Wicker Floor Lamp

We don’t have to tell anyone about how important lamps are. In the end, it is really a rare thing to be able to pick from among such a wide range of floor lamps, all of which have their own charm. Just take a look down here and see what you like most.

Wicker floor lamp 2

Floor lamp don't have to be dull - it isn't only light source, but great decoration too. This floor lamp has shape of cylinder and it is made of glass. Glazed lampshade is covered with original wire plaiting.

Wicker floor lamp 12

White wicker floor lamp

Floor lamp mounted on wicker base. Perfect as additional source of light in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Antique wicker floor lamp

This unique floor lamp enchants with its wicker construction - solid and lightweight - adding a fresh character into the space. It will fit perfectly well into contemporary interiors.

White wicker lamp

Classy approach to a wicker floor lamp with an unusual look, created by wicker wires woven around the whole piece. The lamp gives off a rustic vibe and would fit in nicely in any bedroom, both modern and traditional.

Rattan floor lamp 1

Wicker floor lamp 5

Antique wicker floor lamp 1

Antique Wicker Floor Lamp
An eye-catching vintage floor lamp of woven wicker with various patterns and an off-white finish. It has an ornate tall stem, woven over a wooden core) flared towards the bottom and tapered upwards. An umbrella-like lampshade accommodates 1 bulb.

Glow deco collections

Wicker floor lamp 19

Wicker floor lamp 3

This unique floor lamp is sure to delight with its woven wicker clean style any outdoor (and indoor) space. Waterproof, in white shades has starfish base. Place it on a porch, deck, patio or gazebo and enjoy easy outdoor lighting without worry.

Wicker floor lamp 37

Wicker floor lamp 32

Wicker floor lamp 7

Wicker floor lamp 14

Wicker floor lamp 1

Wicker floor lamp 2

Wicker floor lamp 26

Wicker floor lamp 35

Wicker floor lamp 29

Wicker floor lamp 6

Wicker floor lamp 17

Wicker floor lamp 30

Wicker floor lamp 20

Antique wicker floor lamp 2

Antique Wicker Floor Lamp

Wicker floor lamp 39

Wicker floor lamp 22

Wicker floor lamp 36

Arcadia Wicker Floor Lamp

Arcadia Wicker Floor Lamp
Brighten up our room with warmth and Asian style, using this beautiful floor lamp. The base is shaped like a brown wicker basket, and accommodates a rectangular off-white shade. The lamp is eco-friendly, and includes an on/off switch.

Wicker floor lamp 31

Antique wicker floor lamp 3

Antique Wicker Floor Lamp

All weather outdoor rattan wicker floor lamp 79 99

Wicker floor lamp 4

Wicker floor lamp

Coastal girl bedroom ideas

White wicker lamps

Wicker floor lamp 15

Wicker floor lamp 8

Wicker floor lamp

Wicker 60" Floor Lamp

Wicker 60" Floor Lamp
A stunning floor lamp that will provide more than enough light for your interior to make it both feel warm and charming and still make it functional and perfectly lighted, while the lamp structure ensures a nice boost of visual appeal.

All weather outdoor rattan wicker floor lamp in bronze by

Wicker floor lamp 24

Rare large antique wicker floor lamp having and four flared

Lot of lighten floor lamps which made of rattan bamboo

Home products floor lamps cylinder wicker floor lamp

Ayer Floor Lamp

Ayer Floor Lamp

Wicker floor lamp handcrafted in indonesia from bhome bandon oregon

Home products floor lamps curved wicker floor lamp

Rattan floor lamp customer favorites

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