Wood Lazy Susan Turntable

Turntables can prove to be a nice and functional piece of furniture, as you can see. The offers presented below vary when it comes to different features but all of them are already favourites of many people. Check all the designs, shapes and colours of the tables that you can see down here.

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Vintage lazy susan turntable

Straight from a craft workshop - hand made wooden, unique lazy susan turntable. It fits well with any style, naturally also complements other wood species. Hence it can be a part of your modern or rustic home. With its circular form, it will turn your head.

Wood lazy susan turntable 12

An aesthetic and very convenient though rather simple vintage revolving tray manufactured of solid wood with a beautiful a bit glossy finish in warm browns. It's easy to maintain but should be hand washed.

Wood lazy susan turntable 10

Add this lazy susan turntable to your dining room table or kitchen nook to ensure that you and your guests have a much easier time grabbing your favorite food off the tray, while the bamboo structure adds a certain amount of charm to the overall decor.

Wood lazy susan turntable 1

A lazy Susan is an indispensable element of every social gathering as it offers easy access to all the products. It might also be a decorative accent ot the table when it's made from an old, wooden wine barrel with the original labels left.

Wood lazy susan turntable 5
Wooden lazy susan turntable 1
Hand painted lazy susan
Wooden lazy susan turntable 3

Rustic, handmade lazy susan will be perfect stand for decorations in your living room. It will also look good in the kitchen as a place of putting usual used spices. Old-fashioned finish of this product, gives it an elegant touch.

Wood lazy susan turntable 3
Wood lazy susan turntable 3
Wood lazy susan turntable 1

I really like the look of this dining table setup. The traditional, wooden design and matching chairs combined with a wonderful, very modern glass turntable, perfect for storing fruits and flowers.

Wood lazy susan turntable 5
Wood lazy susan turntable

Wood espresso dark brown fwooden turntable with cool round and soft finish. It is extra large - 22 inch. Lazy susan turntable tray is a cool designers idea for any interior. I actually have one in my dining room and its super useful.

Lady susan turntable
Wooden lazy susan handmade
Single Turntable Lazy Susan

Single Turntable Lazy Susan
Simple wooden turntable in a round shape. This construction features a traditional wooden color. What is more, this element is very solid and practical. The table is good for serving drinks, snacks or for the storage of spices.

Wooden lazy susan turntable
Wood lazy susan turntable 14
Dark wood lazy susan
Wood lazy susan turntable 8
Wood lazy susan turntable 4
Ebay image 1 16 diameter turntable wood lazy susan by
Wood lazy susan turntable

This ingenious project enchants with its interesting solutions - a wooden turntable, comprising wine tray corks, covered with glass top. Ideal addition both to indoor and outdoor spaces.

Wood lazy susan turntable 6
22 lazy susan turntable

Add this wooden piece of great durability to your dining room and enjoy a stunning boost of functionality. It is made out of an old bourbon barrel and makes for an one-of-a-kind choice for any setting.

Wood lazy susan turntable 2
Lazy Susan Rooster Kitchen Turntable
Wood lazy susan turntable
Wood lazy susan turntable 13
Lazy susan wooden turntable
Lipper International Bamboo 2-Tier 10-Inch Turntable

Charming and handy turntable, an excellent addition to the kitchen. Thanks to it you comfortably store spices and you will always be able to reach them - just rotate the table. It can also be used as a table for cookies that guests will turn to reach for their favorite piece.

Wood lazy susan turntable 4
Acacia Wood Lazy Susan-16" - Improvements
Wood lazy susan turntable 3
Wood lazy susan turntable
Mountain Woods 18" Lazy Susan

Simple and smooth Lazy Susan that brings the new functionality to your household with the bar bearing swivel for easy motion that will offer you comfort for many years to come. It comes in a warm, medium brown wood finish to gently compliment any decor.

Orvis Wine Barrel Lazy Susan / Only Plain

There were used recycled treatments here,to creat this piece from the old wooden barrel of solid pine-and make a beautiful base for aperitiv or wine tasting. Added to this deep chestnut stain.Thanks to that wooden lazy turntable with metal base is so stylish.

Mango Wood Lazy Susan

Mango Wood Lazy Susan
This type of product is a high quality plate made of mango wood. It is eco-friendly and safe for health of people. It is a product that is perfect for serving fruits and other snacks. It is resistant to damage and wear.

Lazy susan turntable wood 30
Vintage solid walnut wood lazy susan turntable
Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan
Here is an excellent, fully-functional addition for your home décor. This Practical Turntable in Brown Finish is designed to ensure easy access for stored items. The piece is also equipped in a lip that runs around the turntable preventing items from falling off.

Wine Cork Lazy Susan Kit

Wine Cork Lazy Susan Kit

Apollo Rubber Wood Lazy Susan
Thirstystone Bamboo Lazy Susan, Western Star

A turntable is a must-have of every party or gathering as it guatantees easy access to all the products. An antique lazy Susan in the picture will be a unique accent of the table as it's made of bamboo with an etched star in the centre.

Lazy susan painted with sunflower motif
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Lazy susan serving set
Use for desk supplies
Wood lazy susan turntable 4