Wood Playhouse Kit

If you have ever wanted your children to have a nice playhouse in your garden, here is a chance to pick one. The collection which is presented below consist of many types of playhouse kits with different decorations. The girls will certainly love some of them but the boys will find something for themselves, too. Maybe you want to consult the choice with your kids?

Tara Gosselin Interior Design Expert
Life size playhouse
Holly James

This charming wooden playhouse kit for kids constitutes a great proposition for all, who all love vintage design. It enchants with the detailed design and high-quality materials.

Wood playhouse kit
Karen Wilson

A great gift for every kid, who loves to play house, and a lovely addition to any backyard. This small log cabin in a natural finish features a lovely porch with a front door, a high-pitched roof, glass windows, and an attic, while standing on large wheels for transport.

Tree house kits for kids
Lily Cravenable

The outdoor small kids house is a kid's dream! This one is a nicely finished woodworking, with real cedar shingles, door and window. Add it to your garden, and enjoy a lovely product.

Wooden playhouse kits
Ashley Fos

A fantastic solution for making your backyard more functional and kids-friendly. The wood playhouse includes a high-pitched roof, glass windows with flowerpots, a front door, a fenced porch, 1 fixed ladder, 1 curvy slide, and 1 sandbox underneath the house.

Tree house kits
Heather Barn

Straight from the Lord of the Rings world, this outdoor hobbit hole playhouse will be a real blast for your little ones. Spacious and gorgeous, it features wood construction in a natural finish, a round door and windows, and a blue-tiling roof.

Outdoor playhouse kit

Bring some fun into your backyard and surprise your little ones with this amazing playhouse. It's all made of sturdy wood, along with a high-pitched roof, a fenced porch, a front door with a small window, and working glass windows with flowerpots.

Playhouse kits
Sarah Ashleyist

Embodying perfectly well the rustic charm and cosiness, this fantastic wooden playhouse kit enchants with its mountain lodge design. Made from bright wooden logs, features an adorable porch in front of the house.

Play house kits
Sarah Ashleyist

This sublime wood playhouse will not only provide ample amounts of fuctionality for your backyard, it can also be used as a favorite playing spot for your children, letting them hours of fun on end.

Wood playhouse kit

Phenomenal playhouse dedicated to kids. It is made of wood and fitted with swing on the porch. Designed for outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Wood playhouse kit
Julia Lambertify

Beautiful playhouse kit for kids. We’re sure your children are going to love it. It’s a detailed reconstruction of a house, only smaller. Space for fake or even real flowers adds to the realism.

Playhouse kits
Marissa Tay

Small playhouse for kids. While not the biggest of them, it is certainly pretty. Colours are typical for a house, with dominating browns and some white. Construction is stable, so no worries about the safety.

Kids playhouse kits
Alyssa Wilsonify

Outdoor fun is guaranteed with an outside yurt, so don't hesitate to choose a worthy wood playhouse kit (just to facilitate the construction process). Take a peek through the wide selection of kids playhouse kits.

Home outdoor living today sunflower wood playhouse kit
Stone Caroline
Prefab treehouse for kids

This playhouse kit was designed by Kanga Room Systems Inc., a company, which specializes in revolutionary, high quality, prefabricated wood product kits for stand-alone outdoor rooms. Various tones of celadon and turquoise combine here wid mid-century inspirations.

Playhouses kits
Bianca Weberable

This charming wooden playhouse kit project took 32 hours and 2 people, engaged in establishing it. It enchants with the rustic, wooden appeal with a beautiful porch and arched roof over the front doors.

Childrens playhouse kits

Children love to play in the garden, and this playhouse is an excellent choice. Beautiful chalet-like woodwork admires the details and resembles a real building. Charming colors, railings, shutters and a lovely patio encourage to play.

Playhouse kit
Mackenzie Poly

If your kids love Lord of the Rings, then, this can be a great surprise for them. This outdoor playhouse is designed in shape of a hobbit's hole, with a stramlined roof, round windows, and a round front door working on long metal hinges.

