Wooden Lazy Susan Turntable

Do you like lazy susan solutions? Take a look at all the offers that are shown in this collection and decide if such elements suit your taste. The shapes, sizes and other features are quite functional and nice looking so there is no need to search any further. What is your opinion?

Alice Hilton Interior Design Expert
22" Espresso / Cappuccino Finish Large Lazy Susan
Cintia Brook

It is an extra large lazy susan for dining room table. It has go an espresso finish and Fabulous grain design in top. Ball bearings makes it very easy to use. You can put several dishes and items on. It will make your dining table very beautiful.

Wooden lazy susan turntable
Hilton Emily

A classy lazy Susan, which is an essential serving tray. It's turntable so you can have easy access to every object that is placed there. It's made of wood in a warm, honey color and it features a vintage look.

Lazy susan wooden turntable
Tiffany Wood

Why turn the whole table around when you can have a rotating surface? This stainless steel rotating turntable a great way to serve drinks and food, just place them on one side and rotate it towards your guests!

2 Tiered Easy Spin Lazy Susan
Rachel Massonable

2 Tiered Easy Spin Lazy Susan

Extra large lazy susan turntable
Alexis Hallify

12 Wooden Turntable Lazy Susan Handmade Rustic by BanDannaMarie

Vintage lazy susan
Sara Peterson

Pine lazy susan- 26 inch diameter wooden turntable made of sugar pine. Unfinished Furniture. You can add any legs you like. Could be your new coffee table or kitchen/dining room table.

Unfinished wood lazy susan
Wesson Jessica

Traditional Lazy Susan

Wooden lazy susan turntable 1
Katherine Hen

This lazy susan wooden turntable constitutes a good example of rustic, farm-style. Solid, sustainable construction, which will provide a great addition to your dining room for years.

Wooden lazy susan turntable 2
Stacy Allen

Wooden Lazy Susan Turntable

Wooden lazy susan turntable 2
Kathryn Pat

Made of maple wood, 30 inch diameter wooden susan turntable. This wood looks really solid and nice. We love the super symetrical shape of it. Would look nice in every kitchen.

Antique lazy susan turntable
Bianca Weberable

Wooden Lazy Susan. Table top kitchen turntable. Pleez pass the taters... or please SPIN the taters... love this idea for large families!

30 inch lazy susan
Cooper Allison

A lazy Susan turntable is an essential gadget on parties, but it can be a useful part of a kitchen countertop too. The tray in the picture is unique as it's not made of wood, but it's an elegant, marble piece.

Thirstystone Bamboo Lazy Susan, Western Star
Johnson Tara

A turntable is a must-have of every party or gathering as it guatantees easy access to all the products. An antique lazy Susan in the picture will be a unique accent of the table as it's made of bamboo with an etched star in the centre.

30 lazy susan

So - on the lazy sunday your husband wants to serve you a nice breakfast? With this wooden lazy suzan turntable that can be easy! The round, dark-tinted tray is not only suitable for serving breakfast but also perfect for night party time, offering drinks.

Snudda lazy susan
Stone Caroline

An amazing idea to keep your shoes in order! It doesn’t take any special skills to make -and of course, it only takes a few hours to put together the wooden pieces and you will be able to have the best shoe storage ever without spending much money on it

30 lazy susan turntable
Lindsey Rich

Custom Options for your Lazy Susan

Bistro Lazy Susan

Bistro Lazy Susan

2 Tiered Easy Spin Lazy Susan
Laura Diaz

A functional 2-tier organizer that will be useful in every household. This easy-spin turntable is made of wooden railed tiers. It's a practical size as the bottom tier measures 13" diameter so you can easily place it on a kitchen counter.

Lazy Susan #1052

Lazy Susan #1052

Vintage retro wood lazy susan turntable serving tray w gallery
Jennifer Cox

Vintage retro wood lazy susan turntable serving tray w/ gallery rail ...

Issue connected with 22 walnut kitchen turntable wooden lazy susan
Cynthia Phil

... Issue connected with 22" Walnut Kitchen Turntable Wooden Lazy Susan

Wooden lazy susan ikea
Elizabeth Nels

Posts related to Inch Wood Lazy Susan Turntable Home Decor lazy susan ...

