Wooden Step Stools

Wood has always been a useful material. As you can see here, some make art of it, even if it’s not for showing off. The vintage step stools presented below can have different functions or be a great toy for kids. I don’t know how about you but I wouldn’t come up with some of these ideas for making a stool!

Abbey Lambert Interior Design Expert
Vintage wooden step stool
Lambert Abbey

An ideal vintage or rustic accent to one's decor, this wooden step stool is an enchanting, hand-crafted piece of furniture. Solid wooden construction designed to bear even the heaviest loads, features also an adorable shelf for bits and pieces.

Wooden step stools 1
Patricia Wright

Wooden, space-saving step stool with a folding construction. It assures problem free storage and handling. The stool includes three steps that provide access to higher areas. Solid construction assures good support.

Wooden step stools
Melissa Mur

Made from bright wood, this rustic wooden step constitutes a practical solution, wherever you need to grab something from the tops of your interiors. Its universal design will fit into both traditional and more modern decors.

Antique step stool
Bennett Erin

Constructed of natural finished wood, this practical 4-step stool can be quite a helper around your house, allowing you to easily reach higher-situated places. The frame folds down for storage or transport.

Wooden step stools
Evans Liliana

Characterized by hardwood construction in distressed espresso finish, this hand-rubbed step stool is sturdy, well-balanced, and easy to store. It may become quite a helper around a house, and you can quickly fold it for transport.

Vintage wooden step stool 1
Julie Rive

Small and simplistic, yet solid. This wooden vintage step stool will be a charming accent in any rustic decor. Featuring a cute, little shelf, it can be used as a display for a flower or a photo.

Amish step stool
Yulia Thompson

A simplistic design of this step stool makes it durable, useful, portable, and easy to store. Characterized by hardwood construction and a distressed aqua blue and off-white finish, the step has widened legs, maintaining proper balance even in case of heavier loads.

Dark wood step stool
Tara Gosselin

The wooden step ladder is useful both during renovations of the apartment as well as for decoration - especially when it has a compact small size and is folded. These few degrees of wood, in a vintage style, can be used to decorate the home, even flower pots.

Wooden step stools 2
Craven Rachel

The classic and elegant wooden step stool is a functional and beautiful addition into the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. It has the one step for easy access to the higher spaces.

3-Step Wood Step Stool
Laetitia Zernike

3-Step Wood Step Stool
A three-step wooden stool which is multi-functional. It is a solid wood construction that provides stability, durability and safety. Manufacturer provides 90 days limited warranty. It was produced in Malaysia.

Wooden step ladder ikea

Simple handcrafted object with a functional role in the house. This sturdy step stool features slightly chamfered edges to avoid dangerous sharp edges. Pine wood construction is solid and supported by wood screws in area of joints.

Small wood step ladder
Amber Davi

The unusual rustic form of this stool step is a solid wood construction and functionality. Beautiful elements create a practical piece of furniture that will work in every home, and not only for children.

Antique wooden stool
Peyton Donaldson

2 step vintage wooden step stool. Looks pretty retro, at least. Reportedly it's hand-made. The wood (walnut?) is dark-stained and has clear coat on its surface. Angles out slightly from the top to the base, which equals better safety.

Small wooden step
Bianca Noorda

High quality library step stool combined with foldable chair. Amish handcrafted from solid oak hardwood - longevity guaranteed. Ready to use, requires no assembly. Sheen varnish finish with light distressing.

Owl step stool
Theresa Price

What is small is beautiful, so do not worry about low growth when you can use so beautifully done step stool. Full of oak dark wood, and green olive color. Robust, sturdy stairs will help you reach any height.

Vintage wooden step stool 2
Powell Ebony

It resembles a ladder - or additional stools, although it combines both of these things, finding the center of balance and stability. This also a wooden chair that transforms like a Transformer into a stepladder, made of the finest light wood in Italy.

Small wooden step ladder
Perry Amber

Simple and very spectacular step stool made from pallets it made a parachute in every home. Simple form and robust base make it possible for smaller people to reach higher shelves and useful during everyday tasks.

Old wooden step ladder
Kristina Howard

A long-lasting step stool that sparkles with country flair and a bit weathered appearance. Crafted of hardwood in a distressed finish, the stool features a square seat with a cut-out hole in the center for easy carrying, and sturdy legs reinforced with stretchers.

