Wire Basket Chandelier

If you're looking for an interesting lighting option, browse below. The collection presents wire basket chandeliers which add quite a lot of unique character to the interior. Their light form and the wire weaving perk up the space with an eye-catching feature.

Hanging basket chandelier

If you wonder how to make a simple, industrial chandelier, this wire basket pendant light shall arouse your interest. Featuring 5 light bulbs, attached to a solid, wood balk, it constitutes a simple, but sustainable construction.

Basket chandelier 1

If you want to have a rustic, homely atmosphere in your room, try these DIY chandeliers. They are made of old wire baskets with the hole inside and hung upside down. As there is no typical lamp shade, the will give bright light.

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Wire basket light fixture 1

Phenomenal chandelier for the living room, dining room and others interiors according to taste. It is mounted on metal frame and decorated with beads.

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How to make wire hanging baskets

Hanging chandelier from wire baskets. This type of chandelier is destined for garden illuminations, because due to this lamp's construction light isn't scattered and can illuminate whole garden or patio.

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Wire basket chandelier 11

You can do it by your own, and get this great, modern but still rustic design of wire basket chandeliers. The wire basket, made of metal resembles the ones used on farms for gathering eggs or fruits. In the middle it has a rough simply light bulb.

Wire basket light

Hanging wire chandelier using solar energy is such a cool idea as energy saver in your eco style home! I love these tiny little plants, in cool intense green, they look really adorable! And this wire basket chandelier...

Wire basket chandelier 5

Nice and adorable things is what I love the most. This wire basket chandelier is either nice and adorable. I truly like this pearl shape tiny elements that is is built of. And check this adorable wall painting!

Wire basket chandelier 10

A fantastic DIY idea for a unique, rustic chandelier. It features a distressed, wooden balk and a few wired baskets that are mounted to it. The baskets serve as shades, but as there is no cover, the pendant will give bright light.

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Wire hanging basket for a chandelier

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Wire basket chandelier 29

Wire basket chandelier tutorial finally wonder how dennis would feel

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Basket light fixture

How many wire baskets have you got at home? You can use couple of them to create such beautiful and gorgous chandeliers. Made of wires, spray paint and chandelier white glass pieces. Cool think to do-it-yourself!

Wire chandelier diy

Wire basket chandelier. Maybe twist some iridescent cellophane in the basket part or something nicer. A quickie way to make your porch welcoming for an evening of entertaining or the back porch for fun atmosphere.

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Basket chandeliers

Stylish chandelier for living room, dining room, bedroom and more. It is mounted on metal frame and covered with wax paper. Lampshade gives warm tone of light. Suitable as main or additional source of light.

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Wire basket chandelier 13

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Wire basket chandelier 19

Wire basket chandelier 21

Beaded chandelier diy

Ooooh lord! When I was younger I used to have the same wire basket chandelier made of thousands of turquoise beads! I love this new school design and very fashionable look! I'm thinking of having one now!

Basket pendant light fixture

An eye-catching ingenious ball-shaped garden chandelier created from 2 hemispherical garden baskets of metal wires. They are wrapped and filled with twinkle line lights and then painted with silvery spray.

Wire basket chandelier 9

This wire basket chandelier delights with its glittering little elements. Its light form and the wire weaving perk up the space with eye-catching design, which fits suits well both living rooms and bedrooms.

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Wire basket chandelier 36

Wire basket chandelier 30

Wire basket chandelier 34

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Wire chandelier

Diy wire chandelier

A wonderful, DIY idea for a kitchen chandelier. It features a shade made of a wire basket, which is upside down and with a hole in the middle. Together with a base wrapped in an old rope, it has a great, rustic feel.

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Petal wire basket chandelier cream or lime green shades of

Basket chandelier size 52 38 h x 13 13 w

French wire chandelier

For the breakfast room roberts designed a table with a

Outdoor chandleir wire canning basket filled with jars and tealights

This is the best looking faux capiz chandelier ive seen

Light fixture reclaimed barn wood and wire baskets i would

Basket 5 Light Chandelier

Basket 5 Light Chandelier
If you're looking for some stylish and elegant decorations for your living room or bedroom, you should check out this charming chandelier. It's gonna bring you not only a unique design, but also the highest functionality!

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French wire basket chandelier chandeliers 1

1 Light Mini Chandelier

1 Light Mini Chandelier

Petal wire basket chandelier