Wide Striped Curtains

Curtains in your house certainly are one of important elements. Thanks to the collection which you can see on this site, you will have a great chance to enjoy the beauty of striped curtains. Those presented here are different in terms of colours and designs. If this is your style, there is no point to look further but to take advantage of this wide choice.

Sarah Ashley Interior Design Expert
Blue and white horizontal striped curtains
Coleman Natasha

Rugby Blackout Panel | Pottery Barn Kids- Copycat this.

Black white horizontal striped curtains
Melissa Hughes

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Black and white striped curtain panels
Stacy Jen

Wide Striped Painted Curtains

Gray and white horizontal striped curtains

@Brenda McGinnis - In Living room, think...a darker band on the bottom, a lighter band in the middle and an other color using the two blues (dining room and living room) with a tan on the balcony door drapes (showing wear along the bottom.) This is an ine

Wide striped curtains
Stephanie Dav

The wonderful beige and dark green curtains in horizontal stripes. The calm colors of widely striped material perfectly composes with the black and white walls. This stylization will look great in the elegant restaurant.

Nautical striped curtains
Andrea Coo

If you want your home to truly feel warm and welcoming then you can achieve that by going for this set of amazing wide striped curtains that help you add some privacy and a lot of style to your interior.

Blue horizontal striped curtains
Perry Tiffany

Dining Room Table & Chairs Painted White, Recovered, & Monogrammed

Black and cream striped curtains
Amanda Price

A pretty corner arrangement that is characterized by a wooden chest of drawers and simple, beige window curtains with a contrasting strip in the middle. The walls feature vintage decorations and the whole room is dominated by neutral colors.

Horizontal striped drapes
Roberts Heather

19 Tips and Tricks for Window Treatments Pick the right treatments for your windows. Get to know the available options - valances, shades, panels and more - and how to best use each treatment with these easy tips

Grey horizontal striped curtains
Jessica Flor

$160 a panel. Custom made curtains - pick your colors (I'm thinking black and white). Martha & Ash on

Black and white striped drapes
Laetitia Zernike

Yet another great DIY project to utilize in your own home. A set of beautiful, unique horizontal striped curtains made from old tablecloths. Easy to do yourself and look great, giving the room a nice, modern look.

Striped panel curtains
Ross Alexandra

DIY No-Sew Painted Drop Cloth Curtain Panels | Two Thirty-Five Designs

Striped draperies
Jacqueline Cole

First the fabric.

Wide striped curtains
Angela Young

Sheer striped curtain made of ivory silk organza in gold and gray, embroidered delightfully with golden butterflies of varied sizes. A beautiful contemporary window curtain. Dry clean only. Rod-pocket design.

Navy and white striped curtain panels
Adriana Andersson

Railroad Stripe, Grey. Each horizontal stripe measures 6" with a vertical pattern repeat of 12". Made of 100% cotton 7 oz canvas duck. Also in navy/white. Uh oh, now I want new curtains :s

Brown and white horizontal striped curtains
Dominique Cox

Tan and white horizontal stripe curtains

Hillcrest Wide Stripes Curtains 2 Panels 52 x 96" Eyelet Heading Modern Window Drapes Cotton 2 Panels Grommet Top Navy Blue Charcoal Grey White
Theresa Mart

Hillcrest Wide Stripes Curtains 2 Panels 52 x 96" Eyelet Heading Modern Window Drapes Cotton 2 Panels Grommet Top Navy Blue Charcoal Grey White

Striped living room curtains
Powell Emily

Premier Custom Horizontal Wide Striped Curtain Panels- Blackout Lined (set of 2) on Etsy, $165.00

Gray horizontal striped curtains
Erika Rive

... search results for Jaipur Stripe Rod Pocket 120inch Curtain Panel

Pom tassel curtain

Pom Tassel Curtain

Black and white striped panels
Adriana Andersson

navy blue and white striped curtain panels- I want these for Judah's room! Gotta find where they sell them!

