White Ceramic Candle Holders

White ceramic candle holders are among the hottest decorating trends now. The popular contemporary designs, with intricate carved-out patterns, create a truly magical ambiance as the candlelight shines through the multiple holes and gaps. Browse the collection, and if you don’t buy anything, you can try to make a similar candle holder yourself using air dry clay.

Eliza Bush Interior Design Expert
White ceramic candle holders 1

With those egg-shaped works of art, your home will be oozing with romantic ambiance and warm coziness. Intricately designed of quality white ceramic, those candle holders create an illusion of a sparkling yolk that shines through the spiral shell.

White ceramic candle holders

Constructed of captivating ceramics, candle holders are an excellent combination of beautiful lanterns and attractive finishes. The shower subtly illuminates the interior by introducing a unique atmosphere.

Ceramic candle holders

Do you need some decorations for your home? These birds on wire maxi tealight white porcelain ceramic candle holders are a lovely addition into any room. They will make a grand impression.

Ceramic candlestick holders

This candle holder is a beautiful and decorative item that features an interesting form of a shell. Its white earthenware clay material is not only solid, but it also looks very good in many interior stylizations.

White ceramic candle holders 3

Resembling ghosts, these white ceramic candle holders can be a great Halloween decoration. Smoothly adorning one's table or windowsills, they will add a spooky, whimsical climate.

Ceramic candle holder 11

Such lovely candle holders will make your home just lovely. Designed of quality ceramic and decorated with beautiful cutouts, they radiate with soothing warm light, perfect for intimate gatherings.

Ceramic candle stand

Natural materials reign supreme in interiors decorated in Provencal style. One of the most important are ceramics, especially the white one, as in the form of these white ceramic candle holders and the most beautiful if it has an irregular perforated texture.

White ceramic candle holders 14

Made from stylish white ceramic, these candle holders enchant with their detailed finish. Containing 3 items, the set resembles beautiful, tenement houses from the Victorian age.

White ceramic candle holders

This ceramic candlestick shows us the roots of the elements' clinging to home - when only a human hand could bring a new thing to life. For example, a ceramic white traditional candle holder with one leg on a round base.

White ceramic candle holders

These enamelled metal crowns are a beautiful candle holders. They are made of white ceramic, and they will be an attractive addition to the bedroom, living room, bathroom and more.

Ceramic candle holder 19

Handmade clay white ceramic candle holders are an excellent combination of beautiful style, subtle detailing and functionality. Pottery execution adds to them a unique expression that delights into the interior.

Ceramic house candle holder

Tuscany style, maybe a bit Victorian, somehow vintage - describe them the way you want, and no matter the result, these white ceramic candle holders for sure boost the ambiance when placed strategically here and there.

Ceramic tea light holder

This small tealight holder will be a romantic accent in your living room or bedroom. Made from white ceramic, it enchants with its handcrafted finish. Available at VanillaKiln.

Ceramic candle holder 25

Bring some warm light and intimate ambiance into your home or outdoor area, with this pretty candle holder. Made of quality ceramic, the holder boasts of intricate construction, accommodating one small candle.

Love houses modern ceramic candle holders von simoneceramics
Ceramic candle holder 37

Aesthetic height-varied contemporary candle lanterns crafted of quality white ceramic with intricate pinhole designs. Taller lanterns have tapered bottom parts and pinholes up but the smallest one - a shape of a barrel and pinholes on whole surface.

Ceramic candle holder 3

Stylish candle holder made of high quality ceramic and finished with openwork pattern. Sophisticated decoration for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

White ceramic candle holders 3

These candle holders were hand cast from concrete in an environmentally friendly and lasting process. Their imperfections are unique and accentuate the beauty of their forms; these candle holders will endure and change over time.

Ceramic tealight candle holders

A fabulous set of 3 candle holders that boasts of a French country design and stylishly distressed white finish. Each piece has different size and shape, giving you various decorations for indoor use.

Porcelain candle holders

A lovely accessory for both indoor and outdoor use, that will, instantly, put you in a romantic mood. This beautiful tealight holder is full of intricate gaps that form a beautiful, tangled-like pattern. It's made of white ceramic and looks, simply, gorgeous.

Large white ceramic candle holder
White ceramic candle holders 12

Modern design for an abstract, avant-garde ceramic candelabra with a unique shape which gives it a mid-century appearance. The piece has three spots for candles and would look nicely in a contemporary living room.

White ceramic candle holders 10

Why not opt for these sublime and truly beautiful handbuilt hosta leaves made from clay and offering the perfect example of art that is pottery. It offers the wall hanging design and the light green color.

White ceramic candle holders 7

Simple, but charming indoor decoration for winter... A small porcelain house with stars shaped cutout holes to let the light shine through... Another version of a white ceramic candle holder. I couldn't like it more.

White ceramic candle holders 2

Who of you would resist the hypnotizing appeal of this lovely owl? Made from classic, it represents a classic white and blue patterning. Adorned with floral motives, it will add charm and warmth to any interiors.

Ceramic candle holder 32
Ceramic candle holder 27

Stylish candle holders in the shape of animals. It is made of high quality ceramics. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Unique decoration for all kinds of interiors according to taste.

White ceramic candle holders 2
White ceramic candle holders 1
Ceramic Pillar Candle Holder Gloss White

Ceramic Pillar Candle Holder Gloss White
This candle holder is a beautiful accent piece and decoration for your home. It is made of ceramic and has got a gloss white finish. It adds style and beauty to any room in your home.

White ceramic candle holders
Ceramic candlestick
Ceramic candle holder 15
Special order hand engraved set branches of by tokyocraftstudios 118
Ceramic tea light holders
White ceramic candle holders 4
Pair of porcelain tea light holders i bought a similar
White ceramic candle holder 1

Wall mounted candle holders for each place according to taste and need. Includes screw holes for easy mounting. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Neutral design for each place as needed.

Ceramic pillar candle holder
Ceramic votive candle holders
White ceramic candle holders 6
White tea light holders
Biedermann & Sons Assorted Ceramic Rock Tealight Candle Holders, Set of 6
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Big white openwork porcelain candle holder by bloomingville
Koivu birch range raku ceramic tea light holder kippo black
White ceramic candle holders 4
Porcelain fruit bowl
3 Piece Ceramic Candlestick Set

3 Piece Ceramic Candlestick Set