Wire Fruit Bowl

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Wire fruit bowl 3

A wire fruit bowl in a vibrant, yellow color with a minimalistic design. The frame is made out of metal with a soft, plastic coating and would look nice in a mid-century, modern dining room with its simple design.

Wire fruit bowl 19

Wire fruit bowl 17

A pretty-looking traditional fruit bowl manufactured of metal wires with a vibrant yellow coating. Its round tapered up base and quite spacious hemispherical bowl feature right-angled triangles patterns.

Carl aubock brass wire fruit basket

Carl Aubock Brass Wire Fruit Basket
It's not a basic fruits basket. It's an awesome fruit basket, create for your dinette. This product is made of solid brass and has a brown color. Excellent as a gift.

Wire fruit bowl 1

Wire fruit bowl 8

The black mesh bins perfect for your pantry. The fruits and vegetables should be organized in a good way to prevent putrefing themselves. The bins made of wire delivers enough air to stop rotting and keep your veggies fresh longer.

Fruit wire

Peach Pink Metal Wired Fruit Bowl

Peach Pink Metal Wired Fruit Bowl
Such a nice way to present your fruits or just to have a reason for saying "Help yourself!" to the friends you invited. This fruit bowl is made of wired metal and finished in a gentle peach pink color.

Wire fruit bowl 21

Wire fruit bowl

2 tier fruit basket consisting of metal wires and finished with openwork pattern. Suitable for serving fruit, cookies and more. Handy accent for each home.

Before tiered wire basket old use typically found stashing fruit

Red wire fruit bowl

Decodreamers diary wire fruit bowl from tiger

Large sphere basket

Large Sphere Basket
Hanging fruit basket consisting of braided wires. It has convenient hook for easy mounting. Handy gadget for each home. Received positive recommendations from customers.

Metal fruit bowl 1

Wire fruit bowl 9

Wire fruit bowl

Wire fruit bowl 27

Wire fruit bowl 20

Wire fruit bowl 30

Fruit Bowl

Fruit Bowl

Wire fruit bowl 29

Fruit rack

Simple, but useful hang racks for magazines that can also be used as holders for fruits and vegetables. They feature simple constructions with high level of solidity and they also look attractive in kitchen indoors.

Wire fruit bowl 15

Bukran unique arts and crafts bowl 9

Bukran Unique Arts And Crafts Bowl 9
A pretty traditional bowl for fruit or sweets. It's handmade of glazed ceramic, has a wavy top edge and features various designs e.g. waves, dots, scrolls in prevalent restful blues, oranges and creams.

Decorative fruit bowl

This unique fruit bowl shall enchant both the parents and the children, motivating them to eat more fruits and veggies. It resembles a large, soft drop of paint, frozen at the precise moment it hits the table and breaks into a colourful spray.

Unique fruit bowl 32

If you are eccentric, original person, who loves unique decor's element, this bowl will be fit to your kitchen or dining room. This bowl is intended to bowl and woven of different colorful cloths' pieces.

Metal fruit bowl

3 tier fruit basket consisting of metal wires. Simple form and modern design. Handy gadget for the kitchen, dining room and more.

Wire fruit bowl 12

Banana hammock fruit holder

A good idea for perfect organization of food products in the kitchen. This solid metal basket with durable wires provides plenty of space for fruits and vegetables, so the counter top will be tidy and hygienic.

Wire hanging fruit or vegetable sphere

Wire Hanging Fruit Or Vegetable Sphere
An original and functional element that serves as basket for fruits or vegetables. Its hanging metal construction provides durability and support. This long lasting product looks good with wall cabinets in the kitchen.

Wires Fruit Basket

Wires Fruit Basket
A fruit basket that will provide a necessary addition to your kitchen with the amazing functionality, being spacious enough to hold your fruits and vegetables and avoiding any household clutter with care about style and durability.

Privet house at target r wire fruit bowl

Wire fruit bowl 2

Carolyn donnelly eclectic wire fruit bowl

Wire fruit bowl 13

Safari store cape eclectic cape wire bowls

Wire fruit bowl 16

Retro mod painted orange wire fruit bowl pop art funky

Wire fruit bowl 18

Wire fruit bowl 22

Wire fruit bowl black 35 wire fruit bowl black add

Bowl wire dusty rose

Wire fruit bowl 23

Hang wire fruit basket

Wire fruit bowl 24

7730 spray paint

Wire fruit bowl 25

Wire fruit bowl 26

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