Walt Disney Furniture

Walt Disney's characters are many childrens' favourites. It's easy to introduce a little of the iconic cartoon magic into the interior with Walt Disney furniture and accessories. Just have a look at my collection below - it brims with popular characters and colours. Would your kids love to have them in their room?

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Phenomenal wardrobe with Disney theme. Construction is made of wood. It is fitted with clothes hanger and drawers in various sizes for storing needed stuff. Modern design for kid's room, teenager's room and more.

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Make sure you can add a bed that your little girl will simply fall in love with by opting for this sublime clam-shell piece, that looks like something that princess Ariel would sleep in. It sports the detailed finish and the beautiful pink color.

Walt disney furniture

An aesthetic antique style side table made of solid wood with a finish in browns. It features a 3-leaf clover-like top with raised edges. It has 3 turned legs with collars and square fittings joined by straight rectangle section stretchers.

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Can you imagine how cool can Walt Disney furniture be? If not, your child will tell you! This original wooden clock will take your child into the world of cartoons and fairytales.

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Why not creating a mid-century modern dining area in your household with a bit of help from these Walt Disney furniture? The cute and charming TV will catch everyone's eye, while the pink furniture finish adds a boost of color.

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Walt Disney Kids II Fashionista Minnie 9" Border Wallpaper

Walt Disney Kids II Fashionista Minnie 9" Border Wallpaper
Perfect for any little girl's room - this Minnie Mouse border wallpaper will make your child a lot more happier with the bright and fun design, instantly making the room shine with color and vibrancy. It is strong and will become a part of your household for a long time.

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At first I had no clue why this piece was described as Disney furniture, as I couln't recognize any of the Disney movies characters here. But now I see: it's Goofy. I recognized his characteristic hat.

Disney Cinderella Castle Princess Dollhouse Playset *(WALT DISNEY WORLD EXCLUSIVE!)

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Disney Mickey Inspearations Classic Mickey Mouse Mini Figurine

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Walt Disney World Cinderella's Castle Musical Snowglobe

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Walt Disney Kids II Comic Wallpaper 8" X 10" Memo Sample

Walt Disney Kids II Comic Wallpaper 8" X 10" Memo Sample
Wallpaper for kids who love Walt Disney cartoons. This element of home decor features a stylization of a Walt Disney comic. Attractive colors and Walt Disney creatures look very good in any room for kids.

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Lovely stool with Walt Disney theme. It is made of metal and reinforced with crossed supports. Adds freshness and modernity to each place. Great as additional seating in the kid's room.

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Disney Mickey Mouse Space Adventures 4 Piece Toddler Set, Blue

It is a beautiful 4-piece toddler set that includes comforter, standard pillowcase, flat top sheet and fitted bottom sheet with Disney Mickey Mouse Space Adventures. Your kids will be impressed.

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