Wine Bottle Lamps

In case you would like to have such lamps, there couldn’t have been a better chance to pick something for yourself. What you will see below is a carefully collected compilation of wine bottle lamps, all of which have their own charm. Do you know which one you will decide on?

Rachel Craven Interior Design Expert
Wine Bottles with Corks 20" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
Richardson Krystle

Wine Bottles with Corks 20" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
This intriguing and stylish table lamp with drum shade is gonna be a perfect decoration for every house or pub! Check it out now and enjoy an original design, best quality and the highest functionality.

Wine bottle lamp shades
Michele Phillips

I probably wouldn't come up with this inexpensive yet utterly stunning idea by myself. An empty wine bottle can be filled with lights on cord, such as those used to decorate a Christmas tree. Light them up and voila, a relaxing night lamp is ready to use!

Wine bottle lamps 2

A stunning DIY decoration made of old wine bottles. They are filled with string lights in different colors, which makes them a truly exceptional collection of table lamps. It will create a romantic atmosphere in the room.

Wine bottle lamps 13

DIY w/Tutorial - Love These Wine Bottle Lamps!

Hand painted wine bottles with lights
Lauren Martinezify

Crafts and power tools! I'm going to do this with the blue cat wine bottle I've been keeping for "something creative."

How to make a lamp out of wine bottle
Liliana Gadjus

Beer Bottle Lamp | Community Post: 15 Perfect Handcrafted Man Cave Decor

Wine bottle lamp shade
Stephanie Ward

You complain about lack of money, but are you full of imagination? This is a more valuable gift. You can use it thanks to small metal elements, screws, nails, steel hooks and wine bottles. In this way your garden sconces will be created.

Lighted wine bottle craft
Alexis Millerism

Turn a wine bottle into a lighting accent - After the Party: 5 Ways to Upcycle Wine Bottles

Wine bottle lamp
Megan Russell

Very original hand-made table lamp. It is recycled of old wine bottle, which is covered of glass cabochons in different colors (white, turquise and dark blue). This unique lamp is not only useful - it is very beautiful decoration too.

Wine bottle floor lamp
Julie Perez

1 Glitter Lighted Wine Bottle, Wine Bottle Lamp, Bar Light

Wine bottle lamps
Brittany Tho

I am a little obsessed with wine bottle crafts lately, which is why this great bottle to lamp repurpose from Lana Red caught my eye.  Learn how she did it with the great step by step.  I have a couple of ideas using the new glass paint from Deco Art tha

How to make lamp from wine bottle
Jessica Zernike

Wine Bottles Suspension Lamp... uber cool! Would look great over a bar, pool table, or a kitchen island!

Art noir night lights art noir lamps are a beautiful
Cintia Brook

Art Noir Night Lights, Art Noir lamps are a beautiful accent anytime but best enjoyed as a night light. This is when the art, lights, and bottle all come into play to produce a fantasy of color. , Art Noir Night Lights , Gift Ideas Project

Wine bottle lamps 22
Laetitia Kloss

Ivory Lace Covered Wine Bottle Lamp

Wine bottle lamps 12
Jenna Delicata

wine bottle lamp!!! Buy a large bottle of Livingston wine and an $8 lamp kit at Lowes. Love the light and airy look of a glass lamp.

Wine bottle lamps 5
Leah Wood

Hand Painted Christmas Winter Lighted Snowman Wine Bottle Lamp...Christmas Decor...Winter Decor...Holiday Decor

Wine bottle lamps 3
Jillian Kel

Wine bottle lamp, Hand Painted, fun bright stripes

Wine bottle lamps diy
Bush Eliza

Recycled Wine Bottle Lamp with Map World Travel by EcoArtbyNancy, $35.00 @Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Tarnock

Wine bottle lamps 14
Natasha Brow

DIY Wine Bottle Chandelier | Upcycle This! 18 Ways to Reuse Wine Bottles | Redesign Revolution

Wine bottle lamps 1
Stacy Bennett

A wine bottle lamp. Something I would never have thought of.

Wine bottle table lamp

Something for real cowboys - because that says the inscription on the bottle. This wine bottle lamp has a ice trim with navy elements. In the middle there is a star that shines. 750 ml of light, comes from the 10 light little bulbs inside.

Wine bottle lamps 10
Cynthia Patterson

Do-it-yourself recycled wine bottle lamps. Recycle your favorite used wine bottles into fun and festive lamps.

