Wooden Play Kitchen Accessories

If you think that your children would like something like that, browse through all the offers presented down here, and choose the best one. You can see how many different possibilities, shapes, sizes and colours of these play kitchen accessories made of wood. Why don’t you try to check them all?

Kids wooden play kitchen

A dreamful play kitchen set that all the kids will just love. All the pieces are made of wood, which makes it a solid and tasteful set of toys. It includes a baking set, a blender, a toaster and a coffee maker.

Wooden kitchen accessories

Wooden play kitchen accessories

Retro toy kitchen accessories will entertain your children for long hours. These 3 three kinds of sets include i.e. a toaster, a coffeemaker or a blender. Of course all accompanied by the proper cutlery and dinnerware

Wooden play kitchen accessories 17

Wooden play toaster

Wooden play kitchen accessories 25

It is typical that the little kids would like to imitate the adult's activities. This lovely wooden play kitchen accessories, allows your kids to learn how to behave in kitchen. It is a good place to prepare the food for the dolls.

Wooden play kitchen accessories 2

Wooden play kitchen accessories 19

Children wooden kitchen

Rustic playset for a kids’ toy kitchen, consisting of a stove with a hutch on top, built entirely out of wood with a polished finish, and a matching rack to hang kitchen utilities. Bound to spice up the look of any kids’ room.

Wooden toddler kitchen

Blue wooden play kitchen

Retro kids kitchen set

Wooden play kitchen accessories 18

Play kitchen utensils

Wooden play kitchen accessories 2

White wooden toy kitchen

Toy toaster made of wood and finished with pastel colors. Charming accent for each kid's room, Excellent gift idea.

Wooden play kitchen ikea

Play kitchen designed for kid's room. Includes open shelves, cabinet and drawer. It is made of wood and finished with pastel colors. Classic form and careful execution.

Wooden play kitchen accessories 12

Wooden play kitchen accessories 9

Play kitchen set made of wood and finished with pastel colors. Charming addition to any kid's room according to taste.

Kitchen pastel wooden play food set

Eco-friendly wooden vegetables, perfect for a kids’ play kitchen set to give them some additional pieces to play with. These ones are hand-colored with crayons, which gives them a homely, personalized appearance.

Wooden play kitchen accessories 7

Diy childrens kitchen

Keep your kids happy with this great DIY project. A play kitchen made from a simple stool! Just stick some knobs on it, add some nice cutlery hangers and there you go. Your kids are sure to love this, no doubt!

2 Piece Retro Kitchen & Refrigerator Set

2 Piece Retro Kitchen & Refrigerator Set
A two-piece retro set for kids, including a refrigerator and a kitchen. Sturdy construction based on wood, with fridge, freezer, oven and dishwasher doors all close and open. Well made, cute style and large enough for many children to play with.

Wooden play kitchen accessories 1

KidKraft KidKraft Busy Bakin' Play Kitchen, Wood

A cool traditional kitchen play set of wooden materials in white and moulded red and silvery plastic. It's equipped with a fridge with shelves, a freezer, a cooker, an oven, a dishwasher, a sink, a microwave, a shelf, hooks, working doors and knobs.

Wooden play kitchen accessories 1

Large play kitchen 1

Play kitchen for outdoor use. This interesting element of outdoor design is made of wood with some metal and plastic accents. It provides good fun to the children and it is also resistant to many forms of outdoor damage.

Vintage Kitchen

Vintage Kitchen
Pretty retro-stylized kitchen set for girls aged 3 or up. It's made of wood with a charming pink finish and metallic hardware. It comprises e.g. a refrigerator, a microwave, an oven with hinged working doors, a set of pots and a removable sink.

White wooden play kitchen

Large play kitchen

Large play kitchen for children. It includes cabinets and elements of play kitchen made of cardobard in a very attractive green color. The whole stylization is attractive for children, funny and safe for them.

Kids wooden play kitchen

Large play kitchen

Wooden multifunctional kitchen, which will make the future cook master of each child. There is no oven, but there are a wooden fridge, a sink and a cupboard for children's dinners. Large play kitchen features also shelves for spices and safe wooden knobs.

White retro play kitchen

Large rectangle hanging capiz pendant white westelm im thinking of

This chandelier plays a functional and decorative role. It provides an appropriate level of light in the room and it looks very original. Its frame is made of polished nickel and the size of this product is 30.5"w x 14.75"d x 15.5"h.

Hip kids kitchen

LifeStyle Fresh Accents Kitchen

LifeStyle Fresh Accents Kitchen
Maybe it will be the way you are looking for to introduce your kids into the world of chores. It will be much easier if you have toys to present everything - and here goes this little kitchen! You have everything you need to educate your beloved children.

A nice outdoor kitchen set which features all the necessary components the real kitchen should have. It includes two shelves below the top which are spacious. The whole construction is made from high-quality woods only.

Wooden play kitchen accessories 3

Wooden play kitchen accessories 13

Wooden play kitchen accessories 14

Wooden play kitchen accessories 15

Wooden play kitchen accessories 16

Wooden play kitchen accessories 20

Wooden play kitchen accessories 21

Wooden play kitchen accessories 22

17 Piece Sandwich Making Play Set

17 Piece Sandwich Making Play Set

Wooden play kitchen accessories 23

Role play play kitchen play shop 3

Melissa & Doug Pizza Party

Wooden play kitchen accessories 24