Wire Fruit Basket

Fruit and vegetables need cool and dry storing conditions to remain in a good state. A wire fruit basket is a perfect solution. You can keep it on the counter or hang from the ceiling. A nice idea to store fruit and decorate the kitchen. Check my collection.

Alyssa Thompson Interior Design Expert
Wire fruit basket
Catherine Gray

These vintage industrial wall racks are a beautiful combination of simple wire design with functionality. The whole is an ideal solution for the kitchen or pantry, as it accommodates various small items, vegetables or fruits.

Wire fruit basket 2
Anna Richardson
Wall mounted fruit basket
Shannon Wil

A decorative contemporary standing basket for fruit. Its square frame is made of metal wires with a grey finish. A basket has 9 square compartments (with open front top parts) in 3 tiers. It can be placed on countertops or in open niches.

Wire fruit basket 1

Things are far easier to be kept in order when you have the right amount of storage receptacles. This wire basket conserves floor space as it's wall mounted; you can keep toys, keys, magazines or fruits there.

Wall fruit basket
Jenna Delicata

I was wondering hot organize the small space in my kitchen, and I found this picture! Everything is on the wall, so it's a smart space saver. This set includes the decorative fruit wire basket, wine rack and long wire shelf for spices.

Wall hanging fruit basket
Lauren Martinezify

An authentic vintage wall rack in the industrial style. It has a rectangularish frame of flat black-finished metal rods. The frame gently tapers towards the top and has fixed 3 rectangular basket holders. Three size-varied wire baskets rests in them.

Metal fruit baskets 1
Stacey Camp

A simple, but functional and nice basket for fruits and vegetables. It is made of stainless steel and provides three separate storage spaces. It is a handcrafted product with a rustic farmhouse stylization.

Hanging wire fruit basket

Sturdy, easy to mount and easy to maintain - those three baskets will keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer. Baskets are made of metal wire and they hang on durable fastenings, able to withstand even heavier loads.

Wall mounted basket
Lindsay Hal

This 3-tiered basket has got the wrought metal construction and enough spaces for fruits, vegetables, accent pieces, and much much more. It's an excellent product for kitchen, bathroom, living room and other.

Wire vegetable basket
Tara Gosselin

Small wire baskets, ideal to store fruits, veggies, bread or whatever you like constitute a cool, contemporary hack for one's kitchen decor. You can also sign them when you have chalk paint.

Wire fruit basket wall mount
Martinez Marisa

Although looking a bit rustic, this wire fruit basket is a brand-new, unused, and unworn item. It distinguishes itself with its farmhouse design, ideal for those, who like to add a bit of warm, cottage appeal.

Wire basket for wall
Alison Lew

Easy to hang and even easier to maintain, those hanging fruit baskets can be a nice idea for every kitchen. Designed of durable steel wire and covered in black, each basket properly stores and displays your fruits and vegetables.

Wall mounted wire storage baskets
Alyssa Wilsonify

Vegetables, fruits, and even warm bread-these are extremely tasty elements in the kitchen. If we put them on such a swinging metal wire fruit basket, in the form of half-eggs with a metal braid, we will get the familiarity and modernity that the kitchen needs.

Wire vegetable storage bins

Being a smooth proposition for contemporary kitchens or dining rooms, this wire storage basket can be used for fruits, veggies or bread. Hanged on the wall, it allows to save precious floor space.

Thomas bin wall storage world market would be awesome int
Lauren Johnson
Kitchen wall baskets
Alexis Hallify

The wire fruit basket are the wonderful idea to keep your fruits fresh, but also well organized in the crampy kitchen space. You can mount it on the wall to reach the additional space. You can also grow the herbs there.

Wall mount wire basket
Kristen Coll

Now, you can store your fruits and vegetables just as they should be - in stylish baskets mounted on a rail above your kitchen counter. Each basket is designed of strong wires and hangs on strong hooks loosely attached to the rail.

Wall mounted wire baskets

Wire baskets are an excellent way to get original kitchen design that is extremely functional. The simple design creates large shelves ideal for storing vegetables and fruits or other things in the kitchen.

