Wood Display Shelves

Looking for display shelves? In that case check the offers that we have prepared for you. The designs, shapes and colours of these wood display shelves vary, but you can be sure that all of them will be useful in your house. Now the main question is which one would be the one for you?

Wood display shelves

DIY idea: have some spare old gas pipes? It occurs that you can give them a new life and create a fine-looking bookcase or shelves for other purposes - no matter what it'll be, you get an extraordinary industrial style.

Wood display shelves 1

Here is something for those who don't afraid to decorate their homes with truly unique pieces of furniture. Crafted from durable wood, this one-of-a-kind box display uses many different open boxes that can be arranged according to your needs. The boxes are pin to each other to prevent the whole thing from crumbling down.

Box display shelves

This industrial bar stylization features wooden shelves for bottles that are based on the frame made of metal pipes. This construction looks very original and it is also practical in commercial indoors.

Modern wood wall art display shelves

Modern Wood Wall Art Display Shelves
This display case features a durable wooden construction with plenty of shelves for books, plants, decorations and other items. It is resistant to wear and it also decorates indoors regardless of their colors.

Collapsible display shelving

Use wooden boxes of varied sizes to create storing compartments on a blank wall. It's a decent idea for both home area and commerical space, e.g. to display products in a shop. Visually, the wood brings natural feel to the area.

Wood display shelves 1

This, designed in a vintage industrial style, tiered display shelf is very reliable and it can last you many, many years. Crafted of sturdy wood, the unit has 4 thick shelves of different sizes, all attached to the tubular, steel frame.

Collapsible shelving

Stark large traditional style 5-tier open shelving unit intended for wineshops to display wines. It stands on the floor and covers practically the whole wall. It's handmade of sturdy reclaimed pine wood with a brownish finish.

Collapsible shelving display

Bring some rustic elements into your house. These wooden shelves are suitable for wall monting. They are perfect for display of different decorations. Their construction is not only attractive, but also very durable.

Display shelves shadowbox western decor shadow box display case wood

Wood display shelves 3

This collapsible shelving isn't maybe the most durable one, but definitely convenient, portable, space-saving, and cheap. The 3 open shelves are movable, allowing you to fold the whole thing with no effort, whatsoever.

Wood display shelves 2

This unique shelf construction is an interesting solution to the confusion of space. The robust construction of wood creates an interesting geometrical whole, which works well in the shops to collect goods.

Wood display shelves

This minimalistic piece of furniture is so useful - it is must-have in every home! It is oak wooden case with a lot of shelves. You can used it optionally - it will play its role perfectly to storage books, frippery or discs.

Wood display shelves 6

Very simple, but stylish display shelves that are suitable especially for commercial indoors. Their constructions are based on wood. They are durable and attractive in any decor. Brown and black colors are nice and universal.

Wood display shelves 8

Creative and interesting idea for a DIY project, made out of wine crates and office boxes. The assembly of boxes created with hinges provides a unique, modern way to replace a bookcase or a curio display cabinet.

Wood display shelves 3

Organize your office space with wooden display shelves. They've got the black metal construction and interesting shade of finish. They fit to modern and rustic space.

Wooden display shelves

Rack consisting of 3 open shelves arranged vertically. It is completely made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Perfect for storing books, display decorations and more. Neutral accent for each place.

Wooden display shelves

Now you can make your own wardrobe easily and make sure that you get the most original look for your bedroom with this ladder structure. It will offer more than enough space to accomodate your needs and adds some natural appeal and originality.

Wooden display shelves 5

Who said you can't opt for some original choice of shelving? These wooden crates offer the painted and distressed finish and can easily be used to accomodate your decorative objects and making your interior oozing class and charm.

Display book shelf

What can one do out of reporposed old wooden pallets? Well, tons of practical and pretty things, including a display book shelf - just as pictured. But, best of all, it's just one of the numerous possibilities. Check them all out.

Portable display shelf

Cool traditional wall-mounted floating shelves DIY made of reclaimed wood finished in browns. A quite long narrow rectangular shelf has a shelf-length rectangular back and a low protective slat along a front edge.