Home product list dark cherry wood lazy susan 13 inch
Holly Cook

HOME PRODUCT LIST Dark Cherry Wood Lazy Susan 13 Inch

Wood lazy susan turntable
Carmen Milani

... Cabinet > Lazy Susan Turntables > Wooden Lazy Susan - Tuscan Wine

Large wood lazy susan
Sanchez Rachel

Personalized 2 Tier Wine Barrel Lazy Susan

Natural appalachian black walnut lazy susan 14 inch diameter with
Henderson Gina

Natural Appalachian Black Walnut lazy Susan 14 inch diameter with ...

10 inch lazy susan turntable
Elizabeth Hern

A cute little holder for your salt and pepper shakers that looks like an ancient arena. There is also plenty of space for a few other spices and ingredients that you frequently use during meals! Perfect for family breakfasts.

Ceramic lazy susan turntable
Nicole Pri

A lazy Susan is a must have of every party or gathering as it provides easy access to all the products that can be found on the turntable. The one in the picture features a wooden constrction in a deep color, making it a nice accent of the countertop.

Mango Wood Lazy Susan
Jessica Zernike

Mango Wood Lazy Susan
This type of product is a high quality plate made of mango wood. It is eco-friendly and safe for health of people. It is a product that is perfect for serving fruits and other snacks. It is resistant to damage and wear.

Orvis Wine Barrel Lazy Susan / Only Plain
Wilson Gabrielle

There were used recycled treatments here,to creat this piece from the old wooden barrel of solid pine-and make a beautiful base for aperitiv or wine tasting. Added to this deep chestnut stain.Thanks to that wooden lazy turntable with metal base is so stylish.

Lazy susan large turntable
Alexis Millerism

... or marrying your mom part)I have come up with my on lazy susan design

Lazy susan turntable ikea

This 14" wood lazy susan is perfect for medium sized dining room ...

Lipper International Bamboo 2-Tier 10-Inch Turntable
Kristin Jackson

Charming and handy turntable, an excellent addition to the kitchen. Thanks to it you comfortably store spices and you will always be able to reach them - just rotate the table. It can also be used as a table for cookies that guests will turn to reach for their favorite piece.

Standard Lazy Susan Maple Stain
Vanessa Wil

Standard Lazy Susan Maple Stain

Mountain Woods 18" Lazy Susan

Simple and smooth Lazy Susan that brings the new functionality to your household with the bar bearing swivel for easy motion that will offer you comfort for many years to come. It comes in a warm, medium brown wood finish to gently compliment any decor.

J.K. Adams 12-Inch Round Charcoal Slate Lazy Susan
Jessica Zernike

A Lazy Susan in a charcoal finish that proves the most versatile, since it fits almost any decor, while taking good care of your convenience, making it easier for everyone at the table to reach the food they're going for.

Lazy Susan 16", Honey
Stephanie Dav

Add this cleverly designed Lazy Susan to your household and enjoy the amazing functionality and a nice vibe it gives to the room with the warm, honey finish, while allowing you to use the smooth rotation function and while the sleek, low profile adds elegance to your decor.

Rubbermaid Turntable

Rubbermaid Turntable

Lazy Susan
Green Stacey

Lazy Susan

Linus Lazy Susan
Elizabeth Coupe

Linus Lazy Susan

Crazy Susan Turntable
Margaret Diaz

Crazy Susan Turntable

Bistro Lazy Susan
Vanessa Butl

Bistro Lazy Susan

10 wood lazy susan turntable 18 jpg


Single Turntable Lazy Susan
Jenna Delicata

Single Turntable Lazy Susan
Simple wooden turntable in a round shape. This construction features a traditional wooden color. What is more, this element is very solid and practical. The table is good for serving drinks, snacks or for the storage of spices.

Love this lazy susan i think everyone should have a
Alicia Ram

love this lazy susan i think everyone should have a lazy susan of ...

Lazy Susan
Cooper Jennifer

Lazy Susan

24 wood kidney lazy susan w heavy duty steel pole

24"- Wood- Kidney Lazy Susan w/Heavy Duty Steel Pole- For Kitchen ...

Lazy susan in purples blues orange green white a dash
Michele Tayl

Lazy Susan in purples blues orange green white a dash by JosaicsAZ

14 wine barrel lazy susan turntable 22 jpg
Jenna Delicata


Lazy Susan Revolving
Julia Lambertify

Lazy Susan Revolving