White Metal File Cabinet

What do you think about these metal file cabinets? If you consider them to be useful and nice looking, maybe you should check all the photos with different arrangements which are presented below. You can pick the one you like most, from a variety of sizes, colours and designs – are you waiting for anything more?

Laetitia Smith Interior Design Expert
White metal file cabinet 2
Harris Jaclyn

The simple design of this stylish metal cabinet for files is a great combination of vintage style and interesting functional details. White bases and dark drawers with descriptions are extremely impressive.

White metal filing cabinet
Allen Heather

The beautifully decorated blue metal file cabinet is an original and very attractive interior design item. The whole has capacious drawers, and the small form allows you to integrate the furniture into the decor easily.

White metal file cabinet 26

Simple DIY project to make your filing cabinets not so ugly!

White metal file cabinet 1

Slender file cabinet - thrift store find! Cleaned up and repainted ... great for home office

White metal file cabinet 3
April Bar

Stylishly weathered and emanating with rustic charm; this lovely cabinet is wood-crafted and covered in a distressed off-white finish. Features 3 file drawers - each with a name plaque and a decorative metal pull-handle.

White metal file cabinet 2
Jacqueline Tho

Filing Cabinet Makeovers! Decorate your classrom

White metal file cabinet 5
Cintia Kowalski

Good-looking and modern metal white file cabinet. An ideal solution to your home study to put your papers in and never lose anything important. You can add black little plates and write what is where.

White metal file cabinet 12
Stephanie Wil

decoupage maps on metal filing cabinet....makeover

Drew 3 Drawer Mobile Pedestal File Cabinet

Drew 3 Drawer Mobile Pedestal File Cabinet
iThis mobile file cabinet is a perfect place to storage your papers and documents. It is made of metal and It has a three different sizes drawers which can be safely lock. Durable wheels provide mobility.

White metal file cabinet 25

How to Remove Rust From Metal using household items

Metal map cabinet
April Bar

An aesthetic rectilinear file cabinet of white-painted metal. It features a vertically slatted design on side walls. It's equipped with 2 large drawers with rectangular label frames and quite long horizontal C-pulls.

Hirsh Industries 20" Deep Box-Box-File Mobile Pedestal in White
Laetitia Anderson

Hirsh Industries 20" Deep Box-Box-File Mobile Pedestal in White

White metal file cabinet 16
Peterson Michelle

Stow Away- In a home that's short on storage space, these white metal file drawers are staple organizational tools. The multiple-drawer cabinets are perfect places to stow away toys and media gadgets, and they work well for keeping art supplies organized

White metal file cabinet 4

White metal cabinets are a great solution for any interior design. Practical cabinet design allows you to store important documents and more. Attractive slogans on the cabinets add all the unique style.

White metal file cabinet
Holly Cox

Filing Cabinet Drawer Detail

White metal file cabinet
Katherine Rog

File Cabinet Size For Every Different Purpose

White metal file cabinet 10
Alyssa Wilsonify

Build a Modular Office - Wide Bookshelf/File Base

How to decorate a metal file cabinet

File cabinet for residential and commercial use. Includes 4 drawers arranged vertically. It is completely made of metal. Suitable for organization of documents at home and in the office.

White metal file cabinet 17
Jasmine Mit

The Inspired Collection: Totally Glam Filing Cabinet

White metal file cabinet 15

i've got a filing cabinet like this is we need it. need to remove some stickers/tape and clean it up though//How to- Paint a metal filing cabinet

Home office furniture 12

File cabinet for residential and commercial premises. It is mounted on wooden frame. Includes 2 drawers arranged vertically. Neutral and functional design for each place.

White metal file cabinet
Jessica Zernike

Interior Design, File Cabinets to Store Your Important Documents: White Metal File Cabinet

White metal file cabinet 27
Brittany Ree

Automotive paints applied to wood and metal furniture result in glossy, sparkly factory finishes.

Office furniture corner desk
Susan Mill

Who said that the home office should be boring. Painting the wood plank and connecting it symmerically to the cabinets create your own, totally customized work space. Adding some knick-knacks improves the image of the space dedicated especially to you.

White metal file cabinet

Using mod podge to transform a boring plastic storage drawer. Ok, this I have to try!

