Waterford Crystal Crystal Table Lamp

Crystal table lamp? If you think that you could make use of such elements at home, there is no better place to choose from than this collection. Many people have already chosen something for themselves from this variety, and you can do that, too. The main question is now which one will it be?

Belline 29" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Belline 29" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
It is very pretty, decorative and extremely decorative lamp on the cabinet. It is made of crystal base and a delicate shade in the Empire style. This makes it extremely elegant, has a lot of class, and at the same time is very decorative.

Waterford lamps discontinued

Made in stylish vintage crystal form, table lamps are a lovely addition to any interior design. Romantic elements create a unique composition that makes the interior take on a beautiful and stunning character.

Waterford pineapple lamp

This Waterford Crystal lamp with white shade enchants with its glamorous finish, being a great proposition for all refined or sophisticated interiors. Golden base and crystal, glazed body create a prestigious appeal.

Vintage waterford crystal small table lamp boudoir dresser light

Vintage Waterford Crystal Small Table Lamp Boudoir Dresser Light
Maintained in a very good condition, this vintage Waterford Crystal Small Table lamp Boudoir has a still a lot to offer. Its charming, antique design will add a romantic ambiance to any living room or bedroom. Measures 10" tall x 6" wide x 5 1/2" wide at the base.

Waterford lamp 2

This crystal glass lamp is a contemporary element of equipment that provides small light and decorates indoors. Its lower part includes a round base for more stability and support. This crystal construction is solid and attractive.

Waterford crystal table lamps

The effective crystal base of this cute table lamp makes the interior more elegant and unique in style. Beautiful gilding adds style and glamor style. Beautiful lampshade captivates by adding all lightness.

Waterford lamps

A breathtaking table lamp for contemporary interiors, with a waterford design and snow-white fabric imperial shade. Embellished with gold accents, the lamp shines with timeless elegance and extraordinary appearance.

Waterford crystal crystal table lamp 2

A wonderful classic electric table lamp with 2 switch chains. Its beautiful brass base has a curved foot, a tapered up stem with a decorative base and grooved bottom and top collars. A wide epergne-like shade of clear glass has geometric patterns.

Lamps lighting 12

Lamps Lighting
For those missing traditional design accents in their space, this extraordinary hurricane table lamp proffers fine solution. Translucent crystal globe shade makes the lamp glitter when lighted. A dazzling beauty!

Vintage princess house leaded crystal

Vintage Princess House Leaded Crystal
This Waterford crystal table lamp will add a glamorous antique touch to any space. Embodying elegance and refinement, it originates from the 1970's and measures only 11 inches high.

Waterford crystal table lamp 1

Waterford inishmaan lamp

The crystal lamp is associated with many people only with a home decorated in a classic palace style, filled with antiques - but this Waterford crystal table lamp with a crystalline transparent stem introduces a glamorous style.

Small waterford lamp

A piece of simply utmost beauty and refined appeal. This crystal table lamp sports the gold finish of its base that contrasts perfectly with the transparent, clear glass of the shade creating a true masterpiece.

Waterford crystal lamp base

Enchanting with its crystal finish, this Schonbek Princessa table lamp enchants with its exclusive, antique appeal. Having a Waterford crystal base, it will add refinement, wherever used.

Waterford lamp shade

Finery - is a perfect word to describe presented here Waterford crystal table lamp. It will surely bring an elegant glow to your desk. Brass finishes, combine subtly with the characteristic cuts in the base glass.The lampshade has a traditional and beige form.

Waterford lamps 2

If you need a little bit of luxury, you should buy this sophisticated table lamp stylised on antique. It has carved kickstand covered with gold and beautiful lampshade made of glass with crystal finishing.

Waterford lamps 29

Contemporary and modern chandelier with attractive glass crystals. This element of home design assures the appropriate level of light and it also decorates indoors. Its construction is resistant to wear.

Waterford lismore wine decanter and four wine goblets

Waterford Lismore Wine Decanter And Four Wine Goblets
This Waterford Lismore set comprises a wine decanter along with four wine goblets, all made from high-quality crystal glass, providing long-lasting solidness and durability. Its detailed finishing, featuring lots of subtle accents will enhance any refined space.

Waterford lamps 3

Table lamp in elegant style. Glass base is decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. Lampshade is covered with fabric and finished with ruffles. Stylish accent for bedroom, living room and more.

Waterford lamps 19

Sophisticated and elegant approach to a Waterford crystal chandelier with an eclectic, over the top appearance. The chandelier is fitted with a bunch of hanging crystals and artificial candles which are safe to use.

