Wooden Towel Racks

Looking for a towel rack? This collection can make your choice much easier. Check all the wooden towel racks, their designs, shapes and colours. Then you will have an idea about how many various offers there are to choose from. You don’t need to decide too quickly, especially that the variety is vast.

Wooden towel hanger

Crafted in the 1890's, this wooden towel rack enchants with its great condition. It shall be a real bargain for all vintage or retro enthusiasts. Gently curved wooden frames will warm up your interior.

Ladder towel holder

The modern form of this towel rack makes the decor not only functional but also very impressive. Impressive construction is stopped and durable and looks great on the bathroom wall. This cubic snake delights.

Wooden bathroom towel rack 1

Wooden Bathroom Towel Rack
Good with everything but a sleek rack to store bathroom towels? Try a solution that promotes floor space saving. These dark wood racks, sold individually, are wall mounted. Each one accommodates 3 towels.

Wooden towel rails

The genius lies in simplicity in case of this simple wooden towel racks. They constitute a perfect proposition for all, who want to organize their space, adding some natural or boho character by the way./

Wooden towel racks 3

This wooden towel rack constitutes a stylish example of the Victorian age design. It delights with rich adornments, surmounted the whole construction. Its back is lovely embellished with floral patterns.

Towel rack wooden

How to build a towel rack

The simple design of these wooden towel racks is an excellent choice for the bathroom. The beautiful form of boxes captivates and brings to the decor freshness and attractive style. The shelves are perfect for storage.

Wooden towel

Dalton 30" Wall Mounted Towel Bar

Dalton 30" Wall Mounted Towel Bar
Suitable for hanging medium to larger sized towels, this towel rack is constructed of solid Oak wood, boasting of smooth lines and a warm aesthetic. It comes with a standard mount with exposed screws and wooden plugs.

Shabby Chic Wooden Home Decor Rooster Design Wall Mounted 3 Hook Towel Hanger Storage Coat Rack Organizer

Wood towel ladder

Wooden ladder towel rail

Towel rack ii 4 bars ga565 accents range

Towel ladder wooden

Wooden towel ladder

Simple and functional bathroom item. This towel rack features a durable wooden construction with straight and simple lines. Its horizontal slats provide space for towels and other bathroom textile materials.

Wooden towel racks 1

Simple and practical towel rack with shelves made of wood. This wall-mounted element assures solidity and attractive appearance in any bathroom thanks to its neutral white color. It includes 5 shelves.

A blanket ladder is a great storage solution for bulky

Wooden towel racks 6

Wood towel rack 1

Free Standing Cross Towel Rack

Free Standing Cross Towel Rack

Wooden towel racks 2

Thanks to this wooden towel rack, you will have the rustic accent piece in your bathroom. The wooden construction and the iron details, create the stylish product for daily use.

Wooden bathroom towel racks

Diy ladder towel rack

Space-saving, long-lasting and waterproof. Those stylish towel racks come in shape of long rods - made of hardwood in natural finish, and attached to the leather fastenings that allow you to easily mount each rack on a wall.

Wooden towel racks 1

Wooden towel rack circa 1890 1

Bathroom ladder towel rack

Towel rack ladder

Thanks to this repurposed old-fashioned window, your bathroom will be bursting with rustic country accents. The window is gracefully weathered and has a wood frame in off-white finish, with a pair of handles that work as towel racks.

Uptowne 18" Wall Mounted Towel Bar

Uptowne 18" Wall Mounted Towel Bar

Wooden ladder towel rack

Towel rack in the form of ladder. It is completely made of wood. Application in every bathroom according to taste and need.

Wooden towel racks

Made of wood towel rack, bright tiles, beautiful modern bathtub and stylish decoration of windows makes the cottage looks great. Simplicity and attractive design combine here perfectly to create a functional interior.

Wood towel racks

Wooden towel rack

Invite a copper pipes to your bathroom. Don't hate it when you can use it! For example to make a towal racks.Perfect idea for raw, a little industrial interior. Their color emphasizes the white walls.

Ladder towel rail wooden

To add rustic chic around and not spend a fortune, use wooden pallets to craft a towel rack. Additional wooden boxes piled on top create more space for display purposes. A rack of this kind doesn't even need a finish.

Bathroom towel ladder wood

Rack made of wood and metal. Designed for mounting on the wall. It contains 3 shelves arranged vertically and rod for towel. Great for storing cosmetics, toiletries and more. Neutral and functional addition for any bathroom.

Homemade towel rack

Someone had a nice sense of humour here! This wooden towel rack has been crafted artfully from a natural twig, and someone couldn't refrain him- or herself from adding a tiny bird shaped decoration on it.

Wooden towel rail ladder

Cool DIY pool rack. Its owner crafted it from wooden board, finished it aqua blue and added metal racks for towels and suits. For better organization, racks are signed with big black signs written in fancy letters.

White wooden towel clothes stand rail rack dryer holder ebay

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Dalton 24" Wall Mounted Towel Bar

Dalton 24" Wall Mounted Towel Bar
Towel rack designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood. Handy gadget for each bathroom. Received a lot of top reviews from customers for neutral design and functionality.

Wooden towel stand 5

Wooden wall mounted towel rail

Floating wood sink w integrated towel bar postcard house hufft

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Wooden towel racks 2

Pedlars wooden roller towel holder

Wooden towel racks 4

Wooden towel rack circa 1890 3

Diy spice rack from a reclaimed wood pallet or a

Wall Mounted Utility Hook

Wall Mounted Utility Hook

Wooden towel racks 7