Kids wooden play house
Butler Allison

An absolutely adorable outdoor entertainment proposition for the kids, which will engage them for long hours. This wooden play set kit provides a safe and durable swing set with a playhouse and a cool, rock climbing wall.

Kids tree house kits
Tara Zucker

If you get this mini playhouse for your backyard, you can be sure your children will go mad with joy. The house is, simply, exquisite, offering a railed porch with a swing set, a high-pitched roof, a front door with glass panels, glass windows, and even a fireplace.

Playhouse with loft
Kristen Adam

Garden houses are the dream of many children. It's hard to be surprised! Wood playhouse kit in the garden very often appears in children's books. Made of safe materials, wood and veneer. Decorative white door frames or windows enhance the impression.

Sunflower Playhouse with Sandbox
Mendes Natasha

Sunflower Playhouse with Sandbox
A large, durable and safe playhouse that is designed for children. This panelized playhouse is an environment friendly product. It is made of materials that are resistant to decay and insects. It has got solid doors with a heart shaped window.

Pre built wooden playhouse
Jenna Daviesful

Dreamy wood playhouse... Not a simple wooden construction, it's a genuine MANSION... It even has columns on front, and arched windows, and attic window, and GABLED ROOF with slates... I'm stunned, literally.

Kids clubhouse blueprints
Latoya Alex

This hobbit playhouse enchants with its round front door and windows, both painted in purple. Made from natural wood, it will fit well into most of the gardens or backyards.

Outdoor playhouse kits 1
Cintia Brook

This kit lets you construct a large outdoor playhouse for your kids. The buyer gets all the pre-assembled elements needed, together with pre-cut rafters and porch roof supports. The installation is not too difficult.

Lowes playhouses
Bianca Noorda

Wood playhouse kit very often appear in children's books, for example, those by Astrid Lindgren. Every child will be delighted with such an exact replica of a traditional house in shades of white and graphite, traditionally made of wood and MDF.

Backyard playhouse kits
Wooden playhouse kit
Playhouse plans loft
Olivia Smithist
2 floor wooden playhouse
Abigail Wrightful
Kids treehouse kits
Stephanie Ros

A charming stylised outdoor playhouse. It's built of wooden materials but glass windows. It has a span roof (with attic rooms), door and window frames as well as shutters in greys, white walls, doors and a fence around a brown floor of a verandah.

Lowes playhouse
Mendes Natasha

The captivating blue walls and beautiful white elements make this wooden storage garden or playhouse for children an excellent part of the backyard decor. The whole combined with the unique decor of the pavement and the fence is sensational.

Playhouse plans with loft
Gingerbread Playhouse Kit with Floor

Gingerbread Playhouse Kit with Floor
Fairy-tale large cottage style playhouse for kids. It is made of wood with a weatherproof painted white and grey finish. It has a door, plexi-glass windows, a double-sloped roof with a chimney. It features gingerbread trims around each element.

Kids outdoor wooden playhouse
Moore Angela

A lovely playhouse for children that can be an outdoor castle for your little princess. It's very gorgeous, featuring a high-pitched roof with a chimney, a white-fenced porch, a front door, windows with shuts, and a spacious attic.

Home virginian playhouse kit 1
Kids playhouse kits
Christine Mit
Outdoor playhouse kits
Bush Eliza
Wooden clubhouse kits
Kristin Diaz
Skyfort All-Cedar Play Set
Jenkins Diana
Classic wood cottage 12 ft x 16 ft by little
Carmen Milani
The prescott wood complete play set includes cool wave slide
Caitlin Tor
Woodworking outdoor wood playhouse plans pdf free download
Julia Lambertify
The wooden playhouses in order to form a triangular roof
Renee Thom
Little Cedar Playhouse with Sandbox
Morgan Meghan
Play house kit
Lopez Christine
Kids outdoor playhouse kit 8x8 wooden cape cod style cottage
Bush Eliza
Wooden playhouses many children would like to have their own
Playhouse12 1
Rachel Howard
Childrens playhouses kids outdoor playhouse kit 8x10 wooden stratford
Anderson Marisa
Grand Portico Mansion 10' x 16' Wood Playhouse Kit With Floor
Thompson Julia