Wool Furniture

Have you ever thought about using wool for your furniture? If not, you will probably find this collection innovative and interesting. Below you will see a wide range of tables, chairs, headboards and other furniture with woolen elements in various designs, shapes and colours. Are you ready for something new?

Kaylee Green Interior Design Expert
Wool furniture 1
Victoria Washington

Wooden furniture is an excellent way to have a functional, beautiful and unique interior. Their finish with various means can be glamorous and perfectly fitted into the decor. Oxidation of wood is simple and can achieve amazing results.

Wool furniture 2
Erika Miller

An eye-catching coffee table with a low-profile design and durable craftsmanship. It's crafted of wood in a two-toned espresso and natural finish, featuring a thick round top supported by beautifully-turned legs.

Wool furniture 6
Isabella Martinable

Looking for DIY tutorials? Some of them best of them are about creating furniture out of weathered grey wood. Try them out of your love wood, as they are perfect both for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Wool furniture 28
Leah Davi

How to oxidize wood (to look reclaimed)

Wool furniture 5
Lopez Amy

A fashionable serving tray that will improve your friendly gatherings, allowing you to serve your drinks and snacks in style. The tray is designed of well-polished black metal, offering you an easy to clean, long-lasting and stylish decoration.

Wool furniture 3
Weber Lily

Farmhouse Table with Extensions

Wool furniture 9
Brittany Tho

You know you can transform any wood as you like it? For example using a homemade vinegar, or steel wool. Steel wool is indispensable in many renovations and repair works. Used to remove old coatings, sanding, smoothing, polishing, lightening wood.

Wool furniture 4

Do you have some new wood you'd like to make look a little bit more rustic?You can use vinegar and steel wood to achive a real wooden art. What's interesting, you can use black tea bags too. You recive an great aged wood, without waiting 100 years.

Wool furniture 10
King Renee

Learn how to make new or unfinished wood look like it is old/reclaimed/aged wood using only THREE things from your home!!

Wool furniture 15
Julia Lambertify

great tutorial on how to age wood @Linda Gardner - used this to add "aged wood" to the top of my wine rack!

Wool furniture 20
Allison Smi

{Tutorial} How to Wax and Buff Furniture to a Beautiful Shine - White Cottage Boutique | White Cottage Boutique

Wool furniture 22

Steel Wool and Vinegar Stain + Walnut Stain

Pod chairs 1
Jessica Eva

If you are looking for stylish styling and super cozy furniture, these pod chairs are a perfect choice. Wool furniture is exceptionally pleasant to use, providing an extremely comfortable rest.

Wool furniture 3
Michele Powell

Traditional coffee table in industrial style. Construction is made of wood. Rectangular top consists of horizontally arranged strips. It is fitted with open shelf for storing books, magazines and more.

Wool furniture 8

Sturdy and stylish, this simple table is characterized by hardwood construction and covered by 3 layers of protective finish. Offers a rectangle top and straight legs, ensuring a stabile and easy to maintain piece for indoors.

Wool furniture 2
Hayes Andrea

OMG!!! Beautiful wool, amazing workshops, helpful staff.

Wool furniture 17
Tara Gosselin

DIY: knitted wool and wood bench

Wool furniture 25

Distressing and painting furniture -- this is tricorn black by Sherwin Williams. Tutorial includes -- Christa's (Stories of a House) DIY video tutorial ---

Wool furniture
Chloe Hughesful

Unique stool covered with high quality wool. It is mounted on wooden base. Perfect as additional seating or footstol in any interior. Classic form and modern design.

Steel wool coffee grounds vinegar stain to weather new wood
Campbell Tara

Steel Wool, Coffee Grounds & Vinegar Stain to "weather" new wood

Wool furniture 11

Chunky Wool Blankets to Buy or DIY

Wool furniture 1
Victoria Morg

The prettiest wool stools. These are adorable. What would I need to crochet a huge chain like this? Just do a hand chain with a stuffed tube of fabric?

Wool furniture 12
Lindsey All

There are so many ways to get creative with paint effects and paint techniques and sometimes, a little out-of-the-box thinking can bring about surprising results. Like wrapping wool around a paint roller to paint on walls, wallpaper, fabric, or even furni

Give a tired chair fresh style with a sweet and
Smith Julia

Give a tired chair fresh style with a sweet and simple felted cover.

