Wood Rocking Chairs For Nursery

A rocking chair forthe nursery is an awesome idea. It's perfect to sit down and relax with the baby cuddling in your arms. The calming moves and serenity make the mother and the baby unwind and chill. Browse below what great designs I found and find the best wood rocking chair for nursery in no time.

Wood rocking chairs for nursery 10

My love for this nursery rocking chair was absolute and immediate. What a unique blend of modern design and a Scandinavian vibe in a combination of a cradle and rocking chair. Gray finish matched with ivory cushion couldn't fit more.

Wood rocking chairs for nursery

The wooden classic rocking chair with the upholstery made of cream wood. Ideal for the delicate stylization of the newborn room. Looks really exclusive and it is, but you have to pay for the high level of comfort.

Wood rocking chairs for nursery

An elegant traditional baby cot of white finished wood. It features a full-panel back wall and 3 vertically slatted ones. A chic comfortable nursery rocking chair has a black wooden base, a wide button tufted back with wings, white fabric upholstery.

Wood rocking chairs for nursery 13

Baby rocking chair for sale

Rocking chair in the shape of the moon. Frame is made of wood and decorated with stars theme. Seat is covered with fabric. Charming accent for each kid's room according to taste.

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Wooden rocking chairs nursery

Wood rocking chairs for nursery 9

Available in 4 various finishes, this crib is a handmade construction, designed in the classic style. It uses fixed side rails to offer one of the sturdiest and safest cribs available. Features 3 mattress height options to accommodate growing children.

Nursery wooden rocking chair

Wood rocking chairs for nursery

Wood rocking chairs for nursery 6

Wood rocking chairs for nursery 1

Wood rocking chairs for nursery 5

Wood rocking chairs for nursery 8

Wooden rocking chair for nursery 1

Traditional nursery chair made out of light wood with no coat of paint and a rough finish which nicely matches the soft, cotton upholstery in beige color and with a tufted design, making for a stylish addition to any nursery.

Wood rocking chairs for nursery 5

Wooden rocking chair for nursery 1

This wooden rocking chair is not only a shabby chic masterpiece but most of all, a convenient addition to one's nursery. Enchanting with its subtle curves and bowed back, it constitutes a comfortable spot for a sousing mother.

Wood rocking chairs for nursery

White wooden shabby chic rocking chair

White Wooden Shabby Chic Rocking Chair
Sturdy Wooden Rocking Chair painted white & distressed for that timeworn look. Its bowed back provides comfort, falling into the shabby chic pattern. Has the following size: Height: 46 1/2" Depth: 34" Width 23".

Wooden rocking chair for nursery

When I was a child I really loved the Disney movies, especially those one with Mickey Mouse. This rocking chair had been inspired with the Mickey's outfit. If I had a little son I would like to buy it for him.

Wooden rocking chair for nursery 13

Old-fashioned take on a traditional wooden rocking chair, perfect for a nursery room to provide a place to relax and swing with your child in your arms. This one has a matching cushion with a cotton upholstery which makes it comfortable.

Wood rocking chairs for nursery 4

Wooden rocking chair for nursery

Rocking chair mounted on wooden frame and reinforced with sturdy supports. It is upholstered with soft fabric. Ideal as additional seating or place for relaxation in any interior as needed.

Finn rocker gold contemporary rocking chairs

Finn Rocker Gold Contemporary Rocking Chairs
Vintage look for a contemporary and mid-century rocking chair with a bottom frame made out of bright walnut wood and a microfiber upholstery in a bright yellow color, which provides the piece with a vintage, retro detail.

Wood rocking chairs for nursery 1

Wood rocking chairs for nursery

Contemporary rocking chairs for nursery 14

This creamy white rocking chair will be a fantastic proposition to a contemporary home office or nursery. Softly cushioned, designed to provide ideal leisure, will help your rest after work or smoothly souse your baby.

Contemporary rocking chairs for nursery 7

This creamy white rocking chair not only delights with its cosy, warm finishing but also with the contemporary character. White finishing will fit into most of the decors, constituting a good option for the living rooms or nurseries.

Rocking chair cradle contemporary kids bedding charlotte

Rocking Chair Cradle Contemporary Kids Bedding Charlotte
Contemporary rocking chair combined with cradle. Very functional - and echoing the latest decor trends with its minimal, geometric form. The chair part is padded with cream coloured cushions. The whole frame is finished gray.

