White Wall Clocks

Looking for a simple clock with a universal style? Look below and browse the white wall clocks I've collected. They have minimalist designs and are sure to complement lots of interiors well due to the simple style. Jump below and check them out.

Mr white wall clock 2

Mr White Wall Clock
A functional and sophisticated addition to any type of indoors. This white clock features a round shape and black hands that show large Arabic numbers. It is an item created for lovers of minimalistic style.

La Crosse Illuminated 403-310 10 Inch White frame clock

Wall clock with white frame, battery saving mechanism, high quality quartz movement, LED illuminated hands and option to manually set time. Additionally, the dial features large and easy to read black number.

White wall clocks

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Ornate wall clock very french baroque style off white with

Ornate wall clock. Very French Baroque style. Off-white with a ...

Seiko QXA520WLH Wall Clock

It is a contemporary wall clock that has got a white finish and fits to any style and décor. If you looking for a simple wall clock, you need to choose this one. It is a very good choice.

Mr white wall clock 4

Mr White Wall Clock
A simple, minimal and functional element for wall mounting. This round clock features a white face with large arabic numbers. Its black hands are readable and they work in a very effective way. This simple stylization matches any room.

Maple's 12-Inch Wall Clock, White Face with Colored Numerals

This 12-inch diameter wall clock can be a cheerful addition for dining rooms and kitchens. The round white face features colorful Arabic numerals, black hands, a red second hand, and provides superior quality movement.

EasyRead Time Teacher Children's Wall Clock with simple 3 Step Teaching System. 12" dia, learn to tell the time, ages 5-12.

This type of product is a simple, but stylish and functional wall clock. It is an ideal element created for teaching children how to use a clock. The overall size of this round clock is 11.4 x 1.6 x 11.4 inches.

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock
Retro style wall clock made of solid plastic, features clean clock face, quality quartz clock movement with two hands, durable cover for added protection, and elegant style. Requires on AA battery to run.

Unity Fradley 30 cm 12-inch Silent Sweep Non-Ticking Modern Wall Clock, White

This kind of wall clock is a device created for use in modern indoors. The device has got a round shape. It is a non-ticking clock that assures a silent and very convenient work. It requires 1 x AA battery.

White wall clocks 1

White Wall Clock modern-clocks

15.75" Antique Square Wall Clock

15.75" Antique Square Wall Clock
This item is a square clock designed for wall mounting. It provides a touch of antique style into the house. It has got a white, old looking background with black hands and black Roman numbers for showing current time.

Braun BNC006GYGY Classic Analog Quartz Wall Clock

A simple, but very modern and attractive stylization in the house. This element is a round wall clock that has got classic arabic numbers that have got white color. They are easy to read. Its mechanism offers a high precision.

Equity by La Crosse 25201 10 Inch White Clock

Highly versatile, elegant wall clock with 10 inch white frame. It is made of plastic with black metal hands and red secondhand. Features high quality analog quartz movement. Requires one AA battery (not included).

Vandor 70689 Marilyn Monroe 13.5" Cordless Wood Wall Clock, White, Black, and Red

Enhance your decor with bold attitute and have this round wall clock with a high-resolution colored photo of divine Marilyn Monroe right on your wall. This clock may complement both retro and contemporary decor.

Seiko Wall Quiet Sweep Second Hand Clock Curved Glass Crystal White Dial

This aesthetic wall clock can be a stylish and functional addition for both homes and offices. The clock features a beautiful white frame with glass cover, a white face with Arabic numerals and second hand, and ensures quick and easy mounting.

DecoMates Non-Ticking 24-Hour Silent Wall and Desk Clock, Black

This wall clock features silent non-ticking mechanism and attractive retro inspired design. The time is very easy to read, as the Arabic numerals are black on white face, and the black hands are very thick.

White wall clock

Elegant and very restful place. The minimal modern white wall clock on the white wall looks contemporary and cool. All space looks aesthetic and very clean.

LGI Modern Contemporary 3D Wall Clock - Choose Your Color

This #D wall clock perfectly accentuates both modern and contemporary interiors. The clock is crafted from wood, available in various colors, features large Arabic numerals, and requires 1 AA battery (not included).

10" Antique Contour Wall Clock

10" Antique Contour Wall Clock
Dreamlike clock in antique style designed to hang on the wall. It is equipped with a mechanism powered by one AA battery. The pad is made of plastic. Suitable for any interior according to taste.

White wall clock 22

Sporting an utterly clean look with the white face and the metal accents this wall clock will prove to be the most suitable choice for any room of your contemporary-styled interior and ensures loads of elegance.

JustNile 3D Modern Contemporary Quiet Wall Clock - 12-inch Round White

Simple modern clock with unique 3-dimensional black Arabic numerals and straight hands on a pure white face. Round shape, clean lines, functionality - this is what this clock offers you and your home decor.

White wall clock 37

A cool vintage style battery-powered wall clock crafted of wooden materials with a distressed white finish. It has a round frame, a glazed dial, large black Roman numerals and ornate black metal hands.

Retro red and white wall clock

Retro Red And White Wall Clock
Wall clock in retro style. It has quartz movement and Arabic numeral. Sophisticated decoration for each place. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Daria wall clock distressed white finish under glass large 24

Daria Wall Clock Distressed White Finish; Under Glass - Large 24''

White wall clock 11

This white wall clock enchants with its intricate small accents. For example look at the floral adornments on its top and the ornate clock face. It features visible Roman numerals and its arabic equivalents.

