Wicker Linen Cabinet

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Julia Lambert Interior Design Expert
Free standing linen cabinets 21

This white wicker cabinet can be a great storage space for your linens. Its louvered front door, concealing five shelves, evokes associations with cottage or shabby chic styles.

Wicker linen cabinet 11

A wicker linen cabinet with an acrylic glass surface on top. The cabinet has a handy door underneath and two doors which hide a large storage compartment separated by a shelf. Great addition to any traditional bathroom.

Wicker linen cabinet 4

Pine wood storage unit with four wicker basket serving as drawers with cutout handles. Espresso brown / coffee finish of the frame (available in grey too), cane baskets are caramel / camel brown / amber-toned.

Wicker linen cabinet 1

Multi-functional cabinet. It has two-doors case with two shelves, drawer and glazed desktop. This cabinet is made of plaiting and it is available in version covered with white paint. It will play its role ideal as a night table.

Wicker linen cabinet
Bathroom wicker cabinets wicker hampers home 1
Bathroom cabinet storage on wicker two door bathroom corner shelf
Wicker linen cabinet 2
Wicker linen cabinet 2
Wicker linen cabinet 32
Wicker linen cabinet 5
Wicker linen cabinet 9
Wicker cabinets
Bamboo vanity bathroom

Tall cabinet in oriental style. It is made of faux bamboo and fitted with glass doors. Ideal for storing beddings, towels, clothing and others necessities. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Wicker linen cabinet 16
Kendall 18" x 65" Linen Cabinet

Kendall 18" x 65" Linen Cabinet
Cabinet made of MDF and particle board. It also has full extension ball bearing glides and semi-closing, water-proof finish. The storage space is is hidden behind two doors with hinges. Additionally, the cabinet's shelves are adjustable.

Wicker linen cabinet 29
Wicker linen cabinet

Whether you're looking for new storage options or decorate and functional element for bathroom or kitchen - think about this wicker linen cabinet, with wooden frame in blue shades. 5-drawer storage tower, with wicker, baskets will meet your needs.

Wicker linen cabinet 7
Wicker linen cabinet 34
White wicker storage cabinet
Wicker linen cabinet 8
Wicker linen cabinet 13
Wicker linen cabinet 27
Wicker linen cabinet
Tall narrow 7 tier wicker shelf shown in whitewash brown
Orleans 5 Tier Shelf

Orleans 5 Tier Shelf
Bathroom shelving for cosmetics, towels and more. The construction is made of marble and combination durable metal. It should be cleaned with a dry cloth. It takes up little space and gives an elegant look.

12" W x 60" H Rotating Linen Tower with Mirror

12" W x 60" H Rotating Linen Tower with Mirror
Linen tower which was mounted on rod that allows to rotate this shelf what helps in placing and taking back things that were accommodated on this tower. It contains mirror what is very convenient and makes this furniture special.

Wicker linen cabinet 18
4060 tall wicker cabinet trellis 1 drawer wicker cabinet 4260
Wicker linen cabinet 28
Cabinet furniture rattan corner wall shelf linen curio cabinet arch
Wicker linen cabinet 30
Frans wicker furniture wicker linen white cabinet 1
Wicker linen cabinet 31
Cabinet for wicker storage
Corner etagere ups 65 wicker furniture wicker outdoor
Wicker linen cabinets wall cabinet floor cabinet
Wicker linen cabinet 33
EasyLife Versatile 4 Rattan Basket Drawer Storage Cabinet
Wicker linen cabinet 35
Three tier wicker floor shelf w two doors shown in
Wicker linen cabinet 36
This wicker laundry basket comes in white with a fabric
Benzara Mahogany Wooden Rattan Basket with 3 Shelves and Storage
Wicker linen cabinet 37
Wicker drawer storage unit baskets bedroom dresser chest shelves home
Delmore 55.1" x 11.8" Wall Mounted Cabinet

Delmore 55.1" x 11.8" Wall Mounted Cabinet

Mason 17" x 66.25" Linen Tower

Mason 17" x 66.25" Linen Tower
Useful sleek modern unit for storage linen. It is made of wood finished in white with metal hardware. Its lower section has a drawer and tempered glass door cabinet with a shelf. There are 3 adjustable open shelves in the upper section.

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