Walnut Floor Lamp

There is not much sense in discussing the obvious importance of lamps. However, you probably didn’t know that there are so many different designs, shape and other details of floor lamps on this site. As you can see, all of them are interesting visually so what else can one want?

2 vintage walnut floor lamps danish modern mid century modern

2 Vintage Walnut Floor Lamps Danish Modern Mid Century Modern
Sporting the simple yet modern look these two walnut finished floor lamps will elevate the look of any room in your home and thanks to the symmetrical design they will make for a nice addition to your master suite, adding more light to the setting.

Walnut floor lamp 2

Floor lamp with a nice and solid tapered post in walnut finish. This decorative and supportive post is paired with a classic drum shade finished in universal white color. Lamp of this type decorates indoors and assures illumination.

Walnut floor lamp 3

This walnut floor lamp enchants with its deep wooden finishing and original, three-legged silhouette. Its unique lampshade combines an extremely thin maple wood veneer backed with clear polycarbonate and a dry film overlay

Walnut floor lamp 23

Walnut floor lamp 33

Walnut floor lamp 18

Floor lamp tripod black walnut

Floor Lamp Tripod Black Walnut
Handmade mid-century styled tripod floor lamp with wooden construction in walnut finish. This strong base provides support to a classic drum shade finished in neutral white color. The lamp also assures good illumination of indoors.

Walnut floor lamp 49

Walnut floor lamp attributed to vladimir kagan circa 1950

Walnut Floor Lamp Attributed To Vladimir Kagan Circa 1950
Although, lampshade is the most important and decorative element in the lamp, elegant kickstand is significant too, especially in floor lamp. This kickstand with circle base is made of walnut wood and it is very classic.

Walnut floor lamp 14

Walnut floor lamp 11

Walnut floor lamp 45

Walnut floor lamp 29

Walnut floor lamp 41

Walnut floor lamp 38

Walnut floor lamp 34

Walnut floor lamp 5

Mid century walnut floor lamp

Walnut floor lamp 43

Walnut floor lamp 24

The moments in which we can relax, rest on the weight of gold - just like the accompanying of floor lighting. This upright Scandinavian walnut floor lamp has a traditional base with 4 walnut wooden legs and a huge white-drum-shaped diffuser.

Walnut floor lamp 40

Walnut floor lamp 15

Walnut floor lamp 4

Walnut floor lamp 7

Walnut floor lamp 8

Kmart lamps

Floor lamp with a durable wooden construction. It offers a round base for enhanced stability and support. Its simple shade features a neutral white finish. It provides good illumination and matches any design.

Walnut floor lamp 9

Kmart floor lamp

Add this lovely and modern-styled floor lamp to your interior to enjoy a significant boost of light that it will surely provide with its five different shades and light sources. It will make any decor immensely more convenient.

Walnut floor lamp 10

Kmart floor lamps

Adjustable floor lamps are the most convenient: the light can be directed in any way and fashion. When there are not one, not two but 5 lights, a customized feel is guaranteed. This contemporary arch lamp in sleek black provides the function.

Kmart floor lamp

Floor lamp mounted on metal base and fitted with 4 lights. Lampshades are finished with decorative crystals. Suitable as additional source of light in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Walnut floor lamp 12

Kmart floor lamp 3

An interesting stylish floor lamp modelled on a vintage director lamp. It features 3 tall height adjustable foldable metal legs finished in brown. A cylindrical lampshade of chromed metal has a wire front protector. The lamp has an on-cord switch.

Walnut floor lamp 13

Forma LED Floor Lamp

Forma LED Floor Lamp
It is a LED floor lamp that is hand-made, eco-friendly and elegant. If you looking for stylish floor lamp for your living room, you need to choose this one. You will be impressed how cool it looks in your home.

Walnut floor lamp 16

Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp
If you are looking for a spectacular floor lamp for your interior, this model will be perfect. Beautifully it made like a work of art. The combination of chrome base, which is slender and very elegant with blue lenses is very stylish.

Buckland 59" Floor Lamp

Buckland 59" Floor Lamp
Both sleek and inventive, this floor lamp provides the ideal option for using in your living room or hallway. It brings the stainless steel construction to the new level of durability and ensures a long lasting use.

Walnut floor lamp 21

Walnut floor lamp 22

Walnut floor lamp 25

Walnut floor lamp 30

Walnut floor lamp 31

Walnut floor lamp 32

Walnut floor lamp 35

Walnut floor lamp 36

Walnut floor lamp 37

Walnut floor lamp 39

Walnut floor lamp 42

Walnut floor lamp 44