Waterford Swingarm Floor Lamp

Waterford Swingarm Floor Lamp
It is a very interesting and very original floor lamp which is ideally suited to the rich and traditional interior. It has decorated its leg and very nice, spreading shade. It is a very interesting solution for the living room.

Waterford crystal table lamp belline with original shade brass accents

Waterford Crystal Table Lamp Belline With Original Shade Brass Accents
This Waterford Crystal table lamp will add style and chic to any living room or bedroom decor. Its beautiful brass base and original shade emphasize the refined character of the item.

2 stunning waterford cut crystal glass brass columb table lamps

2 Stunning Waterford Cut Crystal Glass Brass Columb Table Lamps Pair Finials
30-40 years ago, crystals were a decoration of almost every apartment - nobody could imagine a home without a crystal element exposed on a sideboard, even in the form of two Waterford crystal table lamps with a crystal tube and a brass gilded handle.

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Waterford kilkenny 29 inch table lamp

Waterford Kilkenny 29 Inch Table Lamp
This Waterford crystal table lamp will be a gorgeous way to the so-called empire or glamour appeal to your decor. Polished brass finish complements well the intricate detailing of the Kilkenny pattern’s signature cuts. It measures 29 Inches overall.

Vintage crystal table lamp

Electric table lamp stylised on antique. Both kickstand and lampshade are made of carved, beautiful glass stylised on crystals. This lamp is dedicated for everyone, who dreams about a little bit of luxury, but isn't very rich.

061119 waterford crystal table lamp h 18 38

Waterford crystal lamps 1

This magnificent table lamp oozes with detailed design and breathtaking elegance. Its body is made of crystal glass, beautifully emphasized by a brass-finished waterfall and a matching round base, and topped with a white fabric bell shade.

Waterford crystal table lamp

Waterford Crystal Table Lamp
Add a piece of true elegance and utmost style to your interior with this stunning crystal table lamp that is constructed solely out of the high quality crystal glass and would make for the ultimate table lamp, brightening up any space.

Waterford crystal lamp shade

Waterford crystal hospitality pineapple lamp with brass trim shade

Waterford Crystal Hospitality Pineapple Lamp With Brass Trim Shade
A highly-decorative table lamp for accentuating contemporary homes and offices. Its design is, simply, impeccable, consisted of a crystal glass body, a brass-finished metal base, and an off-white fabric bell shade.

Waterford crystal polished brass kilkenny accent lamp 020 465 07

Waterford crystal crystal table lamp 7

Discontinued waterford lamps clearance waterford crystal georgetown table lamp

Stunning Waterford crystal table lamp. Too bad these gorgeous accent lamps are discontinued, but I'll surely take some inspiration from this clear fine cut crystal base, immaculate white shade and gilted elements.

Waterford crystal crystal table lamp 1

A fabulous addition for improving your home decor and illuminate your room with distinctive charm. Characterized by a waterford design, the lamp rests on a crystal pole, while holding a red fabric drum shade with a gold finial.

Waterford hospitality 25

Lismore 22" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Lismore 22" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
It is unusual and very elegant lamp, which is ideally suited to the bedroom. Leg lamp is transparent, which means that a lot of the class. It looks interesting and intriguing. At the same time, very interesting lamp is diffused by the glass leg.

Waterford crystal hurricane lamps

Waterford crystal kells 30 inch table lamp

Waterford Crystal Kells 30 Inch Table Lamp
Elaborate crystal lamp like this has power to bring grand style and almost aristocratic charm to any room. Lucid crystal glass and gilted elements create a tall base supporting the clean white bell shade.

Waterford table lamps

Crystal vessels have been considered for centuries as a symbol of elegance. In this table lamp, the stand is formed of crystal. The light brown platform serves as the basis. And when we go to the top, we can see a gray very traditional lampshade.

Waterford lampshades

When light shines through the translucent crystal base of this table lamp, a play of sparkles creates an instantaneous atmosphere of sultry evening. Bell shade is white. Great piece for vintage themed interiors.

Waterford crystal hurricane lamp

Waterford lamp shades

Elegant table lamp mounted on crystal base and decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. Empire lampshade is covered with fabric and finished with jacquard pattern. Tasteful accent for the living room, bedroom and more.

Waterford crystal table lamps 1

Is waterford crystal marked

Waterford crystal silver luna spire table lamp

Waterford table

Waterford crystal lamp shades 1

Crystal Swirl 33.5" H Table Lamp with Rectangle Shade

Crystal Swirl 33.5" H Table Lamp with Rectangle Shade

Waterford hospitality lamp