Reclining rocking chair nursery

An aesthetic modern nursery rocking recliner with gliding and swivel functions. It has a handle-operated mechanism, a steel frame, 2 long wide flat black wooden feet. It has a tall tapered back, flat full arms, upholstery of white plain microfibre.

Reclining rocking chair nursery 1

Finished with a lovely light blue color, this rocking recliner constitutes a nursery room' classic. It well let you comfortably souse your baby, creating a great corner to rest and sleep.

Baby Relax Double Rocking Chair

Baby Relax Double Rocking Chair
This double rocking chair is a product that is able to assure comfort and support for two users. Its durable frame is made of wood, but its seat cushion is filled with soft materials and supported by a backrest.

Nolan earth brown fabric nursery rocker recliner chair 1

Nolan Earth Brown Fabric Nursery Rocker Recliner Chair
Cozy and elegant design for a rocker recliner, upholstered with a smooth, nice-to-touch cotton fabric in a dark brown color, combined with an aluminum frame. Great addition to any nursery, bound to make nursing your kids much easier.

Rocker recliner chair nursery

Reclining rocking chair and ottoman as additional seating or place for relaxation in any interior. It is mounted on wooden frame and reinforced with solid supports. Upholstery is made of nice touch fabric.

Furniture 110

A pretty traditional nursery rocking recliner with a metal frame on a circular base and a lever operated mechanism. It has a deep seat, full wide flat arms gently sloped backwards, a tall back, upholstery of white-grey fabric with a chevron design.

2 Post Multiposition Glider and Recliner in Dark Grey

Recliner chair equipped with a high-quality sealed by ball bearings. The mechanism allows multi stop glider in the desired position. The seat and backrest have removable cushions and padded pleasant to the touch material.

Recliner rocking chairs 1

Designer rocking chair by Sam Maloof, here in the recliner variation - even better than the basic version, huh? Sleek, streamlined wood frame defines the modern style. Thick cushions wrapped in black leather add to comfort level.

Vintage rocker recliner

Very nice combination of a rocking chair and recliner. This durable and comfortable piece of furniture offers cushioned space covered with black leather. Solid wooden frame improves stability and supports the most comfortable postures of users.

Wood rocking chairs for nursery 1

Recliner rocking chairs 4

Vintage take on a retro, French style rocking recliner armchair with a stainless steel frame with a chromed finish and a leather upholstery in a light-brown color, which gives the piece an elegant appearance.

Hudson Wingback Rocking Chair

Hudson Wingback Rocking Chair
This is a rocking chair that features a wingback design. It is a piece of furniture created for kids. Its seat cushion is very soft and supported by a durable backrest with arms. The whole chair measures 37.75" H x 29.5" W x 36.75" D.

Recliner rocking chairs 2

Comfortable and stylish recliner armchair with footstool. This original element of furniture provides very comfortable postures to its users. Its gray cushioned areas are supported by a very durable wooden frame.

High back vintage danish reclining rocking chair

High Back Vintage Danish Reclining Rocking Chair
Vintage design for a cozy and comfortable reclining rocking chair with a cotton-upholstered, nice to touch surface. The high back chair comes in a blue color with a wooden frame which has a dark-brown tint.

Recliner rocking chairs 12

Ultra modern and ultra comfortable. This rocking recliner enchants not only with its dashing look, but also unique comfort. The smooth, sleek, white silhouette conceals variable regulation options.

Bonded Leather Rocking Chair Recliner (Black)

For anyone looking for true comfort, this black recliner will offer just that and even more with the wonderful functionality and the soft yet sturdy upholstery, providing a cozy feeling that only the highest quality bonded leather can give.

Storkcraft Deluxe Reclining Glider Rocker - /Beige

This wonderful and super comfortable recliner is a dream for everyone. Finished with a soft upholstered in microfiber, has a solid wooden base. You can regulate it according to your needs, ensuring you an optimal place to relax.

Breville Rocker Recliner

Breville Rocker Recliner
If you need a new rocker recliner, we suggest you to choose this one. This style is gonna perfectly match your needs. Check it out now and enjoy a fresh accent in apartment.

Dark wood floating shelves 18

Mocha Rocker Recliner

Mocha Rocker Recliner
Are you trying to find special, unique and tasteful rocker recliner to create an aesthetic and fashionable interior? We've got exactly what your looking for! Select and use it now!

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