Wood Playhouse For Kids

Playhouses are one of favourite things of many kids. Perhaps you would like to buy something like these wooden playhouses so why not browse through all the shapes, sizes and colours that are shown down here? You will not be the first person who decided to do this so take the time to choose as well.

Wood playhouse for kids 1

A marvelous playhouse for kids that will astonish every child in your neighborhood. The house looks, simply, magical, featuring a high-pitched roof, a hollow front door and windows, and a fenced porch with stairs - all resting on a double wood stump base attached to the low-profile paltform.

Childrens wooden playhouses sale

Oh wow! It's a very modern, solid and amazing wooden playhouse for kids with a large window, working door and two floors. I am delighted how awesome this back yard house is.

Kids wood playhouse

Now that’s an impressive playhouse for kids! Of course, it’s most likely not very cheap… but then again, you won’t find a more impressive one! We’d love to have such a playhouse for ourselves.

Wood playhouse for kids

Beautifully crafted playhouse for kids makes boredom no threat. The captivating wooden construction with lovely decor features makes the cottage a great inspiration for many games. The plant motif captivates.

Wooden garden houses for children

A lovely playhouse for children, excellent for creating a Lord of the Rings land right in your backyard. The house is made of natural wood and shaped like a hobbit hole, offering a blue tile roof, a spacious inside, a round front door and a pair of round windows.

Childrens wood playhouse

Charming playhouse designed for kids. It is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Lovely accent for the garden and others outdoor places as needed.

Wood playhouse for kids 6

Large outdoor playhouse for kids; detailed house crafted out of wood and painted (robin egg blue walls + white porch railing, doors and window frames). The gabled roof is slate covered and stained dark brown.

Kids wood play house

With this amazing structure for kids, you can not only surprise your little ones but also decorate your backyard with a fine piece of wooden vehicle. The truck is made of natural wood planks reinforced with metal hardware and equipped with a black steering wheel and a working horn.

Wood playhouse for kids 13

At the beginning my dad has an idea to build us the playhouse. Finally we realized that its bigger than the classic kid's one. So we decided to use it as a guest house. Pine wood on the walls looks lovely.

Playhouse for kids wooden

A cool large contemporary 2-tier playhouse crafted of wood (a.o. from pallets) with a natural finish. It has an openwork construction, is equipped a.o. with a gable roof, a slanted ramp and a climbing wall.

Cozy Cabin with 4 Functional Windows

Crafted from safe and durable Western Red Cedar, this wooden playhouse for kids will be a fantastic way to entertain your youngest family members. The house includes 4 functional windows and 4 flower boxes. It measures 9L x 7W feet.

Wood play house

Forest dwarf or hobbit hut? Can be also a playhouse for your kids, in your homeyard. Natural wood was used to create this playhouse, with triangular lightly rounded roof and raw finish of door and natural slit acting as a window.

Wooden playhouse for kids

Crafted of wood pallets and splashed with a buttermilk finish, this playhouse for children is designed for larger rooms. It's very spacious, equipped with several open compartments, and large cut-out holes for easy access.

Kids playhouses wooden

Wooden playhouses for children

Wood playhouse for kids 10

Kids wooden playhouses

Curiously made of a playhouse for kids is an impressive and very entertaining solution for children. Beautiful cottage with a green roof and plenty of space inside. The whole is perfect for creative play.

Childrens playhouse wooden

Charming playhouse dedicated to older kids. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Suitable for garden, patio and others outdoor places according to taste.

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Wood playhouse for kids 16

Wood playhouse for kids 2

Style wooden kids command playhouse a best childrens kids gift

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Wooden playhouses for kids

That is what you can find on Denmark’s Faroe Islands. Incredible wood playhouse for kids in a form of igloo. The Scandinavian solution must have a good taste - dark blue walls - starry windows, geometric shapes and a roof - covered with grass. A real fort!

Wooden kids playhouses

Wood playhouse for kids 9

Wood playhouse for kids

Kids wooden playhouse double storey 8x6

Childrens playhouse plastic

An awesome and super colorful wood playhouse with beautiful details captivates. This is a great place to have fun for children. Lovely shutters, patios, doors and even a small balcony will delight.

Playhouse i hope to have enough space in my garden

Wooden garden houses for kids

An outdoor playhouse for children, that will bring tones of fun for your little ones, while also decorating your backyard. The house is made of wood with a two-tone white and green finish, including built-in stairs, cut-out windows, a flat roof, and a spacious inside with a slat fence.

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Boat playhouse plans

Playhouses for kids wooden

Kids playhouse wooden

Boys wooden playhouse

4 Seasons Playhouse

4 Seasons Playhouse
Very nice and cheerful playhouse for children. It has a roof and various functions, also in the middle. It is decorated in pink tones, suggesting that it is designed to be fun for girls. But the boys also find in the job.

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Wood playhouse for kids 1

What a great sense of proportional architecture i love the

Kids pallet fort site is for a hen house

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Haha it is a playhouse a 42 000 playhouse how

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Shiver me timbers mike shepherd built this pirate ship playhouse