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Display book shelf

Made entirely out of pallets, this DIY bookshelf shall enchant all, who love handmade projects or rustic decors. It will bring in definitely a strong rustic vibe into the space, fitting well into traditional or vintage decors.

Display book shelf 1

In fact, there is always space for the display bookshelf - they are decorative, fill the empty space and fulfill a functional solution. These are made of pine wooden boards and are adapted to space under the stairs.

Display 60" Bookcase

Display 60" Bookcase
This modern and very practical bookcase is unusual combination of solid wood construction and wide functionality. Lovingly done ideally suited to the living room, office or other room.

Display shelves plain wooden display unit trinket shelf toy storage

Classroom Keepers Book Shelf

My favorite deal for that price! The classroom keepers book shelf, looks like from the shop. The solid construction can keeps very heavy books.

Bird Cage Metal and Wood Display Shelf

Bird Cage Metal and Wood Display Shelf
This beautiful shelf stylized as a bird klatkę.Posiada she beautiful metal structure and the sensationally-made wooden tops shelves. The whole thing is very impressive and can fill her living room or office.

Floating display shelves

Simple shelves suitable for wall mounting. These are durable wooden elements that serve for display purposes. They feature simple rectangular shapes with straight lines and they are finished in neutral white color.

Shelving units living room

A perfect example of a clean, minimalistic contemporary living room design. The smooth, wooden shelves are a great replacement for a chunky entertainment unit, and the beautiful leather sofa gives an excellent contrast to the dark back wall.

Wooden display shelves 5

Handmade wood essential oil display

Handmade Wood Essential Oil Display
A simple but pretty traditional wall shelving unit of wood finished in mid browns. It has a square open front frame with a rectangular top. Top and bottom edges are adorned with simple geometric motifs. Shelves have cutout round holes for bottles.

Wood display shelf 1

Creative and unique; this inspirational DIY arrangement makes for a great curio display. Made out of several layers of gorgeous redwood trunk slices mounted on a tall branch, this piece is bound to give your home a unique detail.

Wood display shelf

Triangular shelf for display decorations or collections. It is completely made of wood. It consists of a lot of compartments in various sizes. Great addition to each room according to taste.

Wood display shelves 3

Wood display shelves 1

Star wars tie fighter childrens wood

Star Wars Tie Fighter Childrens Wood
A geometric shelving unit sporting a spaceship inspired shape. Multiple cubic compartments are dedicated for showing off collectibles, such as lego minifigures (here: Star Wars). Finished all neutral gray.

Wooden display shelves 4

Diy display shelf

With the pipe as a hang rail and the stunning combination of metal and wood this display shelf doubles the functionality of a regular piece and offers a visible boost to your interior, letting you organize your clothes instantly.

Wood display shelves 28

Pinewood derby shelf display kit cub scout boy scout woodworking

Pinewood Derby Shelf Display Kit Cub Scout Boy Scout Woodworking
This five-levels shelf isn't very complicated, but it will fit to every type of interior. It is made of bright wood and mounted to the wall. You can used as a place to storage toys in your child bedroom.

Wood display shelves 23

In this place, which perfectly reflects the spirit of this store, there are elements of the past and modernity. The white wood display shelves are made of reclaimed boards, while the second part is glass display shelves that beautifully display products.

Wood display shelves 25

Wood display shelves 17

Wood display shelves 2

For every wine enthusiast out there, this simple, yet sturdy winery will be a great addition to the wine flooded basement. All the shelves are created from a lightweight wooden baskets, and then, painted a mild grey. They're offering enough space for numerous bottles of wine.

Wood display shelves 12

Wall shelf made of wood and finished with decorative carvings. Includes screws holes for easy mounting on the wall. Great for storing books, display decorations and more.

Wood display shelves 5

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Wood display shelves 27

Rustic project for a unique DIY idea for storing and displaying reading glasses. The display is made out of pieces of rough, unfinished walnut wood mounted on a weathered wall, creating an unusual, primitive arrangement.

Wood display shelves 30

Wood display shelves 7

A beautiful example of handmade crafting - this home hutch enchants with its vibrant sky blue painting and the wood planks in the background. The combination of vibrant colour with natural wood brings in the warmth and cosiness known from the shabby chic or cottage works.