Wall Sconce Vase

If you have been looking for a wall sconce vase, you can now check if any of these designs, sizes and shapes would be suitable for your house. They differ from each other but all of them look nice and are functional. Are you ready to make the right choice?

Wall flower holders

Being a cool, shabby chic accent in one's decor, this wall sconce for a candle will add a rustic touch to the space. Its tall, glazed surface will expose well your ornate candles.

Extra large wall sconce feather wall

Extra Large Wall Sconce Feather Wall
Effective wall sconce composition in a vase is an exciting way to the stylish decor. Interesting combination of different plants and flowers makes an impression and captivates, and beautiful vase decorated in an unusual way adds all uniqueness.

Metal wall vase sconce

Wall sconce vase with artificial flowers arrangement that includes red orchids, pigeon gray feathers, twisted twigs and lots of greenery. The vase is finished bronze with a slight tint of green patina.

Two Leaf Wall Sconce

Its hand-wrought iron gracefully wraps around a simple translucent vase and arches up to end with two artistic leaves. Placed on each of the sides, a pair of sconces will embellish any doorway, creating a warm ambiance from the very first moments.

Wall sconces with flowers

This handblown wall vase or sconce replacement glass will be a great vintage accent for all fans of this type of design. It can be used smoothly both indoors and outdoors.

Wall sconces vases

Glass wall vases

This impregnated wall sconce vase for flower or candles resembles the spreading hands of a fairy that loves the sky to bring rain and rainbows. Rainbow colors beautifully reflect light in strong glass. Violet, indigo or amber.

2 Piece Wall Pocket Vase Set

2 Piece Wall Pocket Vase Set
2-piece set of pocket vases. For rustic homes. Not old, but they look old and who cares. Two wall sconce vases in matte bronze finish and classic styling that includes decorative finials and hammered surface.

The Light Garden GWLVSE Metal and Glass Wall Sconce Vase

Wine bottle sconce hand forged candle

Wine Bottle Sconce Hand Forged Candle
Why throw away empty wine bottles - as this photograph depicts, they can become a stylish element of decor. Remove the bottom, mount the bottles upside down on metal wall racks and put flowers or candles inside.

Wall sconce vase

Thanks to this space-saving table, you can now drown your entryway in a great mix of black elegance and functionality. Made of espresso-finished wood, the table stands on tapered legs, holding 1 half-moon top with 1 matching bottom shelf.

Wall scones with floral arrangement holly what about this very

Vase wall decor

Well, these simple wall sconce vases for flowers aren't much different from ordinary tumblers - just clear cylindric glass - but when arranged in a row, with flowers inside, they look pretty decorative.

Bianchi street studio hanging vases wall sconces

Fiddle Wall Vase

Fiddle Wall Vase
Alluring novelty wall hanging vase looking like a fiddle or a seahorse. It's handmade of smoothly textured glass in greens and blues. It has a rolled bottom end, a flared central part and a pointy top.

Lenox Ginkgo Wall Vase with Wall Holder

A glass vase, which also exists as a wall sconce vase was mounted to the wall. You can place both flowers and a candle in the glass form. It is placed in a metal decorated handle, with a brown finish.

Elegant traditional italian old world decor wall sconce fall floral

Wall hanging flower vase

Provide an original decorative piece to grace the walls of your home and go for this sublime wall vase. It sports the perfect combination of wood, glass and metal and will make for just the best option of keeping your interior bubbly and charming.

Wall hanging vases

With these amazing wall sconce vases you will not only get a nice way of boosting your household decor but at the same time it won't take up too much of your space and will offer a perfect alternative for your walls.

Ceramic flower wall art

I want to create this wall in my bedroom, drawing room or kitchen maybe! And it will be cool on the outside wall. These flowerpots have different shapes, like the heart or oval and interesting pattern. They are hand made, which is the most important value for me.

Amphora Vase on Fleur Lis Sconce

Amphora Vase on Fleur Lis Sconce
Attractive contemporary set intended for display plants (real, artificial). A tapered down vase is of clear yellow glass and has a wide neck top edge. A wall-mounted sconce is of black-coated metal, has a grooved column, scrollwork and a loop holder.

Amphora Vase On Iron Sconce With Clear Finials Household Decoration

Wall mounted vases

Another perfect idea for empty wine bottles. Great bottle vase for your flowers could be also a wall sconce. Bottle attached to a wooden board, then hung on the wall. Boards can have different shapes, this one is rectangular. Great decoration for your wall!

Lily of the valley wall vase wall pocket

Glass wall vase

Not satisfied with your blank walls? Did you know that you can make a shabby chic wall sconce vase on your own? It doesn't take up much effort: you just need to paint a wooden board and screw metal bracket on it.

Hand built textured wall pocket vase

Hand Built Textured Wall Pocket Vase
Why can there be a pocket mounted on the wall? Stopped and hardened, it is made of leather, whose brown shadows scroll in whorls, however, the color of gray is predominant. The long form is suitable for performing the function of a wall sconce vase.

Flower sconce

Wall flower vase

Wood mason jar wall sconce

Wood Mason Jar Wall Sconce
A wooden plank and some metal brackets with glass jars affixed to them make a fine alternative to wall sconce vase. Add distressed white finish and your interior goes appealingly rustic from the word go.

Glass wall vase sconce

Decorative wall vases

Wall mounted vase

Candle holder in the shape of jar. It is made of glass and mounted on wooden strip. Designed for mounting on the wall. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. It can be used as a vase.

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Wall mounted vase holder

Country candle wall sconces

Flower wall sconces

Decorative wall sconces for flowers

If you are looking for a fancy idea how to reuse jar to create something marvelous you will love it for sure. Those cute flower pots are designed with some wooden boards and jars attached to it. It is an interesting way to decorate the wall.

Wall vase decor

Flower sconces

Woodlands garden pottery standard pots so pretty

748 brass and glass wall sconce vase set of 2

Showpiece Vase

Showpiece Vase

Vintage carillon pottery art deco style wall vases sconce set

Hand blown glass chandelier chandelier 70 ethel a furman associates

Artisanal wall mount candleholders 2

Artisanal Wall Mount Candleholders

Modern wall sconces vases 2

Amphora Vase Twig Sconce - Amber to Clear Color

Cheungs FP-2573-2 Metal Wall Sconces (set of 2)

Diy rustic mason jar sconce

Wall vase sconce yellow rustic wood glass decor by oldandnewshoppe