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This is a place for those who are searching for nice and functional wall clocks. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many people with different tastes, have already picked the perfect one for themselves. Feel free to do that too, and you can also tell us which offer it was.

Wall Clock

Wall Clock
This 21.25-Inch Wall Clock in Oak Finish is characterized by durable and functional construction. The clock includes a round white face, Arabic numerals, a working pendulum and second hand, and operates on radio clock mechanism. Requires 1 AA battery.

LC Designs Walnut finish Wooden Pendulum Wall Clock with Westminster chime 25054

This elegant and very stylish wall clock is a beautiful detail to each traditional interior. It has lovely casing made of wood, a small dial with Roman numerals and tasteful gilded pendulum.

Walnut wall clocks

An elegant wall clock in a minimalist design will be a perfect choice for an office, kitchen or a living room. It features a simple dial made of walnut in a deep brown color and tasteful, silver hands.

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Wall Clock

Wall Clock
A traditionally designed clock with large pendulum is what provides a decent finish to any old-world styled interior. This clock combines vintage design with modern functions, as it has volume control and other useful features.

London Clock Co 47cm Walnut Pendulum Wall Clock

It is a spendulum wall clock, which is ideal for a classic and traditional interior. It is elegant, sober and it can be stated simply that it is luxury. It will be a perfect complement to the French interior.

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With such a wall clock, an interior can't help becoming an embodiment of traditional chic! The classy time teller distinguishes itself with elaborately carved walnut wood case and big metal pendulum hanging beneath white clock face.

Country French Antique Tall Case Clock

Very tall case clock boasting provincial charm and accurate mechanism. Tall body hides brass pendulum inside. The dial is closed in stylish case with top molding and protected by glass door. Roman numerals match the classic looks.

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Victorian wall clock 4

The beautiful design of this stylish wall-mounted wall clock in Victorian style makes the whole look phenomenal. Beautiful walnut wood carvings look amazing and delight in detail. Enriched with a pendulum is very elegant.

Walnut wall clocks

Bulova gramercy 23 1 4 high titanium and walnut wall

Walnut wall clock 1

A truly breathtaking wall clock, made from smooth walnut wood with chrome hands. A great finishing detail to any modern-looking living room. Simple, yet beautiful – just what every contemporary home needs.

Duane Scherer Whimsies Red Bird Wall Clock

It is a very interesting wall clock, which will be perfect for children's room. The clock is very delicate, simple and modest, yet cheerful and decorative. It is nicely polished and carefully finished.

Hermle Chatham Regulator Clock # 70802-N92214

A chic stylish 2AA battery powered wall clock featuring a decorative wooden casing in warm browns. It has a round glazed face in cream and off-white with a golden rim, black Arabic numerals and hands, a golden pendulum, regulated volume.

Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clock
This Traditional Cuckoo Clock in Distressed Walnut Finish is designed of sturdy wood for long-lasting use. The clock includes an automatic chime shut-off feature, Roman numerals, and 4 dancing/rotating figurines.

Old world clocks

Rhythm Clocks Anthology Legend - Model #4MH841WB06

Wall clock with motion mechanism launched on full hours. The clock mechanism is closed in a fine looking dark oak oval case. The moving elements are silver, gray and black. The dial features Arabic numerals.

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Antique French Figured Walnut Tall Case Clock

It is a very tall grandfather clock, which is perfect for a classic, elegant interior decorated in the French style. The clock is made of light wood. It has the shape of the tower. In the upper part is a shield and a clock face. The whole looks very interesting and nice.

Precious Angels Clock in Black Finish

Exclusive wall clock with motion mechanism that adds interest and surprise factor to your decor. The frame has elegant oval shape with subtle moldings, and it is dark in finish. The hands are golden toned.

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Walnut clock

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Bronze clocks antique

Walnut wall clocks

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Owl clock (FC407) -

This clock is sure to appeal to fans of, well, many things, including owls, magic, Celtic culture and even more! It has all these motifs incorporated, and they create a vibrantly colored graphic altogether.

Oversized 24" Atheneum Wall Clock

Oversized 24" Atheneum Wall Clock
It is a stylish and elegant wall clock that is made of plastic, copper, resin, and glass. You can choose one of two colors: antique gold and antique walnut. Everyone will tell you how great it looks on your wall.

Walnut wall clock modern clocks crate

Rhythm Clocks Nostalgia Legend - Model #4MH832WB06

This clock has got a contemporary design that fits perfectly to your modern style and decor in living room, dining room, family room and other. It is a fantastic choice.

Rare walnut seth thomas world clock circa 1907

Clocks radio controlled walnut finish traditional wall clock

Victoria station arabic numeral walnut wall clock 32cm

French walnut wall clock 1

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Modern walnut wall clock front

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Wood wall clock black walnut wall clock turned wood clock

Victoria station roman numeral walnut wall clock 32cm

Wrist watch wall clock

A large piece of clock like this one can easily transform your room into an industrial masterpiece. The clock has a heavy metal dial with Roman numerals and decorative hands, bursting with rustic charm and stylishly weathered appearance.

American walnut vertical wall clock with square face