Metal filing cabinet makeover
Amanda Mart

Practical element of home equipment. This metal file cabinet features four drawers with solid metal handles and holders for labels. Neutral colored construction of this cabinet is based on durable and wear-resistant metal.

White metal cabinet
Mendes Natasha

A functional and capacious addition for indoors; this file cabinet is characterized by durable metal construction with a fine blend of white and espresso accents. Features 4 file drawers with name plaques and pinkish pulls, and a black mate sides that can be used as a chalkboard.

White metal cabinets

The metal file cabinets brings into mind the nightmare of visiting your local public office. Hopefully fixing it with the the colorful stickers could change it into a dreamed-of piece of furniture, which still fulfilling its function.

Antique metal filing cabinet
Monica Coop

Small apartment can be decoarted in very functional style with help with this cabinet. Made of solid metal with three large shelves will force you to edit things you don't need and storage them in one place.

White metal file cabinet 6

Who said that office spaces cannot be stylish as well? This DIY white metal file cabinet proves that you can add brightness and liveliness to every interior. All thanks to the universal combination of glistening white and blue lacquer.

White metal file cabinet 7
Cooper Denise

A typical file cabinet which was given a new life by a simple upgrade. The change was made with the use of a primer, painting tape, and gold paint. This metal cabinet which was originally white metal is now nicely decorated with golden elements.

White 3 drawer file cabinet 1
Long Stephanie

An aesthetic metal file cabinet painted in white. It has a rectilinear frame, a rectangular top and is equipped with identical drawers in 3-drawer rows and 3 tiers. Each drawer has a rectangular metallic label holder with a small drop-like pull.

White metal file cabinet 9
Yulia Thompson

You are collecting small cards, are you lovers of libido? So you're backing such a cabinet ideal for storing documents. Metal, with many small square drawers - has a white color with black numbers that add an industrial dimension.

White metal file cabinet 4

Metal filing cabinet with stunning factory lamp in background. I love the touch of 'travel chic', too, brought in with the various wooden ornaments, leather camp/director's chair, and large pottery urn

South Shore Interface 2-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet, Natural Maple
Liliana Gadjus

South Shore Interface 2-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet, Natural Maple

3-Drawer Standard File Cabinet
Theresa Robi

3-Drawer Standard File Cabinet

White metal file cabinet 18
Bianca Noorda

My Passion For Decor: My Pottery Barn Desk Hack - great step-by-step instructions, direct link to this blog :)

Kathy Ireland Volcano Dusk 34" Lateral File in Driftwood Dreams

Kathy Ireland Volcano Dusk 34" Lateral File in Driftwood Dreams

White metal file cabinet 22

this just proves that you don't need loads of money to style a room. Simple but smart choices make for a modern and interesting room.

White 3 drawer file cabinet
Thompson Alyssa

Modern design for a handy and practical office desk, made out of painted aluminum with a matte finish and wheels on the bottom, which make it easy to move around. The three drawer file cabinet provides additional storage space, as the desk does not have its own drawer.

Hirsh Industries 20" Deep File-File Mobile Pedestal in White

Hirsh Industries 20" Deep File-File Mobile Pedestal in White

Revive salvaged filing cabinets fast easily with paint and paper

Revive salvaged filing cabinets fast & easily with paint and paper.

White metal file cabinet 24
Bush Eliza

I just bought something like this, it's an old metal filing cabinet with catalog drawer pulls. can't wait to paint it.

Lateral File Color: Standard White, Size: 40.87" H x 36" W x 19.25" D
Evans Liliana

Lateral File Color: Standard White, Size: 40.87" H x 36" W x 19.25" D

Metal magazine stand 1
Weber Lily

The ABC's of DIY Decorating : Page 07 : Decorating : Home & Garden Television

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I love all of the details of this attic craft
Margaret Miller

I love all of the details of this attic craft room.

White metal file cabinet 28

Organize In Style With Original Paper Filing Ideas

Fixing up an old filing cabinet using mod podge fabric

fixing up an old filing cabinet using mod podge, fabric and spray paint.

White metal file cabinet 29

A makeover for an ugly file cabinet. We have 3-4 of these that just make me shudder every time I walk by them, but there is hope!