total masterpiece, even if it is not as elegant and fancy as it could be. Its simplicity is its superpower for sure.

Kitchen step stool

Why not provide your kitchen with the extra needed boost of height with this amazing kitchen step stool. It is constructed out of high quality wood to ensure durability and complete safety for any user.

Shop stool plans

Kept amazingly simple, bearing a strong rustic influence with a fistful of industrial rawness, these wooden workshop stools sporting multicolor distressed finish and backless design have something intriguing to them.

Wood shop stool plans

Industrial workshop themed bar? Why not! These pipe bar stools are on the right way to provide the perfect ambiance. Heavy metal base was composed exclusively of recycled pipes and screws, painted gray.

2x4 stool plans

Wall-mounted workshop bar stool is the perfect solution for any interior. The simple design allows you to adjust the position of the chair according to your needs, and the comfortable wooden seat is cozy.

Work shop stool

With its multifunctional usage, this wooden stool will be a perfect addition to all workshops. It combines a two-step stool with a smooth storage spot under the steps' surface. Equipped with wheels, it is pretty easy to move and transport.

Homemade shop stool

This can be an awesome workshop stool, once you add some caster wheels to it. Bright wood body combined with a metal chassis and a solid, leather seating creates an elegant and sturdy overall impression.

Folding step stools 2

Do you need help in the kitchen or basement? You need the wooden folding step stool. It's not only very useful, but it looks classic, so it fits to any decor. It features the aspen and red oak finish.

How to build a stool out of wood

Look what can be created from old, reclaimed timber wood pallets! The great example of workshop stool with contemporary but still country design. Simply construction, small and low size. The size of the cubes let you use it also as a plant stand or end table.

Workshop stools 1

A quite unique design of this stool makes it a nice decoration for country kitchens that boast of a splash of modern decor. Crafted in natural wood, the stool is very sturdy, stable, and easy to maintain.

Guitar playing stool

This enjoyable guitar playing stool boasts sturdy wooden construction and comfort-boosting features: a footrest, a guitar side stand and a smooth waterfall seat profile. Maple wood has been utilized to build it.

Musicians stool

Triangular stool. Designed to fit flush small nooks - better than circular stool in these terms. Recommended for guitar players and workshop use. A garage stool crafted out of good-looking engineered wood.

Workshop stools

Rustic workshop stool crafted out of reclaimed oak barn wood. Why waste old wood when a handsome and practical stool like this square one can still be created. White washed paint highlights the farmhouse style inspirations.

Workshop stool

Simple, small and yet very functional workshop stools is a great solution for many occasions. The wooden construction is sturdy, and the stacking capability allows for easy storage, handling, and use.

Workshop stools
Workshop stools 11
Boss caressoft drafting stool with back rest
Wooden shop stool

Practical and crafted of natural wood, excellent for workshops, garages, basements, and outdoors. This workbench comes with a sturdy frame supported by window stretcher, and an integrated side stool with round seat.

Workshop stool with wheels

Your passion in working with wood, producing interesting furniture, you need a stool to work. This workshop stool is considered one of the most comfortable.
It has a circular base, is adjustable and high. Good luck!

Industrial shop stools 1
Workshop stools 4
Work stool plans
Build a shop stool

An antique work bench with a sturdy frame of wood with an aged finish in brown. It has a rectangular top covered with sheet metal, 4 undertop drawers with metal pulls, a recessed base with a door cabinet and 2 round swinging stools attached on sides.

How to build a wooden stool

Multi-functional stool that can be used as a workshop or bar stool. Its wooden frame assures support and stability. The stool also includes a round backless seat with a white no. 7 sign on a black background.

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Ethical Living 26" Bar Stool with Cushion

Ethical Living 26" Bar Stool with Cushion
A fancy bar stool that features some high-quality components like four legs and a footrest which both provide extra stability and covenience. The top doesn't have a backrest and the seat is upholstered and soft.

How to build a fold camp stool from wood
Moderna Teak Shower Bench with Shelf Adjustable Foot Pads

Moderna Teak Shower Bench with Shelf Adjustable Foot Pads
Do you want to refresh your apartment? We've got something special, nicely finished and high quality- teak shower bench with shelf adjustable foot pads. Everyone will be delighted of this style.

Alvin dc208 shop stool chair office task utility stool
Workshop stools 9
Tabouret bar stools

Industrial bar stool that introduces workshop stylization into a commercial or home bar. Solid pipe metal frame assures support and its classic round seat is made of thick wood that provides comfort and long service life.

Shop Stool with Adjustable Height

This beautiful stool features a height-adjustable seat that adjusts up to 32 inches, and a chrome base that provides 300 lbs. of max. weight capacity. Includes a 5-star chrome base, a foot ring, a lever for adjustment, and a tractor-style seat designed of high density polymer.

Vintage 40s machine age industrial uhl toledo drafting stool elliot
Lyon r shop stools with back and tool tray provides
Ming End Table

Ming End Table

Workshop stools 6
Warehouse workshop chairs stools