How to make wine bottle lamp
Vanessa Powell

wine bottle lighting. already have five bottles saved up for this...too sick

Wine bottle lamps 23
James Cynthia

If in the depth of your soul you feel the desire to create new original things - this wine bottle lamp is for you. Just combine the old bottle of your favorite wine and reassemble it with a very distinctive cylindrical lampshade.In black with pink flourishes.

Wine bottle lamps 6
Holly Kelly

Witch's brew wine bottle lamp | Domoniquesden - Seasonal on ArtFire

Wine Bottle Candle Lamp
Tara Gosselin

Wine Bottle Candle Lamp
This intriguing and original wine bottle candle lamp would be a perfect solution for every fan of extraordinary and stylish decorations! Check it out and enjoy an unique look in your living room or pub.

Wine lamps

Wine Bottle Crafts Projects | ... wine or any type of bottle seems to be a very popular craft project

Make lamp out of wine bottle
Bianca Noorda

I want some of these at my house! where to find the empty wine bottles?? ;-)

Hand painted lighted wine bottles
Anderson Marisa

I started researching how to make a wine bottle lamp and found that it is really quite a simple process! Come check out this easy upcycled craft! #DIY #CreateWithCree #sponsored

Bottle lamps craft
Thomson Marisa

Ideas on How to Recycle Wine Bottles

Wine bottle lamps 11
Crystal Ramirez

DIY Painted Bottle Lamp Upcycle, absolutely love how these turned out! And the coral color (Sherwin Williams Ardent Coral) is fabulous!

Wine bottle lamps 16
Craven Rachel

Nice way to add your personality to an apartment that you don't want to spend too much of money on

Wine bottle lamps 19
Watson Krystle

Ultra-modern DIY Lamps - The Ds Kit 01 and 02 Take Under 10 Minutes to Assemble (GALLERY)

Wine bottle lamps 4
Coupe Andrea

New Orleans Saints Wine Bottle Lamp

Wine bottle lamps 8

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Lighted wine bottle craft ideas
Julia Lambertify

Glass Bottle Oil Lamp Tutorial DIY..perfect for mood lighting or when loose electric..and so cute.

Diy wine bottle lamp
Dana Turn

DIY Jack Daniels Lamp- would love to try this with some wine bottles I have!

Wine bottle lamps 17
Washington Crystal

Tiki Torch tutorial with easy DIY wicks!! - can be adapted to any GLASS jar really as long as it has a lid. Can't wait to try this out this summer!

Bartender 1 Bottle Wine Bottle Holder
Natasha Rob

Bartender 1 Bottle Wine Bottle Holder

Wine bottle lamp 10
Adriana Andersson

Wine Bottle Lamp

Wine bottle diy lamp
Carmen Kowalski

Wine bottle DIY Lamp

Lamp-In-A-Box TRI-VAR-WINNN Various - Wine Bottles with Corks Tripod Lamp
Veronica Ada

Lamp-In-A-Box TRI-VAR-WINNN Various - Wine Bottles with Corks Tripod Lamp

Hanging Wine Bottle Socket Set Pendandant Lamp, Holds 9 Empty Wine Bottles. 11.5 Inches High X 15 Inches Diameter.

Hanging Wine Bottle Socket Set Pendandant Lamp, Holds 9 Empty Wine Bottles. 11.5 Inches High X 15 Inches Diameter.

Various - Wine Bottles with Corks Sport Silver Lamp
Lily Cravenable

Various - Wine Bottles with Corks Sport Silver Lamp

Wine bottle lamps 15
Maria Fost

Wine Bottle Lamp with glass candle holders

Wine Bottles with Corks 20" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
Mackenzie Poly

Wine Bottles with Corks 20" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Wine bottle lamps 18

Another wine bottle oil lamp tutorial. For indoor use, use olive oil! - paint with glass paint for holiday lanterns!

Wine Steward Wine Bottle Holder
Krystal Murp

Wine Steward Wine Bottle Holder

Christmas Santa Wine Bottle Holder
Liliana Gadjus

Christmas Santa Wine Bottle Holder
It is a fantastic wine bottle holder with Christmas Santa. It is great as a gift and as a decoration for any home. It has got a hand painted finish and beautiful design. It adds beauty to any home.

Wine bottle lamps 21