Plantation Cherry 2-Step Wood Step Stool

Plantation Cherry 2-Step Wood Step Stool
A cherry two-step wooden step stool. Its style design is elegant yet functional. It looks stunning in any contemporary decor. Made from select solid woods, wood products and choice cherry veneers. It is sturdy and stable.

This is a very simple step stool that can be
Patterson Gracie
Shaker step stool plans
Crystal Camp

This amazing step stool is constructed out of wood and simple enough to be made just by anyone. You can offer some color to it by splashing it with vibrant paint and can simply enjoy its practical appeal.

Primitive step stool
Kathleen Camp

Why not opt for this amazing step stool in French linen and provide a rustic touch to your interior that will, at the same time, take care of its practical side thanks to its useful design offering a boost of height everywhere it's put.

Double 2-Step Wood Folding Step Stool with 200 lb. Load Capacity

Double 2-Step Wood Folding Step Stool with 200 lb. Load Capacity

Wooden step stools 6
Catherine Butl

A knotty alder wooden step stool can be very useful not only for small people-but also for kids, thanks to its stability. It was made of alder wood, with the dark walnut finish. At the bottom measures 10" x 14 3/8", top measures 8" by 13". It is 7 1/2" tall.

Step Table (Brown) (25"H x 19"W x 25"D)
Bush Eliza

This brown step table not only looks elegant and beautiful, it is also one of the finest additions to your household comfort, allowing for a fine boost of both visual appeal and convenience and functionality.

Small wooden stool 3
Colleen Howard

The biggest advantage of a wooden step stool is that it does not require much space. It can also be a comfortable footstool. This was traditionally made of wood, it has a rustic and small form. A walnut shade was used.

Single wooden step stool ecopostural a4412
Cooper Denise
Wooden step ladder plans
Mitchell Victoria
Vintage wooden step ladder

Eco friendly step stool with two wide steps and lots of cutout handles - moving it around is a breeze and I really mean it. Though simple, the design is very pretty and so is the natural woodrn finish.

Corner ladder by company company a beautifully constructed wooden ladder
Turner Catherine
Step stool ideas
Jenna Edward
Wood step ideas
Coupe Andrea

Step stool fitted with hole for easy carrying. It is completely made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Handy gadget for each home. It can be used as footstool or additional seating.

2-Step Wood Step Stool
Lauren Martinezify

2-Step Wood Step Stool
It is a two-step step stool that has got a wood construction and two finish options to choose: cherry and oak. It has got a brushed brass hardware and traditional design. IT is a great choice for your home.

Kids storage step stool tutorial
Natasha Jam
Handmade step stool
Wooden step stools 3
Julie Rodr
Antique step ladder
Price Mary

Something you can easily do yourself at home. Simple, made of dark wood, step stool - which can also be an ornamental table, or support for decoration. It seems to be a simple stool, but as a shape it is an interesting solution. Raw, kind of fuddy-duddy finish.

Handmade wooden stool
Small wooden step stool media boxes on steps drape burlap
Abbey Kowalski
Antique step stools
Tara Gosselin
Betty twyford wooden step stool folding kitchen stool in chalk
White wooden step stool
Price Stephanie

Step stool with a folding frame made of wood. It assures space saving transportation and storage. Three levels assure good support and they provide access to upper areas. The whole stool is resistant to large weight, etc.

Decorative wood step ladders
Peyton Donaldson

The recycled wood step stool is a charming and very functional piece of furniture. The warm finish and mini backrest make it possible to use it as a baby chair. The whole has a universal design that will fit into any interior.

Wood step stool plans 1
Olivia Smithist
Small wooden steps
Nicole Lee
Wooden library step stool
Price Lauren

Tall library stool, foldable, constructed from durable wood (dark cherry finish), with sturdy metal hinges. Its form is gracefully curved here and there (still the thing is very stable) so it just looks good!

White ladder shelf with treasures now have four 2 and
Jenna Edward
kidkraft large flip stool

This compact size and space saving piece is a lovely choice for kindergartens, nurseries, and kids' rooms. The step stool is crafted from durable MDF, and offers a functional bottom step that flips up vertically, serving as a seat back.

Rustic three legged foot stool diamondsandrustshop
Pallet step stool
Phillips Kathleen