Wood Starburst Mirror

Hang it in your bathroom, hallway or decorate the living-romm wall with it. A starburst mirror is an elegant touch to any room and it has a functional use, too. Awesome designs! Check them below to choose one that will perk up your home with energy!

Wood sunburst mirror

This starburst mirror delights with its original design and nice, wooden finishing. Made in India, crafted of quality mango wood with natural finish, it has the size of 26"Dia, weighs 10.5 lbs.

Wood starburst mirror

Invite sun to your house thanks to this wooden white sunburst mirror. Its original design, crafted with big attention to details, bring unique design and sunshine to your interiors.

Wooden sunburst mirror

Round mirror mounted in wooden frame with sun theme. Designed for mounting on the wall. Adds freshness and elegance to all kinds of interiors.

Wood starburst mirror 2

Wood starburst mirror 1

A nice DIY idea for a mirror makeover – this sunburst mirror is surrounded with scraps of driftwood in different colors, which gives this piece a subtle look with its variety of vibrant shades and provides a rustic, primitive element.

Sunburst mirror 21x21x1 reclaimed wood

Sunburst Mirror 21x21x1 Reclaimed Wood
Durable and attractive sunburst mirror that features a round shape. This wooden construction not only decorates indoors, but also plays a functional role. The central part includes a quite large round mirror area.

Wood starburst mirror 18

Diy starburst

Diy starburst mirror 2

This wooden, starburst mirror is a great addition if you’re looking for a modern piece of furniture in your bedroom. Would look nicely to mount on the wall above your bed, sure to give the room a unique detail.

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Wood starburst mirror 16

Wood starburst mirror 7

Wood starburst mirror 10

Large sunburst mirror

No wood starburst mirror around, but want one? Like DIY ideas? Combine one with another. Dark staining applied to a carved frame will be just an icing on the cake, and the large round mirror is ready.

Wood starburst mirror 20

How to make a starburst mirror

Wooden starburst mirror

Wood starburst mirror 28

Wood starburst mirror 8

Sunburst wood mirror

Chelsea Starburst Mirror

Chelsea Starburst Mirror
This beautiful mirror in beautifully made metal frame is not only practical but decorative piece for your home. The whole stylized sun is very impressive and gives the interior a unique atmosphere.

Brass bedroom furniture 7

An extraordinary and impressive dresser with eight wooden drawers. It features a steel base and knobs made of brass with a golden finish. The piece ideally matches brass lamps and unusual decorations on the wall.

Wood starburst mirror 26

Wood starburst mirror 14

Wood starburst mirror 19

Excalibur Mirror

Excalibur Mirror

Starburst mirror silver

Round mirror designed for mounting on the wall. Sunburst frame is finished with silver theme. Sophisticated decoration for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Starburst mirror silver 2

Vintage setup for an elegant dining room with a decorative side wall, furnished with a long buffet cabinet, made out of painted plywood in a white color. The large sunburst mirror made out of silver provides a rustic detail.

Cheap plastic chairs

Starburst mirror silver gold or copper

Starburst Mirror Silver Gold Or Copper
Original mirror mounted on sunburst frame. Designed for mounting on the wall. Sophisticated decoration for all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Round starburst mirror 19

Starburst mirror silver 5

Round sunburst mirror; distressed silver finish. The rays of the frame reflect light at different angles to enhance the visual effect. This contemporary wall mirror comes complete with adequate hangers.

Wood starburst mirror 24

Starburst mirror silver 7

If you the charm and glamour of glittering silver, you will definitely love this awesome starburst mirror. It detailed finishing, full of subtle, intricate accents will definitely distinguish any space.

Destello Starburst Mirror

Destello Starburst Mirror
Not only is the frame of this starburst mirror hand carved from teak wood of the amazing quality, it is also finished in the most charming heavily sanded gold leaf, making this mirror a top-notch choice.

Centauri Starburst Mirror

Centauri Starburst Mirror
This stunning wall mirror has done a wonderful frame made of metal and resin. Maintained in style reminiscent of the beautiful sunshine or star. Perfect for the living room, bedroom or hallway.

Company Antiqued Silver Lotus Mirror

Company Antiqued Silver Lotus Mirror
Unique antiquated accessory that fills the blank spaces on your wall. Inspired by ancient civilizations, here it is: a wall mirror that beautifies the ambiance wherever it is installed. Round mirror panel is enclosed in a lotus shaped frame.

Wood starburst mirror 13

Yet another design for an elegant, avant-garde sunburst mirror with a unique appearance that gives it a distinct detail. The larger mirror in the center is surrounded by an abundance of tiny mirror all-around it, creating an unusual piece.

Tribeca Starburst Wall Mirror

Tribeca Starburst Wall Mirror
Would you like to decorate your home with your own sunshine? Try this Sparkling Starburst Wall Mirror. Design is very detailed and charming, featuring sturdy metal strands branching out from the center of the mirror. The strands are decorated with smaller mirror pieces providing a breathtaking appearance.

Gold sun mirror 3

Starburst Wall Mirror

Starburst Wall Mirror
Wonderful round contemporary mirror of quality glass. It has a charming frame of metal with scrollwork looking like a sun and a finish in golden, brown and coppery tones. It can be mounted in any direction on 1 bolt or screw.

Round starburst mirror 5

Wood starburst mirror 22

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Deco Sunburst Wall Mirror

Deco Sunburst Wall Mirror
Amazing mirror in the shape of the sun. It is a tasteful addition to any interior decorated in a contemporary style, but also to the theme interiors, for example, organized in the oriental style. The metal frame is slightly blazed.

Round Wall Mirror

Round Wall Mirror

Wood starburst mirror 23

Gold starburst wood wall mirror closed sold it

Diy sunburst mirror rustic beam mantel fireplace makeover

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