Yosemite Home Decor Circular Iron Skip Movement Wall Clock, Distressed White Iron Frame with Glass

Feel like you’re back in the 19th century London, with this Kensington Clock replica. A beautiful, distressed white wall clock, bound to give your home a cosy, rustic appearance and remind you of the olden days.

Black and white wall clock 1

Black And White Wall Clock
Avant-garde design for a funky wall clock made with a brushed aluminum frame with a shiny, high polish finish. The wall clock is fitted with dark blue, minimalistic clock hands and a surrounding set of white, plastic checkers.

Springfield 91572 Dual Sided Outdoor Thermometer and Clock with Wall Bracket

It is a beautiful station thermometer and clock that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. If you looking for stylish clock, you need to choose this one. It is a nicely finished and fantastic product.

White wall clock 9

A product that plays functional and decorative roles in different indoors. This round wall clock includes white face with black Roman numbers. They are large and readable. Its mechanism is accurate and reliable.

Mr white wall clock 3

Mr White Wall Clock
This kind of clock is a very functional and decorative piece of equipment. It represents a sophisticated style that matches any decor. This round clock measures 20"diam. x 3"h. It has got a round shape and white colour.

Geneva/advance Clock Co 8101 "Advance&tmreg" White Plastic Wall Clock 10"

No nonsene and no exaggeration are present here! This ultra-simple wall clock is just what one needs to know the time: white plastic frame, white 10'' face, black Arabic numerals and straight black hands.

Timekeeper Meridian Office Wall Clock with White Face/Black Hands/Red Second, 12-Inch, White/Chrome

This type of element is a wall clock that has got a round shape and simple stylization. It has got readable dials and it shows not only current time, but also current date. Its front is covered by plastic.

Ajanta white wall clock

Ajanta White Wall Clock

Geneva/Advance Clock 8102 Tradition 10-Inch Round Black Wall Clock - Quantity 6

Round wall clock in traditional form. It is fitted with Arabic numeral and quartz movement. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Neutral design for all kinds of interior according to taste and need.

Kibardin Design Clock - White & White

Contemporary wall/desk clock with alarm and date display. It has white LED digits that grab the eye and are easy to read. The clock uses outlet for main power and battery as a complement for power outage backup.

DecoMates Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock with Roman Numerals

Wall clock with non-ticking, silent mechanism, classic black and white design, large and easy to read Roman numerals, gold second hand and flat lens. The clock is a long lasting construction thanks to the use of high quality materials.

Karlsson Wall Clock Double Sided Aluminum

this 14-inch diameter double sided wall clock features a stainless steel frame, accommodating a white round face that is covered with glass lens. The clock includes black hands, a red second hand, and black bars instead of numbers. Requires 1 AA battery.

Cottage wall clocks

If you are looking for amazing and original looking and large clock for your home this is something just perfect for you. Old and fascinating looking clock face with big iron hands would bring a lot of attention into it.

Shabby chic wall clock

A pretty traditional farmhouse style set comprising of a simple wooden table with a natural finish and a rectangular woven tray with flared sides and 2 C-like handles. All is complemented by a charming white ceramic cup full of white flowers.

Springfield 91501 By the Sea Clock with Thermometer

This is not another ordinary sea-themed wall clock. Its face has a surprising print of a sand, with a tiny foot print on it. Sea blue trim matches the style particularly well! The clock has a Fahrenheit thermometer.

Vintage Rose Pendulum Wall Clock

Admirable beautifully adorned pendulum wall clock that has a lovely rose design surrounding the face that is hand-painted with soft pinks and greens. Real working pendulum swings from the botton to add even more style to the piece.

Creative Wall Decor Collage Photo Frame Set with Clock, Wall Sticker

This wall art is a unique combination of a wall clock, photo collage and artwork! Stick the elements to your wall in any arrangement you like and boost the cozy atmosphere in your ambiance! Don't forget to place your favourite pictures in the frames!

Geneva Clock Co 8001 Advance Wall Clock (White)

It is a classic casual wall clock that has got a white finish and it fits to any style and décor. If you looking for simple wall clock, you need to choose this one. It is a fantastic choice.

Copper wall clocks

A minimal wall clock with easy wall-mounting and a shipshape silhouette. The clock is embedded in a metal round case, with a white round dial, two black metal hands and one matching case second hand.

EasyRead Time Teacher Children's Wall Clock with 2-step Digital / Analogue Time Teaching System, 12" diameter

A very interesting type of product that is created for children and their parents. It is a wall clock that helps to teach children how to read the current time from the clock. It has got a round shape and attractive colors.

Olive Kids - Trains, Planes and Trucks Clock (White)

With intense, bright colors and trains, planes and trucks pictures, this waall clock will bring joy to your kid's room. It comes with solid glass top and the high-quality mechanism that works very quietly.

DecoMates Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock with Built-in Thermometer, Taupe/White

This product is a wall clock ideal for people who like silent clocks. It works without problems and it features a built-in thermometer. It has got a traditional round shape and large, visible numbers.

Yosemite Home Decor Square MDF Wall Clock, Distressed White Wooden Frame with Glass

Distressed square wall clock with black Roman numerals. Goes well with retro decor and vintage themed ambiance. The face is protected by glass. The case is made of MDF board. With Kensington Station motif.

IMPECCA Non Ticking Wall 12" Clock (Metallic Grey)

Clock which has 12 inch in diameter and simple design. Additionally, thanks to the metallic gray finish it fits almost all interiors. Big numerals make it appropriate even for people who have problems with their sight.