Set of 2 small wire baskets
Abbey Kowalski
Wrought iron fruit baskets
Patterson Gracie

Made from wire, this set of kitchen baskets can be a cool, contemporary inspiration, adding some storage space for your fruits, veggies, bread or jars. They are inexpensive and lightweight.

Tier hanging woven wire metal basket fruit vegetable kitchen new
Zernike Laetitia
Wire produce baskets
Leah Wash

This chicken wire tiered basket set will make for just the perfect addition to your decor. It offers three shelves, all of which provide plenty of space for your belongings, making your interior better organized.

Wall mounted baskets
Alyssa Wilsonify

These sensational wire baskets suspended from the ceiling are a perfect combination of functionality and beautiful design. The simple design is sturdy and durable so you can store fruit and other kitchen items.

11" x 53" 4 Basket Vertical Storage Rack Color: Pewter

No horizontal space to store stuff! Try it vertical. Here's a durable metal rack in pewter finish, just fine for the purpose. Can store shampoos and lotions in your bathroom, or tools in your garage. Four tiers!

Wall mounted wire baskets storage

The wire fruit basket is a great option, if you looking for a stylish and elegant piece of decoration. Add it into the kitchen space or dinette and enjoy the solid and nicely finished accent piece.

Wire 3 tier basket tiered fruit basket 2 tiered wire
Robinson Layla
Ladder storage basket great to store fruits and veggies in
Jenna Mar
Fruit and veggie holder
Julia Lambertify
Wall mounted wire fruit basket
Jackson Melissa
Wire wall bin

Fruit basket braided with metal wires. Designed for mounting on any flat surface. Handy gadget for each kitchen. Simple form and functional design. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Wire wall mount basket
Tiffany Bail
Fruit rack
Peyton Donaldson

Simple, but useful hang racks for magazines that can also be used as holders for fruits and vegetables. They feature simple constructions with high level of solidity and they also look attractive in kitchen indoors.

Wire fruit and vegetable basket
Jenna Daviesful
Vegetable storage racks and baskets
Stuffed animal storage pinching your pennies thinking of having it
Patterson Valerie
Metal fruit basket stand
Erica Tor

Made of metal wires, the basket for fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to have funky details for the kitchen or dining room. Simple form and a lot of storage space make it perfect for everyday use.

Wire basket wall mount
Wilson Gabrielle

An interesting practical free-standing organiser for home accessories. Its metal frame is built of a tall round section stem (on a 4-prong foot and with a ring finial) and 3 diameter-varied round wire baskets.

Dark color wire basket with tiers for fruit in kitchen
Ramirez Jasmine
X 76
Tara Gosselin
Metal fruit baskets 2
Natalie Parker

Now you can easily arrange and organize your fruits and vegetables on your counter with this amazing metal fruit basket that offers three shelves, each bigger than the last one. It will keep your supplies fresh for much longer.

Custom made hanging wire fruit basket 1
Julia Anderson
Elizabeth Coupe

A decent and elegant, standing fruit basket which is a perfect addition to a regular dining room in order to impress guests. It features three tiers, each designed for a different type of fruits. The base includes two curved legs.

Metal wall baskets

A pretty vintage 2-tier standing basket for fruit. It's crafted of metal wires. It has 4 scrolled legs and a tall double-handle attached to both baskets and having a brown wooden grip at the top. Baskets have slanted out walls with a diamond design.

Euro Starburst Fruit Basket

Euro Starburst Fruit Basket

Tag 203604 2-Tier Wire Basket, 15 by 12-Inch, Antique Silver
Wall hanging wire baskets
Laetitia Anderson

Hanging fruit basket consisting of braided wires. It has convenient hook for easy mounting. Handy gadget for each home. Received positive recommendations from customers.

Enclume WBC1 Wire Fruit Basket, Hammered Steel
Wire basket filled with faux lemons and limes on top
Brittany Peterson
Julia Anderson

Banana hammock fruit holder
Lambert Abbey

Original and rustic farmhouse design. This durable rack is suitable for bathroom use as a towel rack or for kitchen use as a rack for metal storage baskets. Its durable construction is decorative and strong.