Wood Wall Wine Bottle Holder

This collection will be a nice thing for all those who like wine and fancy wine bottle holders. On this site, you will see a variety of such holders, all in different sizes, shapes and colours. Such a rich collection does not come often so take the time you need to make the right choice.

Tuscan wine rack 16 bottle ladder 3

Tuscan Wine Rack 16 Bottle Ladder
You have a lot of wine-at least 20 bottles?16 of them will fit on this functional,made of rough wood and aged copper accents-wine stand.Wood wall wine bottle holder is suitable for most ceilings-additionally, on the copper strip you can engraved inscriptions!

Wooden wine bottle holder

Wine rack inspired by nature. It is completely made of wood. Handy gadget for each home. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Corvallis rustic wall mount wine rack

Corvallis Rustic Wall Mount Wine Rack
A pretty rustic wall-mounted rack crafted of wood stained in warm browns. It has a rectangular top-shelf, thick curved sides and a bottom with slots for hanging 4 goblets. An open niche for 6 bottles has a wide front security rail.

Wine glass holder shelf

Do you like a tasty glass of wine? So you need the storage space to keep the glass and wine bottles. This rustic wine rack is made of solid wood and has enough space for the collection of wines.

Industrial rustic modern 8 bottle wall

Industrial Rustic Modern 8 Bottle Wall
A practical solution for smaller kitchens; this wall-mounted rack allows you to store your glassware and wine bottles, at the same time. Designed of hardwood, the unit offers a glassware for 6 wine glasses, and a wine rack for holding up to 8 bottles of wine.

Wood wall wine bottle holder 8

Wood wall wine bottle holder 6

Riddling rack pottery barn

Wood wall wine bottle holder

Rustic wall mount wine rack with 5 glass

Rustic Wall Mount Wine Rack With 5 Glass
Been searching for a wall mounted wine rack that would be rather small. This rustic one meets my expectations, I think. It accommodates 5 wine bottles and 5 wine glasses. What didn't fit can be put on a top shelf.

Barn board wine rack

Wine rack. Every element of rack is made of board (covered of nuanced enamel)and two piece of wire. All of boards are connected and attached to the wall. This item is very useful and elegant. You can hang it in dining room.

Similar 3

Wall mounted wine rack for kitchen, dining room and more. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Wall wine bottle holder

A DIY wine rack that you can mount to a wall. It's made of distressed wood, which gives it a rustic character. The nails protect the bottles from falling down. Each shelf features a little piece of chalboard so you can label the wines!

Wood wall wine bottle holder

Barn wood wine rack

Barn Wood Wine Rack
This is such a great do-it-yourself wine bottle holder. Super easy to make! Hangers are attached to old fashioned, dark oak wooden board that holds up to 8 bottles, different sizes. Really great idea for wine or whisky lovers.

Wall mounted wine racks diy

Wood leather wine rack reclaimed wood

Wood Leather Wine Rack Reclaimed Wood
Stylish, elegant wood & leather wine rack offers storage space for 5 bottles. It is a handmade project, based on salvaged wood, recycled leather. Hanged on the wall, will enhance your living or dining area.

Wood wall wine bottle holder 1

Wood bottle holder

Vintage modern wall mounted wood wine rack 44 25 high

Vintage Modern Wall Mounted Wood Wine Rack 44 25 High Wine Stave Design
This wooden wine bottle holder embodies cleverness and style. Attached to the wall, it lets you save space, while at the same time a climatic wall decoration. Designed to accomodate 5 bottles.

Wood wall wine bottle holder

French wine bottle riddling rack wall art

French Wine Bottle Riddling Rack Wall Art
Amazing thing! Check these wooden letters on the cutting boards with this beautiful wine riddling rack! Great idea to store your favourite wine bottles and decorate your kitchen or dining room. Beautiful wardrobe wooden dest under it.

Wood wall wine bottle holder

Wood wall wine bottle holder 3

Diy wall mounted wine rack

Wood wall wine bottle holder

Wood wall wine bottle holder

Concept Housewares WR-49528 Solid-Wood Ceiling/Wall-Mount Wine Rack, Espresso, 8 Bottle

Wood wall wine bottle holder 7

Wood wall wine bottle holder 1

Wine holder wood

7 Bottle Wine Rack

7 Bottle Wine Rack
Made of high quality durable wood wine rack is the perfect place to store up to 7 bottles of your favorite wine. Antiqued wood looks very stylish and iswonderfully suited to your interior climate.

Decorative wood wine bottle wall holder

Wall mount bottle holder

Wall bottle rack

Rustic wine bottle holder pallet wood wine bottle wall rack

2 Day Designs 5-Bottle Wall Rack

Wooden wall wine holder

Wall bottle holder

A stunning house arrangement in a rustic and minimalist style. There are DIY bookshelves made of old crates that you can organize in many possible ways. The walls are left in their natural, unpainted state, which gives the room a cool, shabby look.

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder 11

Reclaimed wood wine rack for sale on etsy

Diy wall vases with some framed photographic art unique and

12 Bottle Wall Mount Wine Rack

Top-notch, decorative wall wine holder in a beautiful and contemporary design with a warm finish and room for up to 12 inverted bottles. It will make a wonderful addition to your living room or wine cellar.

18 Bottle Wine Rack

18 Bottle Wine Rack
Rugged and beautiful wine rack with the raw wood. This wine rack is reminiscent of the classic shelf, and therefore is also suitable for hanging on a wall (using the appropriate screws). Furniture can accommodate 18 bottles of wine.

Dunbridge 5 Bottle Wall Mount Wine Rack

Dunbridge 5 Bottle Wall Mount Wine Rack
If you're a fan of extraordinary solutions, you will probably fall in love with this unique wine rack. It would bring you not only a huge dose of functionality, but also an incredible and stylish design!

Vintage wood wine stave wall 9 bottle holder rack rustic

Wooden Shadow Box Wine Cork/Bottle Cap Holder 9"x11" - Cheers To The Nights We Will Never Remember

Rustic Wine Bottle Wall Rack

Wood wall wine bottle holder

Vintage wood wine stave wall 9 bottle holder rack