Blue cream striped curtains
Thomson Marisa


Black and white horizontal striped curtains for sale
Adriana Andersson

this little guys room is my style- navy and green nursery

Wide striped curtains
Alexis Milani

Black and cream colors are a perfect decoration for a light interior.If you are searching for trendy curtains,these may be a great elegant choise.Bold, graphic pattern in classical shades,make this wide striped curtains an important decoration for your window.

Black and ivory striped curtains

How To Paint Trim White and Choose Paint Colors | LiveLoveDIY

Black and white horizontal striped curtains
Julia Lambertify

Blissfully Ever After: DIY Painted Curtains

Weathermate Broad Stripe Window Treatment Collection
Robinson Layla

Weathermate Broad Stripe Window Treatment Collection
Beautiful curtains with broad stripe pattern and the light two-tone finish that will easily let you brighten up the interior style and let you enjoy the functionality since you can easily shield yourself from the sun.

Marquis Window Treatment Collection

Marquis Window Treatment Collection
Very elegant marquis window treatment which is a very beautiful cover for windows if you need some privacy in the house. This product was made from blend of polyester, cotton and rayon what is a perfect connection.

Cream striped curtains
Wesson Jessica

Striped drapes and chevron print accents - exactly what I want in my living room! Not these colors, though, although I do like the blue chevron.

No sew roman shades i even think i could do
Flores Karen

no sew roman shades. I even think I could do this!!! and that's saying something!

Black and white horizontal stripe curtains
Campbell Veronica

yellow and off white curtains for Tripp's room. What color roman shade for the window?

Drapes and more
Sara Ross

Drapes and more!

Black and white horizontal striped drapes

painting them would be easier than fabric..could still use the gross-grain ribbon to edge.

Wide stripe curtains
Wright Stacy

Wide Stripe Curtains

Double width thermalogic tm wide stripe grommet top insulated curtains
Michele Tayl

... Double-Width Thermalogicâ„¢ Wide Stripe Grommet-Top Insulated Curtains

Here are my diy grommet top curtains inspired by the

here are my DIY Grommet Top Curtains inspired by the Alston curtains ...

Cream and black striped curtains
Alexis Milani

curtains - buy white sheer curtains, lace ribbon, and either floral or wide striped fabric.

Neutral striped curtains
Lauren Martinezify

Love the night stands and how wide they are. Looking for something like this for the bedroom.

Diy wide stripe curtains 2
Thompson Alyssa

DIY Wide Stripe Curtains

Damask Stripe Single Curtain Panel
Theresa Price

Damask Stripe Single Curtain Panel
This single curtain panel in green is designed of 100% polyester, with Damask scroll stripe column printed on barkcloth texture fabric. The curtain panel is machine-washable, and suitable only for indoors.

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Allura Grommet Curtain Panel
Thomson Marisa

Allura Grommet Curtain Panel

Striped panel curtains 2
Martinez Marisa

This beautiful window curtains will embellish every modern living room. The combination of beige background and black stripes represents elegance and style. The stripes are of various width - from 1" to 2" and 4".

The article this was with was just about how to
Evans Liliana

The article this was with was just about how to make a room seem larger by painting wide stripes, but I'm pretty sure this is the classiest baby girl room I have ever seen. I'm fairly certain I'm using this to the T when the time comes

Interdesign Zeno Waterproof X-Wide Shower Curtain
Griffin Veronica

This sensational shower curtain is a great and super practical touch to your bathroom. Made of high quality material can be washed in the washing machine. Great patterns and colors give a nice feel to any bathroom.

Chevron curtains i thought this was a shower curtain and
Valerie Bar

CHEVRON curtains- I thought this was a shower curtain and got really excited

Blue and cream striped curtains

Navy Blue Curtain Panels Modern Geometric by exclusiveelements, $25.00

60 W Striped Denim Wide Bold Blue and White Light to Medium Weight

60 W Striped Denim Wide Bold Blue and White Light to Medium Weight

Wide stripe curtain
Lopez Ashley

Neutral White & Gray Herringbone Chevron Floor feature in House Beautiful @LaylaAgrayce

Horizontal stripe window panels

Striped Curtains - love how they're spaced so that the WHOLE window is showing.