Wool furniture
Leah Scott

A cool large contemporary bean bag and a matching pillow. The bag is filled with polystyrene beans, the pillow - with poly fibres. Covers of resistant wool in white and grey feature a chevron design and thick edging.

Wool furniture 7
Nicole Bryant

Made of wool furniture is an attractive way for the original interior design. Interesting details blend perfectly with any interior, allowing to achieve incredibly intimate connection. The ideal solution for any interior.

Wool furniture

Fashion-furniture-new-classic-tv-cabinet-wool-living-room-cabinet ...

Wool furniture 1

Unique bean bag chair covered with pleasant to the touch wool. Great for watching TV or reading books. Stylish accent to the living room, bedroom, teenager's room and more.

Natural Wool Houndstooth Braided Cream Area Rug
Anna Joh

Natural Wool Houndstooth Braided Cream Area Rug
If you need a new leather area rug, we suggest you to choose this one. This style is gonna perfectly match your needs. Check it out now and enjoy a fresh accent in apartment.

Felt furniture 10

The upholstered upholstery of this wool furniture makes the interior magical. Beautiful colors captivate you, creating a unique composition. Robust wood construction and attractive detailing with studs make a great mix.

Wool furniture 26
Cintia Brook

reclaimed wood frame • Southwest | Aztec wool blanket

Wool furniture 14
Thompson Alyssa

Age wood: Grade #0000 Steel Wool Vinegar Mason Jar Couple teabags Put small handful of steel wool in mason jar, fill jar 3/4 full with vinegar and let sit 24+ hours. Brew tea and paint on wood. Let dry. Then paint on vinegar. Will continue to dar

Chair upholstered in pendleton blanket
Michelle Ross

Chair upholstered in Pendleton blanket

Keeping it cozy weathering wood with steel wool vinegar
Price Michele

Keeping It Cozy: Weathering Wood with Steel Wool & Vinegar

Wool furniture
Laura San

This rug will enhance any decor. It is made of wool (83%) and jute (17%). This handmade product is unique and has got a high quality. It is resistant to damage and many other negative factors, so the life of this product is very long.

Felt furniture
Bush Eliza

Now you can transform the appearance of your home, making it cozier, snugglier, and more appealing. Those fantastic pieces of nice-to-touch furniture are wrapped in gray felt, enchanting rooms with its modern charm.

Earth Zebra Wool Handmade Zebra Black Area Rug
Mackenzie Poly

Earth Zebra Wool Handmade Zebra Black Area Rug

Wool furniture
Amanda Wal

DIY Idea - giant knitted cover on stool - via desire to inspire - - A handmade home

Brindle Stripe Sea Blue Area Rug

Brindle Stripe Sea Blue Area Rug
The rug can easily change all design in the room. This one has got the tufted finish, wool structure, blue, gray, green and beige stripes. The brindle stripped sea blue rug is beautiful!

Wool furniture 24
Carmen Milani

storage furniture and decorative containers created with rustic wood boxes painted in colors

Wool living room furniture
Andrea Cox

Wool - Living Room Furniture

How to remove water stains and scratches from wood furniture

how to remove water stains and scratches from wood furniture surface, then finish with extra fine 0000 steel wool and car wax to restore gloss finish.

Wool furniture 27

How to Make New Wood Look Old Using Homemade Stain of vinegar, tea and steel wool -

So freakin awesome this is new wood instantly aged to
Christina Smith

SO FREAKIN AWESOME!!! This is new wood instantly aged to look antiqued. Soak steel wool in apple cider vinegar, rub down new wood with the soaked steel wool for an instantly aged wood look. Good to know for "vintage" signs.

Time to dig out the bay blankets and get sewing
Lily Cravenable

time to dig out the bay blankets and get sewing.

Felt furniture 16

A stone-like furniture piece! Intriguing. It would be interesting to find a way to make this or use this idea in something else.

Ril cicek wood wool furniture 2 537x358 jpg
Bianca Weberable


Wool empire woll teppiche

WOOL EMPIRE Woll-Teppiche

Felt furniture
Bianca Noorda

Inspired by nature, South African textile designer Ronel Jordaan patiently rubs and coaxes threads of pure wool into a wide range of textures and shapes

Natural Wool Houndstooth Braided Tea Area Rug
Melanie Murp

Natural Wool Houndstooth Braided Tea Area Rug